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Works in this franchise with their own Trivia pages:

Trivia for the franchise in general:

  • All-Star Cast: It certainly qualifies, particularly the sequels.
  • Divorced Installment: Kevin Williamson wrote a script for Scream 3 that was never used, focusing on a "fan club" for the Woodsboro killers and the Stab movies seeking to become famous. Years later, he dusted off his old idea, removed all references to Scream, and created the TV show The Following.
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  • Genre-Killer: An attempt at a deliberate example of this... which didn't really work out.
  • Irony: The prop for Ghostface's knife was based on the Buck 120 hunting knife, which was chosen because it had a massive eight-inch blade that looked scary on the screen. In real life, this knife was discontinued because the blade was so long that it made it difficult to gut animals... that is, the one thing that knife is most famous for in the movies.
  • Mutually Fictional:
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  • Red Stapler Effect: The knife Ghostface uses is a Buck 120, which was discountinued four years poir the release of Scream; fans wanting to get their own knife either searched for the rare knife, got replicas, or instead bought the Buck 120's younger brother, the Buck 119, which has a shorter blade and blood groove. As of recent, the Buck 120 has returned to the Buck catalog, renamed the "Buck 120 General".
  • Trope Namer: For Gutted Like a Fish.
  • Unintentional Period Piece:
    • In the first film, Billy has a cell phone, which casts suspicion on him as being the Ghostface killer in the first act of the movie. Nowadays, it would be more suspicious if he didn't have a cell phone. Oddly enough, he defends himself by saying everyone has one, which wasn't actually true at the time.
      • Relatedly, the killers' MO is dependent on people being more likely to use landlines than cell phones, meaning if you answer your phone, the caller knows where you are.
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    • Likewise, a pivotal scene in the first film takes place in a video rental store. 'Nuff said.
    • The image of horror films that the Scream series runs on is the slashers of The '80s. While these movies were seen as dated and trite even in 1996 (the whole reason Scream was making fun of them), they were still reasonably modern at the time, the sort of films that teenagers watched at parties. With the rise of Torture Porn, Found Footage Films, and supernatural horror in the '00s and '10s, slashers are nowadays seen as retro, which Scream 4 had to address when it came out in 2011.


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