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Being One is a point-and-click science fiction adventure series, developed by Psionic Games.

The game centers a mysterious being that wakes up in an abandoned science lab, having been experimented and tested on by a scientist named Dr. Rycroft for reasons unknown. The goal of the game is to find a way out of the lab and discover what happened to you, why you're here, where you are, and even what you are.


The series spans across 6 titles thus far:

Being One contains examples of:

  • Abandoned Laboratory: The first four episodes are spent exploring abandoned labs, each of them host to different experiments gone wrong. Episodes 5 and 6 subvert this, with you directly going after Dr. Rycroft in his lair.
  • A God Am I: The warriors that pick you up believe you to be this, as do many people on Earth when trying to survive the former's attack.
  • Apocalypse Cult: At the end of Episode 4, a cult of Golden Warriors intercepts your shuttle and takes you aboard as their supposed king. They then proceed to "cleanse" the Earth by launching dropships and wreaking havoc everywhere until you give the order to stop in the next game.
  • All Myths Are True: As far as Rycroft's test subjects can reach. Werewolves? Check. Vampires? Yep. Aliens? Confirmed.
  • And I Must Scream: Several examples within the series.
    • The first game has a few alien specimens kept in stasis. A disembodied head of a telepath says "Help us, help us, help us..." just as you pull the plug, and another alien was reported to have grown eyes, arms, and limbs at random non-stop before the scientists killed it.
    • The lycans in Episode 4 go on a rage-driven rampage to kill themselves and everything they see, but suicide isn't so easy due to their regenerative abilities.
    • One of the mummified lab workers in the same episode screams "Kill me! KILL ME!" when you find him. And you have to shoot him in the chest to go forward.
    • Rycroft's nanobots in Episode 5, and he injects you with some through a decontamination shower. Though your regenerative powers keep them from killing you, you have to endure extreme pain while looking for a cure.
  • "Awesome McCool" Name: A scientist named Token Coolname in Episode 2. It's implied that a woman got sick of him flirting with her, and caused a vampire to escape into the vents and kill everyone in the area.
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  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Weston Carnodyne, an intergalactic billionaire whom you find out in Episode 5 has been funding most of Rycroft's research.
  • Data Pad: Used as journals for the staff members, starting from Episode 2.
  • Distress Call: In Episode 5, you can use a Quantum Radio that displays dozens of these in text form, and listen to three audio transmissions warning of the attack on Earth. One of them is from Venus, adrift in space after escaping Rycroft's lab.
  • Giant Spider: Near the start of Episode 4, which had already mummified several workers by the time you see it. Handwaved by the crew logs saying that the lighter gravity in Rycroft's base allows spiders to grow larger than they would on Earth.
  • Healing Factor: Rycroft's experiments revealed that your skin and body can rapidly regenerate over time, to the point that you draw upon universal elements to reform if destroyed. Half of your head was missing when Rycroft first found you before the series began.
  • Killer Robot: The Guardian mech at the end of Episode 1, and a flying vampire robot at the end of Episode 2.
  • Late to the Tragedy: By the time you wake up, every crewmember is dead. Revealed later on that Rycroft had evacuated most of his colleagues and unleashed his specimens to kill off saboteurs coming in from earth to destroy it.
  • Living Shadow: Episode 3 deals with a lab where Dr. Rycroft experimented on what he thought was Dark Matter, but was actually dealing with a living, shadow-like being from Another Dimension that even he doesn't fully understand. And judging from the results of the experiments therein, it didn't end well in that regard.
    Backwards message on window: WE WILL TEAR YOUR UNIVERSE APART!
  • Mad Scientist: Dr. Rycroft, full stop. He performs strange, unethical experiments on all sorts of creatures, and locks his staff members in with the test subjects when they don't obey him. All while claiming you and his science can help millions.
  • Meaningful Name: You are codenamed by Rycroft as "Being One", since his theory is that you are literally the first humanoid in existence, with genetic traits unlike any normal human's, having existed for thousands of years thanks to your gifts of immortality and regenerative abilities.
  • Nanomachines: The main threat in Episode 5. These nanos can easily strip flesh from bone, and create zombies from corpses.
  • Only Smart People May Pass: Slightly downplayed by the explanation that Rycroft had designed his labs so that his workers couldn't leave without finishing his experiments in that area.
  • Our Werewolves Are Different: Werewolves in this universe - here called "Lycans", are actually normal humans infected with a virus activated by moonlight, and once transformed, they go on a murderous rampage to kill themselves and anything in their path. You have to deal with several of them when escaping the lab when it moves in front of the moon, and at one point You get infected with the virus and have to clear debris in the process.
  • People Jars: You wake up in one, and the first puzzle is to unlock it from inside. The ending of the third game reveals that Dr. Rycroft has hundreds of these for his research.
  • Room Full of Crazy: Every episode has messages and clues written in blood or scratched into walls. Some in episode 2 only show up under your UV light.
  • Running Gag: From Episode 2 onward, your character gets more and more annoyed at seeing air vents.
    "No more vents please"
  • Sigil Spam: The logo of Carnodyne Industries is seen on several cargo crates and pieces of equipment in episode 5.
  • Space Station: The majority of the series is spent on an asteroid in the debris belt orbiting Earth after the Moon impact of 2020, to allow Rycroft to perform his research without restriction from Earth's bureaucracy. Saboteurs blow it up just after you finally escape in Episode 4. Episode 5 is set on Rycroft's orbiting "nano-station", with a giant teleporter in its center to covertly transfer cargo to and from Earth without the authorities noticing.
  • Sudden Lack of Signal: By Episode 4, Venus stops texting you because the base's cell signals went down.
  • Voice with an Internet Connection: Venus, a mysterious woman who left you a cellphone at the beginning of Episode 1. She can only send you text messages, though. Logs later reveal that she was Dr. Rycroft's assistant, which was how she set you free.

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