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BEN is Ben
What with all the lost numbers referenced every now and then, (108 minutes between postings, 42 and 23 to make 4/23 and other things, plus a very desceptive character named BEN, I think things could tie into the character of Benjamin Linus.
  • Probably programmed it to freak out Hurley after Hurley became protector of the island
Luna is Luna Lovegood
Suits the latter's personality. Feel free to debunk.

The ARG will end up being Hijacked by Ganon
Except WE will have summoned him to fight Ben. We probably shouldn't do that, but it's still somehow more preferable.
  • Alternatively, Ganon is the one who claimed to be Jadusable's roommate, and is secretly helping.
    • Or, true to form, Ganon is literally behind everything. An experienced dark sorcerer, he started the Moon Children cult, or it was his voice that Kelbris heard. He taught them how to "ascend". He very deliberately engineered what happened to BEN and allowed him to cause havoc. He was old man who sold Jadusable the cartridge. Ultimately, he is using the Moon Children and BEN to achieve some goal in the real world. Whatever it is, he's being oddly patient with it.

Luna will end up becoming a key ally
(Inspired by a comment on the Wiki)

The Moon Children fucked up. Big time. Maybe the so-called "Ascensions" were not what she wanted. Perhaps Kelbris heard someone else's voice, and not Luna's. Perhaps they've been wrong all along and the Cult was never meant to exist.

Either way, they've gotta be stopped, and ironically, their goddess wants to help take them down.

Ben will be somehow connected to the Slender Man
Pay attention to the backgrounds in Judasable's videos; you'll catch glimpses of the Ben statue. Very Slendy-esque, if you ask me.
  • That explains why Slendy doesn't have a face.
  • In Jadusable's "The Real Truth.txt" post, he mentions Marble Hornets. I really don't know whether to take that as "I'm emulating their style" or "It's somehow related."
    • Crack theory time! *points below*
  • It doesn't help that Slenderman looks like Majora's Incarnation in his normal appearance and like Majora's Wrath whenever he has his Combat Tentacles out...

Jad-the-author is Alex Kralie
This is a tricky one, because it mixes IC and OOC (and would indicate that Marble Hornets actually takes place a few years from now), but just turn off your brain for a minute and think about it. When people experience something traumatic, don't some of them find that writing helps them get over it? In Entry #26, Alex seemed like he'd pretty much moved on with his life...and while it's possible that he just kind of shut his mind off from the experience, it's also possible that he decided to take the sheer terror and write a creepypasta with it. This way he got it out of his system, without the side effect of being labeled a lunatic for trying to tell some therapist about a strange tall man without a face.

And seeing as he apparently wasn't followed from place to place like Jay was, he must have done something very different. So it's not too far a stretch for him to have changed his last name when he moved. All the better to hide.


...This ended up making more sense than I expected. Maybe I need a break from WMG.

Ben is Zee Tee
He somehow invaded the cartridge and everted the game as Jadusable played, making it more and more unnerving as it progressed.

Ben IS Majora
Not an expy, not just similar. He is literally Majora; the same character, the same entity. He was inadvertently(or deliberately) brought into reality when the real Ben drowned/ was sacrificed. He just uses the Elegy of Emptiness statue to represent him to hide his true nature. The thing that was chasing Ryukaki in real life may well have been Majora's Incarnation or Majora's Wrath. At one point, either one may appear in the background in a real life segment, slendy style.
  • A Creepy Child-like entity messing with people's lives and spreading terror because he finds it amusing? This WMG was canon to me as soon as I got to this part:
    Jadusable: What is the point of doing this, WHY?
    BEN: Amusing to see.
    Jadusable: How?
    BEN: Fun to play, fun to toy with you, make you feel safe.

We, the players, are on the wrong side
Jadusable is the bad guy here. note 

Think back to The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Where did you get the Fierce Deity Mask that allowed you to curbstomp Majora? From the children on the moon. They weren't evil minions of the Big Bad; they were trapped, and attempting to help you the only way they could.


Now think about the Moon Children, the supposedly corresponding cult from the Alternate Reality Game. The original Ben was one of them. They want to bring about the Colony Drop, so they're evil, right? Maybe not. Think about Wind Waker. A powerful and malicious force was running rampant, and when the goddesses saw that there was no way the world could be saved, they opted to destroy most of it instead to keep the evil at bay. Majora is arguably more evil and powerful than Ganondorf; perhaps the Moon Children are guardians of some sort, trying to save the world from BEN/Majora by bringing the moon down.

In a perverse way, this links them to the Four Giants of Termina. The giants were guardians, trapped in the very masks the children on the moon also wear so that they could not do their job of protecting the world. The children were representations of the giants, not the monsters themselves, and their goal was to both test Link and assist him so that they knew he would have a chance against Majora.

