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  • Seriously, what is it that we shouldn't have done? D8 I'm way too scared to look into the story or view the vids, but I'm still deeply curious...
    • If I understood correctly, downloading the "Discworld/TheTruth.rtf" file.
    • I always understood it to be deleting the BEN file, since the file returned after that was all anyone would say.
    • It's pretty unclear, but at least in the context of the third video (DROWNED.wmv), this troper assumed that it was a warning to Jadusable not to screw with the game any further, a result of his experimenting by playing the Elegy of Emptiness at the prompt. (Which he definitely shouldn't have done...)
  • If downloading anything lets Ben invade your computer, isn't everyone automatically screwed due to Temporary Internet Files, cache, etc.?
    • That's the point.
    • We don't know how or if he can invade your computer like that. It was just Jadusable's theory.
    • And yeah, that's the point, Good thing it's fictional or we'd all be screwed. G-n-o-r-w? What? I don't get it.
      • Read it backwards.
  • Where is it that people have been discussing and "playing" the ARG?
    • I'm not sure either, but it seems to be going on in YouTube. I found this, among others. WARNING: it's pants-shitting scary.
      • PwerlvlAmy's videos are non-canon. Yes, they are pants-shitting scary (I've seen them at least twice, I forget) but NO, THEY ARE NOT CANON. -Mugen Kagemaru
      • Youtube really isn't the best place to get involved. here are some better ones (The first one is the official forums.)
  • I'm too frightened to go any further into this. Just what IS it Ben does to you when he leaks into things?
  • What bugs me is people's reactions to the videos. They're not remotely scary. They're eerie, and more than a little mind-screwy, but there's not many scares to be had. Maybe I'm just cynical, but people overreact so much. I was there for Jadusable's very first post on /x/ and from the start I found it incredibly intriguing, and very, very well done, but not very frightening.
    • Fear is highly subjective.
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    • It turns out people have different opinions. Who knew?
    • I found it rather creepy and disturbing. Not quite scary to me, but definitely unsettling.
  • What exactly is Ben? I understand that he's some entity that came from the N64 cartridge, but there's no explanation of anything else about him. There is that story about a boy named Ben drowning and a possible connection to that, but Ben being Ben, you can't trust anything anyone says about him...
    • We don't know. One of the reasons Ben is so terrifying is that we don't understand him (who he is, what he is, what he's after) at all. So many people are anxious for the third arc to finish so that it'll shed some light on the mysteries surrounding Ben's identity.
  • In the story, it says that it was the standard gray cartridge, but wasn't Majora's Mask a special golden cartridge? Mine was, at least.
    • Yeah, the regular game had a gold cartridge. But it's pretty clear from the beginning of the story that the game was a little unusual. It had a gray cartridge and didn't have the correct label; the first clues tipping off Jadusable that it might be fishy.
  • Supposedly, the players take the role of Link's guide, said to be Navi in the game. But Navi was lost in Majora's Mask and replaced with Tatl. Are we lost, somehow? Is someone else acting our part?
    • Apparently we no longer help Link, and he has someone new helping him.
  • Isn't the idea of a cursed and creepy Majora's Mask kind of redundant?
  • How does one pronounce "Jadusable"?
    • It's likely "Juh - doo - suh - bull" or "Jah - doo - say - bull", though my money's on the former.
      • This French-speaking Troper always reads it as Jah-doo-saa-bleuh.
    • I go with "Jad (rhymes with Dad) - usable (as in the word "usable")".
    • Word of God confirms it as "Jay-dus-uh-bull".
  • BEN could could have been destroyed easily at the start. After playing this game for the first time, any genre savy person or person who has seen a horror movie for that matter would simply stop playing it. A smarter person would even destroy the game. It's pretty easy to do all one would need is a hammer. If the hammer didn't work, an alternative could be used. Three words Electro Magnetic Pulse. An EMP would pretty much destroy every bit of information on the HDD and the cartridge making the game impossible to use along with destroying his computer down to the motherboard.
    • We obviously were'nt getting the full experience of whatever Jadusable was experiencing. With all the paranoia and depression and whatnot the game was somehow imposing on him and the fact that he kept playing (under normal circumstances quitting would certainly be easy), it's likely some force was making him play the game.
    • Also, where the hell do you suggest one would acquire an Electro Magnetic Pulse Generator? Not to mention the fact that it's illegal to operate one!
    • Never minding all that, use Gilligan's Island logic. The same reason Jadusable kept playing and didn't destroy the cartridge is the same reason why the Professor couldn't repair a tiny boat despite being able to repair a radio: It would have ended the series.
  • The only parts of the story I've read are the parts on the Creepypasta Wiki. Where are the other parts, and what order to they take place in directly after those parts? Also, is anything important missing from that telling of the story? I don't want to miss anything...
    • I'm afraid you might be out of luck. The full, necessary backstory is told on a website called Within Hubris, and the specific thread appears to have been taken down.

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