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  • Why does Ghostface say that Casey got the second question on the phone wrong? He asked who the killer of Friday the Thirteenth was, she said Jason.
    • I think they meant the killer from the first movie not the entire series. The killer from that movie was Jason's mom.
    • It was a trick question. Ghostface never specified which Friday the 13th, which was the whole point. In the 1st one Jason's mom's the killer, but Alice also kills her, thus she's a "killer" too. Then there's the copycat in Part 5, then there's Jason.
    • Yeah, it was definitely a trick question. Casey was screwed no matter what she said. I'm paraphrasing here, but at the end Stu and Billy say something like "Oh, this is the fun part. We ask you the questions, you get it wrong, BOOKAW! You die!" "You get it right...and you die."
  • Does Ghostface ever ask quizzes about horror movies in any of the other movies?
    • Yes, in the fourth one. Also, logically speaking, none of the other killers could actually know about the trivia. All 4 people involved are dead.
    • They could know about it becauseBilly and Stu told Sidney about the trivia part
  • Was there ever any reason for Ghostface to kill Casey? The other characters he killed were linked to his motive or were in his way. It just seems to be a random kill.
    • Stu and Casey dated at one point. It probably ended badly and he wanted revenge.
    • Since Casey's boyfriend whom she apparently dumped Steve for is involved as well, this supports that theory.
    • And Fridge Brilliance - since they dated, maybe Stu had a better knowledge and understanding of her house and how best to trap her. Billy likewise would know Sidney's house quite well, and Principal Himbry's murder happened on school property which they of course would know. And the rest of the murders happen at Stu's house, which gives him a home turf advantage.
  • Why did the police not do some tests on the mask, once they go it? There could have been some fingerprints on it or there might have been some DNA on the inside where it touched the killer's face.
    • The traces would have been very faint, and a lot of small-town police departments don't have very big forensics budgets, especially back then.
    • Since we don't know how Billy or Stu wore the masks, they might have had balaclavas on underneath them to account for that. Or maybe the mask Dewey found was there as a Red Herring that neither of them wore, so there wouldn't be any traces on it.
  • How did Stu modify his voice from prison for his one phone call? They let him into jail with that voice modifying box? Nobody found that suspicious?
    • Stu wasn't in jail,Billy was. It's assumed that Stu made the call to Sidney to throw her/the audience off about Billy.
  • At the end, why didn't Stu and Billy give each other those stab wounds after polishing off Sidney and her father? It would have been a lot easier and less risky.
    • They wanted Sidney to watch? Billy was angry at her because her mother broke up his parents' marriage, maybe he wanted to make her suffer by drawing out the process and show her exactly how he was going to get away with it before he killed her.
      • So, Bond Villain Stupidity, then?
      • Billy had basically fallen to the point of Ax-Crazy at this point and Stu was never the sharpest tool in the shed to begin with. It probably wasn't a well thought out plan.
  • How, exactly, could the killers expect to get away with their plan? Billy would have a lot of explaining to do - like why was his shirt covered in red tinted corn syrup and why was the corn syrup also all over the master bedroom in a way that would make it obvious that somebody faked a killing. With semen and other samples on the bed, it goes without saying that the police would very quickly figure out that Sydney had sex with him that night in that bed and that shortly after, he pretended to be killed. To top it off, he also had gunshot residue on his hands, and Sydney's father - the man supposed to be framed for the murders - would show obvious signs of being tied up for a couple days not the least of which would be the unmistakable marring of his face and wrists from the duct tape.
    • Don't mean to be condescending with the list format but it helps me organize my response

    • A) The cops likely wouldn't have tested the red stains in the room and the stains on Billy, they would assume it's blood since Billy and the rest of the house are already covered in blood.

    • B) Semen at a wild teen party is nothing new, they would have figured someone got laid before the murder broke out.

    • C) Billy and Stu have been badly wounded, the first priority wouldn't have been to accuse them of a crime but to get them to a hospital. They would be cleaned up at said hospital, so there goes the gun residue.
    • Furthermore, wasn't the plan to kill Sydney's dad (with the gun) and pin the murders on him? Presumably they'd claim they wrestled the knife off him and then shot him to stop his "mad rampage". They might not get away with it, but it wasn't inherently stupid.