Similarly, the Moon Children (which, if I'm not mistaken, have been confirmed to be the Alternate Reality Game representations of the giants) want to protect the world, but in the opposite way: by destroying it instead of saving it, because they know something we don't. They're not some crazy cult; they're under attack from what they're fighting against, and that's why many of them have died or been captured. The whole "ascension" thing means something else entirely, perhaps a journey to the moon itself to better affect the situation.

Keep in mind that the Moon Children worship "Luna", the representation of, well, the moon. Was the moon in Majora's Mask evil? No, it was a victim, like everyone else.

So if the Moon Children are the four giants, and so are the children on the moon, and they're all trying to protect the world from Majora/BEN, who is Jadusable in all this? Simple: he's BEN. Leading us all into his trap. He's not a helpless pawn, like the Skull Kid; he is the Big Bad, weaving elaborate lies to get us to help him stop the Moon Children and the Colony Drop so that he can wreak his havoc on the world.

  • Actually, I was just browsing through "The Truth" on (not the rtf file, the actual tab "The Truth") and I noticed Jadusable mentioned that during the Moon Children Arc that we, the players, were essentially Link's guide, like Navi. Quote: "The viewers now served as Link's guide - or Navi as it was in the game." Do you remember what happened at the end of the huntyoudown.wmv? Dark Link pulled out Navi. We are Navi. And we are now officially playing for the wrong side.
    • Wasn't huntyoudown.wmv retconned though?
      • Nope. Apparently its relevance, along with that of many other little details, will be revealed in the third arc. Knowing that, the fact that it was removed may suggest that we managed to put ourselves back on the right track.

The Happy Mask Salesman is Ben's father, and the one who drowned Ben.
I thought of this when Word of God confirmed that the plot of the ARG runs parallel to the plot of Majora's Mask.

This seems to make sense on several levels. In Jadusable's game, the Happy Mask Salesman and the Elegy of Emptiness statue (which obviously represents Ben) are seen together in many connections. There were the flashes of the Salesman's face during the first and third videos when the statue is stalking Link. Then in the second video, there was the part where the statue and the Salesman are seen standing together in Termina field. In the fourth video, we are shown a pictograph of the two of them together, and later Jadusable finds them under the clock tower. Most significantly, there was the scene in the graveyard in video #4, which begins with the words, "The father... why is he smiling?" accompanied by the Salesman's laugh, as well as the text at the end of the scene: "It'll be our secret, okay?"

I also believe that it was Ben's father who gave Jadusable the haunted cartridge. After all, he seemed to know Ben, and lived in what turned out to be Ben's old house (and, obviously, had Ben's old Majora's Mask cartridge). It reminded me of how the Skull Kid had obtained the Mask from the Salesman. The old man also had a few traits in common with the Mask Salesman, such as the crooked smile and the habit of appearing and disappearing without a trace.

Then there was Jadusable's dream, where he gets turned into and Elegy of Emptiness statue by the Salesman and the Moon Children... in a sense, the same thing that happened to Ben.

From these clues, I've come to the conclusion that the Happy Mask Salesman (Ben's father) drowned Ben and put his soul into the Majora's Mask cartridge. He then passed this dangerous and evil object into the hands of the first innocent bystander he could, effectively kicking the plot into motion. Ben's father could easily be the true Big Bad of the story. Let's not forget all the fan theories about how the Mask Salesman may have been the man behind the Mask, so to speak, in the original game.

  • I would also like to point out that, aside from similar evil as all hell smiles, that both Ben and his father are capable of teleporting. I read this theory, and all of it made a little too much sense.

The Elegy of Emptiness statue is a Weeping Angel

Except instead of a stone Angel, it's a code Angel. When you're watching it, it's just a static piece of code, but when you look away, it becomes sentient and follows you around. Just like Angel Bob, it steals the identity of one of its former victims, enjoys taunting and mocking future victims, and can move between mediums. Eventually, it infects Jadusable himself after he spends too long staring at it and moves out into the real world. And for the final piece of evidence? Jadusable explicitly states in the beginning that it reminds him of the Angels.

Also, for everyone watching the videos out there, remember - the image of an Angel becomes an Angel. That's right, you just downloaded an Angel onto your computer.

  • I think you may be right. Note the creepy music that plays at 1:21 in this Doctor Who video. Sound familar?
    • This troper just soiled himself.
  • Oh dear.

