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Tear Jerker / Scream

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  • Casey Becker's death. She's so close to being saved, and then her parents close the door unwittingly. It is a distinctly poignant feeling to watch the determination of the human spirit as Casey struggles unarmed against her attacker. To make matters worse, her parents are frantically searching for her even as she's being stabbed and gutted. The music in the background (by Beltrami) is heart-breaking and desperate both at once, even more-so by how she manages to see the face of her killer just before she dies.
    • Even worse, Casey's mother picks up the phone and hears her being stabbed to death. You can almost imagine her still being warm when they find her.
  • Randy's death. It was a pity one of the franchise's most beloved characters was mutilated beyond belief. As an extension, his video will in Scream 3 for some fans. Especially the end.
  • Derek's death, and his last words
    Derek: I'd never hurt you Sidney.
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  • Maureen being killed in plain sight by who she believes is her boyfriend. Even worse since the audience didn't even know it was actually real until she straight up drops dead. Her acting may be a little over-the-top, but it's still pretty sad once you give this scene some thought.
  • Kate Robert's final words, "Tell Jill I'm... so sorry." What really drives it home is that since this was all Jill's fault, killing her mother was part of the plan.


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