    • D) This is the only one that really could have screwed them but they're badly wounded and the only people left to tell the story (if everything went according to plan) so the cops would have to choose to investigate the markings on him and believe that Billy and Stu stabbed each other and made up the story or excuse the marks as something that happened during the massacre and forget about it.
    • Even if they had initially gotten away with it, Gale's hidden cam probably would have been found. Unless, they somehow found it first? I suppose it's possible they could have known about it when they killed the camera man - seeing the footage on the monitors in the van.
  • In the same vein as above, the sheriff of the town isn't stupid, and he and the police force will be wondering why Neil Prescott decided to off some teens and a high school principal when some rudimentary police work will show that Billy and Stu had much more personal ties to the victims. Not to mention the overkill of the victims and the fact that a knife was used, meaning they had to get all up on their victims, show those personal ties. So with that, Billy and Stu survive with extremely superficial stab wounds without at least some massive defensive wounds or bruising to show that there was at least a good fight to prevent said overkill? That would raise a lot of questions. As an aside, re: small-town police forces not having the forensic team, they wouldn't, but for something like this, they would bring in a forensic team from a larger town or city (and when a bunch of teens are slaughtered like this, they would receive a lot of offers from sympathetic comrades who want to see the killers behind bars and not getting off on technicalities or lack of evidence).
    • Well they're teenagers. They probably didn't think it through.
    • Also, Stu puts the cell phone and voice-changer in Neil's pocket with his bare hands. Fingerprints, anyone?
      • Fingerprints and DNA from the saliva. everyone expels saliva and dead cells when breathing.
  • What's the point of Ghostface asking Casey horror-related questions? We find out later that Casey dumped Stu for Steven. Even if she guessed all of the questions right, she and Steven still would have been screwed.
    • To torture her even more, by giving her a Hope Spot. She thinks there's a chance she might live if she gets the question right. That makes it even scarier for her.
  • This is a minor point, but why did Casey lie to Ghostface about not having a boyfriend? I really don't see what she would have to gain from that.
    • It's probably just that she wanted the satisfaction of flirting around with the guy on the other end. Look at her face when she's talking to him (at first). Until he starts dropping hints that she should be scared, she seems to be having fun, and the guy on the other end has a pretty sexy voice. Maybe she was considering cheating on her bf or (more likely) she liked the attention that he was giving her, and wanted to let it play a little longer. Odds are, had it evolved into something more substantial than just a call on the phone, she probably would have shut it down.
    • The other guy also keeps calling, so maybe Casey is just one of those people who's too polite to say "get lost".
  • What would have happened if Casey had actually guessed all the questions right? Would Ghostface really just let her go or what?
    • Billy and Stu mentioned that they kill their victims even if they got the questions right, so Casey was screwed either way.
  • Why exactly did Sidney not get in any trouble for punching Gale even though there were dozens of witnesses? Ok, maybe they went easy on her given the circumstances, but I would think she would still get community service or probation or something.
    • Sidney probably completed her punishment off-screen.
    • Doesn't Gale have to press charges for that to be an issue? And press were forbidden from going past the station entrance, and Gale snuck in around the back to try and doorstop Sidney - the very thing she was forbidden from doing. So Gale wouldn't have got punched if she wasn't disobeying police orders. And Dewey was the supervising cop (and not a very good one), so he could have ruled that Sidney's reasons for the assault were a grey area - moments after being attacked in her house and being confronted by a reporter working on a book slandering a family member who was murdered last year. And as the town was dealing with two nasty murders in one night, with a third narrowly averted, that was the police's priority instead of slapping the wrists of an assault victim.
    • And not sure how the American legal system works, but in Ireland the UK, people under eighteen involved in crimes can't be identified publicly. I believe this mainly refers to suspects, but the situation was still too soon to get a handle on who was responsible - so neither Sidney nor Billy could have their identities legally given to the press. Gale is breaking the law by trying to catch Sidney for an interview, so she's lucky she got away with a tap in the face as opposed to a lawsuit from Neil Prescott when everything was over.
    • Yep. Unless Sidney is 18, then she can't be identified on camera (and neither can Tatum for that matter). Gale was breaking the law by trying to doorstop her.
  • How and when did Stu and Billy get the chance to kidnap Steve so they could tie him up and proceed with their game? Did they kidnap him from school during football practice, because he was still wearing his letterman jacket when he was tied up.
    • Casey tells Ghostface that Steve was going to be at her house, so one can assume that it was a date night for Casey and Steve. Billy and Stu probably overheard her plans at school and ambushed Steve on the way to Casey's house.
    • Maybe they had no idea about Steve and just lucked out when they were lying in wait at Casey's house. They saw his car driving up and saw the perfect opportunity to add to their scheme?
  • When Casey's parents arrive to the house, Casey tries to yell at them for help, but she can't, either due the pain she is suffering or because Ghostface's stabbing have likely damaged her vocal cords. However, Casey had a phone on her hand, so why she didn't threw the phone towards her parents to alert them? If she had done so, then her parents would have noticed her and maybe defend or even save her from Ghostface...
    • Because she was extremely distressed from being tortured over the phone, seeing her boyfriend murdered right in front of her and having to run for her life. Her first instinct was to call for help and then she realised she couldn't, so before she has time to think of anything else, he caught up to her.