Alternately, BEN is the last weeping angel

BEN is Jadusable's clingy ex
BEN is getting he's hanging around, haunting Jad in the hopes he'll take him back. Jadusable, of course, is appropriately fed up with it. "Fuck you BEN I'm not talking to you"
  • Maybe the relationship ended because Jadusable cheated on BEN. The initial, subtle haunting (such as the NPCs calling Link "BEN") was a warning, of the "I'm watching you" variant. When Jad attempted to "cheat" using the fourth day glitch, BEN lost his shit. After he had ruined Jad's life, driven him insane, and possibly killed him, he felt he had finally exacted his revenge, and next on the list was the guy Jad left him for...Ryukaki.

Various theories on Ben's drowning and how BEN got in the cartridge, as well as BEN's origins
These were made by two people (my brother and I), so it could be a little confusing.

Here is my theory that followed up from Drae's theory:"BEN can't be the Majora's Mask because the Majora's Mask was used for hexes and rituals, while BEN wasn't."

But, what if BEN WAS used for rituals?

Maybe BEN was just a tool for ascension. A benefactor?We've already had another theory related to the origins of BEN, so this leaves us two major(a) branches to build from.

1. Ben died, and BEN was the result...2. BEN, the game cartridge, was the tool for his impromptu ascension.

1:By creating BEN, either BEN isn't the mask... Or, what if Ben created the Majora's Mask?Where would that take us in the storyline? Huh, the epilogue in the Manga!

Another thing:

What if Ben found a new way to ascend? It created another entity, and bound it to the cartridge.

  • Drae's Comment: The above theory is completely irrelevant, isn't it?

2: In this case, BEN must have been a tool to the ascension ritual... The Majora's Mask.

Of course, BEN couldn't have always been in the cartridge... So who or what is/was BEN?

If Ben was used in all the ascensions for the Moon Children, notice that Ben definitely had the BEN with him. So how is this? There are two things that come out of this:a) Ben stole BEN. There may be more to this than just that, though... (section 3b)b) Ben was given BEN for the ascension. Then, nobody came... Was Ben's botched ascension planned? This would explain why the father was smiling... Could this also tie into what I have to say in section 3b? Did... the father know (3c)?

Section 3:a)i-Now that you know about the splits, sections 1 and 2, what if we looked at the second part of 1 and put it with 2?What if BEN was bound to the cartridge by Ben's ritual?

a)ii- (read 3b before continuing)What if Ben's "ritual" was a self sacrifice. If he indeed was a traitor (3 b-c), he could have killed himself to kill BEN, and erase the Moon Children from this world... But it failed, as BEN escaped with his soul, his messed up soul, still in one piece. Ben died to erase BEN from this world, but maybe he did the opposite...? (3d)

  • Why would he need to kill himself? I think he simply tried to break whatever contained BEN.

b.What if Ben was a traitor to the Moon Children? What if he was trying to destroy BEN, this mysterious entity, whose form is unknown to us? Maybe he attacked BEN, attempting to drown him... BEN, who was dying, wanted to survive... He attached himself to an artifact. The cartridge. Ben drowned that night, and the cartridge drifted to shore.

  • So now BEN can be drowned? Son, I am disappoint. Lost in the sea, I can understand, but not drowned.

c.What if The Father knew that he was a traitor, and planned for Ben to do something of the sort? He sent Ben out with BEN to the coast, where he attacked BEN. The old man later went to find BEN and Ben. Ben had drowned, and he found that BEN had been sealed inside the cartridge. That's how the old man got it, how he knew about what it was, and why he gave it to Jadusable... for free, too.

  • This doesn't seem to make much sense to me.

d.But no... What if he wasn't shocked. He knew this would happen, which is why he set up Ben to try to kill BEN. What if he set up everything so that Ben would happen to have that cartridge on him. What if being in there would let BEN do something not possible before... like spreading to the internet. If this is the case... All this with BEN on the internet was intentional, and on the 21st... He'll take it to the next level.

e.Notice I have mentioned the Happy Mask Salesman and the Old Man? Notice how I phrased it so that the old man went to find them of his own accord? This is my input to the theory that the old man is in fact the Happy Mask Salesman in this story.


Now everything is interlocking. What is what? Where do we look?

And what could The Father have in store for us, with BEN in his current form?

But the main question... Who is on the right side now? In the game of Majora's Mask, the HMS' intentions were never revealed, so we can't look there for answers. These moon children, also mysterious in game, what did they want? Do they just want to have fun by, for once, playing a game...? Or are they like in Jadu's dream... Appearing enigmatic and possibly safe at first, but waiting to turn you into another Elegy statue?

And that's where things get confusing. Did the HMS intend for BEN to die and thus destroy the possibility of the other moon children ascending, which would put them in the form of the children on the moon in MM, who would then turn you into an elegy statue? No, he would have destroyed the cartridge... Unless that would set him free. Maybe he thought that by giving him to someone, he would manage to get rid of him... Probably not. Perhaps he thought he could do nothing in the cartridge, and gave it to Jad to be kind? I doubt it. But still, this leaves more questions than answers.

What is the HMS trying to accomplish...?

  • Drae's own theories.
1. Ben never needed to drown BEN. He must have simply tried to destroy whatever BEN resided in. In an attempt to stay alive, BEN placed his soul in Ben's Majora's Mask cartridge (reasons why he had it on him are up to speculation). When The Father caught wind of what Ben had done, he found him... and drowned him. Hence the reason why he was 'smiling'.

2. BEN could have gotten bored with simply carrying out these ascensions and wanted to do something new. Ben may have had his Majora's Mask cartridge with him when he drowned for some cult-related reason, and BEN found it entertaining and placed part of/ all his spirit into it. A wet cartridge would also result in its label peeling off, possibly explaining why the cartridge Jadu got from the old man was label-less.

I also think the same might have happened with Kelbris' eyes, only BEN found it less entertaining... until now.

Theories on the characters if the plot of the ARG is parallel to the plot of Majora's Mask
It's pretty easy to buy the idea that various characters in Jadu's story represent characters from the game. With that in mind, I've decided...

Jadusable is the Skull Kid. Evidence: He's in quite the same position as the Skull Kid. He has unwittingly taken possession of an incredibly evil object (the cartridge), when he was only after a little fun in the first place.

Ben (the boy) is the Elegy of Emptiness Statue. Evidence: It's pretty self-explanatory. Among other things, the statue follows Link around, hides behind its own grave, and seems to be connected to the Mask Salesman, who is rumored to be Ben's father.

BEN (the Eldritch Abomination in the cartridge) is Majora. Evidence: It's the source of all the trouble. It's a parasitic being inside an ordinary object which has no motive beyond terrifying humans.

The old man is Ben's father, who is the Happy Mask Salesman. Evidence: This was explained in detail several entries up.

  • [OBJECTION: It has been proven that the Old Man is not related to Ben. He could be "The Father", but not his biological father.]

The cartridge is Majora's Mask. Evidence: Again, it's pretty obvious. It's an ordinary thing which is home to a malevolent entity, given to an unwitting bystander...

The ARG players are Link. Evidence: Jadu himself said that he used the players to control the story's hero through the videos they posted. A prime example would be the person who showed a video of Link being revived by a fairy in response to the video of Link being killed in the Temple of Time.

The Moon (wait for it...) is the ARG itself. (Or the website,, if you want a narrower example.) Evidence: According to the ARG timeline, it was first discovered as a site for a lunar cult which wanted to destroy the world. Kinda like the apocalyptic moon, eh? It's now the home base for everything story-related. In essence, it's the culmination of figments of Jadusable's imagination, as the moon is strongly hinted to be in the case of the Skull Kid. Of course, this is also true in real life, outside the ARG.

BEN's doing it all out of revenge.

BEN actually tried to send Jadusable coded messages at first telling him to finish the game that he started, partially due to unfinished business and all and that he really wanted to beat the game. Jadusable made the mistake of deleting Ben's file to try to correct what he thought was a glitch, so Ben went apeshit. And anyone else that got in his way suffers too.

Jadusable is actually Chris Houlihan and Nintendo is behind everything.
Before getting a Nintendo Sixty-Four, Houlihan wrote a letter of complaint to Nintendo about how they turned the room with his name that he was promised in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past into a massive Guide Dang It!. Rather then apologize to Chris, Nintendo staged a yard sale with a hacked copy of Majora's Mask for Houlihan to shut him up. The BEN hack is now spreading across the web to teach a lesson to Nintendo's Unpleasable Fanbase as well.
  • Jossed. Jadusable's real name is Alex. It was confirmed in one of the interviews.
  • Unlikely. Jadusable himself has stated that Nintendo has no hand in this. If he was lying and they ARE behind everything, then they will have gained several million awesomeness points. Once again, the chances of that being the truth are almost zero.

"BEN" is an acronym for something
My ideas regarding this hypothesis are practically nonexistent, so I'll just wait for other Tropers' opinions.

  • Bring the End of Nintendo?
  • Become an Energy Nomad?

BEN is somehow connected to Father
Father is vaguely demonic, and his real name is Benedict, or Ben for short.
  • ...Why is he smiling?

BEN's demise will not be at the hands of one person, but from the Internet as a whole.
BEN is currently haunting people all throughout cyberspace because thetruth.rtf has been opened. BEN must believe that it's easy to get around the Internet. He does not know the size of what he is manifesting in. The Internet is constantly expanding, with new sites popping up daily. Viruses lurk around every corner. BEN could be working his way to an address only to find trojans and worms in its place. Just one false move and BEN would be hacked out of existence.

But what if BEN manifested himself as a virus as well? That would just make him much more vulnerable than anything else. Millions of computers are equipped with anti-virus software. BEN has a very slim chance of survival if he reaches an IP address with Mc Afee or Norton installed.

I believe, however, that neither viruses nor anti-viruses will be the end of BEN. His death shall come from the people that use the web anywhere. The end of this accursed being will start when Jadusable, now using a new computer, posts a Rousing Speech on his website in which he describes the limitlessness of creativity through the online medium and encourages readers to use this to their advantage. And so we shall track down what ever site BEN may lie in and make him bear witness to the most maddening things possible. He will see the worst shock sites, be degraded by many a Troll, listen to the most foolish discussions, and spend hours distracted by TV Tropes. All of these things shall overwhelm him and then he will destroy himself so he can no longer look at any more of the horrors of the Internet.

This will be the death of BEN. This will be the true Crowning Moment of Awesome of the people of the Internet.

  • That's a great idea. Our first move ought to be to trap BEN in 4Chan.
    • Are we forgetting? He's already seen 4chan. That's where the story was originally posted, and undoubtedly the first people to download TheTruth were other regulars. It was probably the first site he landed in. I doubt anything that can be found there would shock him if it hasn't already, let alone enough to destroy him. Also he's an Eldritch Abomination. So unfortunately, I don't think this is going to work. Not this time.
      • Good God, you're right. We'd need to find an even worse Wretched Hive than 4Chan... which would be a lot easier if one even existed.
      • We have to MAKE one. One with ALL the shocksites. ALL the horrible vileness of the deepest cess pits of the net. We have to create NEW ones. We have to bring every bit of vileness and horror to the forefront and trap him within it. Humans are bastards, let's use that to destroy BEN!
      • Four words for you: Feed It with Fire.
  • We could do the opposite and trap him in something Sickeningly Sweet like Cute Overload. Or Logic Bomb him by trapping him in Time Cube.
  • What about Youshouldn' I know its down, but I thought it was pretty clear that BEN was going there often along with Cleverbot to apparently harass Jad. Maybe we can somehow 'lock' BEN in there.
Ben was Jadusable's brother
Okay, this is out of the blue, but bear with me. Think about the very beginning, when Jadusable was mysteriously drawn toward that house despite the extreme subtlety of the "yard sale", and how he thought he had gotten really lucky when the old man had a copy of Majora's Mask because despite the fact that he got some other games, that was the one he was really after. Maybe it wasn't some manipulative force, at least not completely. Maybe, subconsciously, he was attracted to the neighborhood because he used to live there, and the game because it had been his.

The story may have gone something like this. Jad and Ben, being close in age, used to play video games together. Majora's Mask was one of their favorites. Jad was always freaked out by the Stone Tower area, especially the Elegy statue, while Ben, in turn, always hated the Great Bay part (making his eventual death all the more ironic). Since the cartridge got so much use, the label gradually wore off, so they had to write "Majora" on it themselves. Somewhere along the line, their parents got too deeply involved with the Moon Children cult; they were members, but decided they wanted out. The cult was having none of that and drowned Ben to punish them by proxy. After the incident, they moved out of state, successfully escaping. They gave away and/or sold off some of their old possessions to the neighbors before they left, including the cartridge. Now, if you were an eleven-year-old child, and your brother was murdered, you would no doubt be heavily traumatized. So when the family moved, Jad repressed the memory so deeply that he no longer remembered having a brother at all, nor anything about his parents' former "coworkers" who used to come over for dinner every so often while he and Ben would be confined to their room to prevent them from "interrupting the important business meeting".

Years later, Jad went to college in an area that happened to be near where he had once lived. Maybe he was subconsciously drawn by the memory of the area, or maybe he just happened to like the school. But he went. And when he got his hands on an N64 for the first time in eight years, he of course decided to go around looking for games to play on it. Majora's Mask stuck out in his mind as a game he had loved as a child, and whether he realized it or not, he sought it out. When he reached his old street, he unconsciously looked much closer at the houses instead of just skimming them for bright neon signs and large tables with conspicuous piles of junk. This was how he ended up noticing the old man and his ink blots.

The old man, you see, had been part of the cult as well. He had always creeped Jad out as a kid, so when he saw the old man again, he felt very uneasy, but did not know quite why. When the family was getting rid of things they didn't need, the man took the cartridge, for any of a wide variety of possible reasons, and it had been with him ever since. He recognized Jadusable instantly, and gave him the cartridge for free. The cartridge had held Ben's spirit captive for eight lonely years, and it had gone insane and vengeful. It's possible that the cult intentionally used the game to imprison Ben, and the old man was saying goodbye to it, as if to say "My work here is done". Or maybe he really was going senile, and had forgotten which child had been killed. Either way, Jad thought nothing of the name "Ben", because there are plenty of Bens in the world and he probably met so many of them over the years following the incident that it no longer felt strange to him anymore.

Ben, meanwhile, had been getting lonely. He had been trapped as part of the game interface for eight years, and learned to control it. He had completely lost his mind, after eight years with nobody to talk to and nothing to do. And he still had the mind of a child, because he was only a child when he died. Throughout his entrapment, his desire to play with his brother again had been above all; he wanted nothing more than to continue the game file, BEN, that they had begun so long ago, and this desire turned to obsession and became ingrained until it was all that was left of his humanity. Jad, of course, had no idea of any of this, and deleted the file when it started "glitching" up his game (which was actually Ben trying to reach out), and Ben took this as an insult. In his insanity, he believed Jad had abandoned him, and began taunting him with the things he knew his brother had feared. Playing the Elegy somehow (maybe by the cult's design) acted as a key that freed him completely, and unleashed eight years of intense misery and fear, which, understandably, overwhelmed Jadusable's mind, and the rest is history.

Guys, I think I found the solution.
Saria's song. It's the Song of Healing backwards. We had to upload Saria's song as a video response.

Even if this isn't the solution, someone should try it anyway. I don't have a good method of recording, so someone do this.

  • Songs don't work anymore. And even if they did, it most likely wouldn't be the solution; when asked about playing the SoH backwards, Jad said that since it wasn't a song in Majora's Mask, it wouldn't do anything. Saria's Song, while it is the right notes, is not in MM.

BEN is, or at least was Ben.

Or possibly possessed by the entity we now know as BEN. Ben was probably some sort of Creepy Child; his father murdered him via drowning. Obviously the father was smiling because he thought he had gotten rid of the evil once and for all. Ben became BEN, a vengeful spirit and possessed the cartridge. Jadusable just happened to become an unwitting pawn in BEN's revenge against his father.

Future Zelda games will include the phrase "You shouldn't have done that"
Adding it to the list of once-per-game memetic statements such as "It's a secret to everybody."

It's unlikely to actually happen, but it would be completely awesome if it did.

BEN is nothing more but an inmensley vengeful and powerful spirit posing as a destructive entity. The ARG arcs were direct acts by the ghost itself
If you take in account that if BEN possesed the cartidge when he died, then possesed Jadusable's computer when recording the videos and then seeped into the internet when Jadusable upladed said videos, then everything from the Childern of the Moon to Ryukaki was nothing more but things created by Ben, as being roaming free on the Internet allows him to become almost omnipotent in terms of data manipulating and create websites and even videos to "play" with us and freak us out. His hate torwards all mankind stems from his cruel death, by his own father even lees, The fact that no one came to rescue him, perhaps other previous events that haven't been mentioned yet and on top of all that Jadusable deleted his save file, which was probably the last straw for him.

The "Within Hubris" forum is a trap.
Come ON, everyone can see it. It was discovered deciphering a binary code, 2 strange groups appeared and disappeared within 20 seconds and the third is password-protected, every character has an account. Plus, the music is creepy, and the image on top of the page isn't the moon setting on a lake-and-hilly-island-panorama. Is BEN hidden, with only part of his head and shoulder peeking out. and yes, HE HAS A PROFILE TOO. And so Drowned and Hubris.
  • Jossed. The mods have stated that the forum is OOC and is in itself not a part of the game.
    • Well, sorta. Wayward Horizon is plot-relevant. Everywhere else is just for us to hang out and talk about My Little Pony.

  • That would so tie in with my WMG if it was Luna, not Nightmare Moon. (See "Luna will end up becoming a key ally" above) - Mugen Kagemaru

"I am everywhere now" refers to the ARG's status as a meme.
]]Seriously, look at any video on YouTube (and presumably other video sharing website) on Majora's Mask, or anything even remotely related to the ARG (like that video of a band that jadusable favorited), the comments sections are filled to the brim with Ben Drowned references. Heck, you even see them pop up in other creepy pasta videos. Those references are quite literally everywhere, and through them, so is BEN. So BEN isn't talking about people downloading him and giving him access to the Internet (after all, wouldn't have happened as soon as jadusable started uploading videos?) but about how people's fascination for this story is making his influence and power grow. His ultimate goal wasn't so much a physical domination as a cultural one, and we really, really shouldn't have done that.

BEN is Mr. Popo
It would definitely explain his utter scariness. As well, DBZA didn't come out until long after BEN got online.

BEN is Zalgo
What is Zalgo? An Eldritch Abomination of the internet that causes chaos and corruption. What is BEN? An Eldritch Abomination of the internet that causes chaos and corruption. Not to mention that TheTruth.rtf includes symbols associated with Zalgo.

Jadusable is a mastermind using his story to create a Stand Alone Complex
Think about it. What has Ben actually done beyond acting kinda creepy? (Okay, REALLY creepy.) The videos from the first arc are eerie and unsettling, but, as was pointed out by someone on the Headscratchers page, not particularly scary, though YMMV. I think Jadusable is using the creepiness of the videos, as well as a good deal of in-story circumstantial evidence to incite mass panic among us nerds online and make us think that Ben is a truly horrific Eldritch Abomination, when if you think about it, there's really not that much reason for anyone to think that. In effect, most of us think of Ben the same way, as a monster, when the evidence supporting this claim is slim. It sounds like a stand alone complex to me, but I may have gotten the philosophical concept a bit mixed up. Thoughts?

Uncle Ben's Rice will turn out to be significant

Nintendo is behind everything.
Every time a new Zelda game comes out, the Unpleasable Fanbase hates it while retroactively praising the previous game as the best in the series. Nintendo is sick of this so they created BEN and the cult and will crash the moon into the Earth to kill us all. Nintendo staff will survive because they will all stand behind Reggie Fils-Aime and use him as a human shield. Reggie will be able to survive the impact because his body is ready.

??? is ???
There is a character in Majora's Mask known only as ???. There is also a character in the ARG known only as ???. Conclusion: the mysterious forum member is the guy stuck in the toilet.

The "Fourth Day Glitch" was the seal for BEN
BEN was sealed in the game, and performing the glitch broke the seal holding BEN back, before that he could only mess a bit with the game, explaining it's glitchy nature.

It was just enough to partially control Jadusable, making him performe the glitch when it wasn't really needed to, remember, Jadusable said he performed the glitch to "try and complete the Ice temple", which pretty much meas he already had the Goron's Lulaby and could have slashed the Own statue at Snowpoint, BEN actually leaded him to do the glitch to release him, it not only released BEN, but also allowed BEN to have a better control over Jadusable, which leaded him to do all the stuff that unleased BEN in to the internet.

BEN is a virus, distributed within Thetruth.RTF
THAT is how ben will manifest himself. When the date comes, a highly sophisticated virus will corrupt the data of every computer it has spread itself to. That's why I'm not touching the file on my PC.
  • Same here, man. I saw that trap a mile away. I'll just look at a Wiki if I really want to know what it's about.

BEN is one of Nintendo's copy protection scares
We all know the copy protection Nintendo had on SNES games (like Earthbound and Super Mario Bros. All-Stars), and it was said that the cartridge of the game looked weird (Gray plastic, odd label). Maybe instead of making obnoxious amounts of enemies or making it impossible to save, Nintendo programmed a ghost into Majora's Mask that would only be unleashed by bootlegged copies of the game.

BEN end will be of his own doing
After all if he is Majora then what did Majora give the Hero at the end of the game but the Fierce Deity Mask and it will end where it all begin with "You shouldn't have done that."

Ben is Shaun Mars
Think about it: Both of them are key points in the plot of both series and they both die by Drowning (Though Shaun can survive...)

BEN is a rogue military AI
BEN, initially developed to simultaneously conduct psychological warfare against the Soviets and download info from their computers, was created by the United States government in the late 1980s. When the USSR collapsed, it was destroyed–except for one copy, which had managed to leak from a television onto a Majora's Mask cartridge...

Think about it.

The ARG will be included on the 3DS version of Majora's Mask.
In the same manner as Ocarina's "Master Quest", The 3DS rerelease will have two main menu options: "Original" and "Jadusable". The "Original" option will play like any regular version of Majora's Mask. The "Jadusable" option will already have one save file on it, entitled "BEN"...

  • In which case sufficiently clever players will either finish that file as it is, leave it the hell alone, or simply only play the "Original" option.

Early on, there was a clue in Jadusable's name that indicated he (or someone using his account) would betray us.
"Jadus" with the a and u switched becomes "Judas". And he was ABLE to fool everyone who downloaded the file.'

king kong.wmv is canon.
  • Even though it has been a year and a half since BEN left the cartridge to wreak havoc on the real world, the Link inside the game still hasn't forgotten the horrors he witnessed while at the mercy of Jadusable's controller, and has been drowning his sorrows at the Milk Bar ever since. Passing out drunk is the only way he can fall asleep anymore, and then he has to deal with the nightmares...
  • Alternatively, a battle-weary future Jadusable has finally beaten BEN, and goes back in time to September of 2010 to Set Right What Once Went Wrong and prevent BEN from spreading his influence in the first place. Since Jad is undoubtedly quite mad from all that he has experienced, he decides to Troll BEN into submission by blocking his insta-kill fire with the Goron Mask and then bombarding him with King Kong. BEN tries to keep his plan going but eventually he gives up and dumps Jad in front of the Milk Bar in his normal file.

All guesses on who will kill BEN go here.
My money's on Dark Link. Why? Dark Link has shown an ability to do the right thing(Four Swords Manga, Anyone?), so perhaps he'll turn on BEN in the end and destroy him by dragging him to the Dark Worlds, ending up trapped himself in the process.

I know how to take out BEN.
See, BEN is on the internet. This means he could pop up anywhere, from LEGO to WoW to this page itself. But... what if we were to lure BEN into a hardcore-mode Minecraft server, then take him out?? Since Hardcore mode is essentially Nintendo Hard, killing him would be easy to accomplish. Or we could just crash and delete the server.
  • Do you really want BEN in the same place as Creepers and Endermen?!

And not just any dog. When Chuggaaconroy was doing his Let's Play of Majora's Mask, he was frequently attacked by the dog in South Clock Town- right next to a pool. Pools are famous for being places people can drown in. The dog is obviously behind everything. Chugga, who knows of the ARG, discovered this somehow, and though he has decided to keep quiet about it, the dog wants to kill him to make sure he never tells anyone. (Unless he's wearing the goron mask.) After all, who suspected the dog? Not once, ever since the ARG started up, has anyone suggested that it was the dog. Those who did find out about it were promptly dealt with. The dog is the BEN entity that escaped onto the internet, and drowned Ben., the later arcs, the Moon Children, Kelbris, etc. are all just one big cover-up to distract anyone from the idea that the dog is behind everything. And then a man named Ryukaki began to stumble onto this information....

Ben drowned because...
He committed suicide. It seems very obvious to me that if Jadusable had been pushed any further, he'd have done the same. Ben drowned because "BEN" drove him to do so through the same psychological torment he's giving Jadusable.

BEN didn't drown.

It's not my theory, but it's a pretty plausible one. Think about it. In the four original videos, the Elegy Statue that seems to represent BEN only twice showed up when Link was killed (both times in BEN.wmv), and didn't approach Link at all during jadusable.wmv, except when the Elegy of Emptiness was played. BEN wasn't trying to hurt Jadusable - he was trying to lead him out of danger. And notice that Cleverbot never actually said that it was BEN, so it's entirely possible that the malevolent entity released onto the internet isn't BEN at all.

Song of Healing frees the ascended people on the Wayward Horizon forum
]]Based on the theory in this section if the people in the forum are trapped and tormented. Playing the "Song of Healing" frees them. The Happy Mask Salesman (The Father) gets pissed because of it. But force ascended people still remain dead, just like in the game. it inhibits his plan in some unknown way. ]]

king.kong wmv is a trap
Doesn't watching things related to the ARG cause BEN to infect your computer? king.kong wmv is watched by people who don't want to be scared by the series. Wouldn't this help ben spread to people who were easily scared?

king kong.wmv reveals who's really behind everything!
The music is one about DK and Goron Link is not only similar to DK yet he's also immune to the Big Bad implying DK is the Big Bad's Archnemesis. The only one who's the Archnemesis of DK and thus BEN/The Father is King... K.. Rool!!!!

BEN is at rest.
For all his posturing as an Eldritch Abomination, BEN really was little more than the angry spirit of a child. While he was enjoying playing with us all, he had ultimately gotten what he wanted with his vengeance on the Moon Children and was starting to run out of steam. Being stuck on the internet isn't as great as it sounds and starting to just feel so tired. His final act after the ARG's end was to find someone to help him pass on, either by helping him play through Majora's Mask(tying up that last bit of unfinished business), or with a live performance of the Song of Healing. Either way, Ben has finally left this world.

BEN has already won.
After the events of BEN.wmv, he said he was trapped in the cartridge and computer, and that he wanted to be free. Now that he's made it onto the internet (which is considered by many to be the sum of all human knowledge and culture), he's more or less achieved that goal. The ARG was just BEN having fun, and the reason for the hiatus is because he's gotten bored of it and found something else to occupy his time.


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