    Scream 2 
  • Why doesn't Sid kill Ghostface when he is asleep in the cop car instead of trying to sneak over him? This is safer than leaving him the opportunity to wake up and it would have quickly ended the threat.
    • With what? Her bare hands? Sit on his face until he suffocates? She didn't have a weapon at that point. By the time she got Hallie out of the car and turned around, Ghostface was gone—taking the cop's gun.
      • She could've used the cop's gun right after she left the car, though.
      • Or any piece of the road construction equipment they crashed in to. rebar to the face works just as well.
  • Why does Sidney have a grudge against Cotton for something he didn't do?
    • Mainly because he was trying to pressure her into doing a interview.
      • Although to be fair, he had been told she agreed to do the interview. He did mention that he wanted to get the whole ordeal behind the two of them and try to get on better terms.
      • He did admit that Maureen was having an affair with him. Sidney likely would have disliked him no matter what out of loyalty to her father.
      • Sidney was trying to move on with her life. Getting harassed into doing publicity on the story of her dead mother and friends isn't something she was too keen on.
      • He had terrible timing. He didn't show up until after the two murders at the Stab screening, and he brought a whole bunch of reporters with him, which no doubt brought up memories of the last time she was surrounded by reporters nosing into her life. Gale's appearance would also cement in that feeling of deja vu that people would start getting murdered again, and it spooked her.
  • Does "Too soon" not exist in the Scream universe? You would think that Stab would get a serious case of Dude, Not Funny!, with the short time frame and especially given the fact it was a crowd-pleasing slasher flick based off of a real-life tragedy. Sure the whole thing was basically a commentary on the screwed-up bloodlust of pop culture, but it's still incredibly disturbing.
    • I think it becomes Fridge Brilliance when you note this attitude is reinforced constantly around Sydney and company.
    • The third film makes for even more Fridge Brilliance; the Stab franchise is produced by John Milton, a sadistic serial rapist who raped and impregnated Maureen Prescott; he felt personally tied to the events in Woodsboro, and was the exact kind of person who would leap at the chance to turn a real life massacre into a trashy film franchise (more or less what the killers wanted), for a quick buck, while the rest of Hollywood might've hesitated.
  • Sidney automatically recognises Mrs Loomis, despite the makeover. Gail, who is a reporter, which presumably means she's supposed to have an eye for details, doesn't. Is that realistic?
    • Being a reporter doesn't mean you have a photographic memory. Reporters are typically more concerned with retaining information rather than faces.
    • Sidney was Billy's girlfriend and likely knew her for several years before she left. Gail likely didn't know the woman and says she'd only seen pictures. Up until the reveal she thought "Debbie Salt" was a student from one of her lectures. If Gail thought she looked familiar, that's where she'd associate her with. She's not expecting Billy's long lost mother to be waltzing around the campus is she?
    • Gail actually does say "I thought you looked familiar" when she first meets 'Debbie'. So she did recognise her from her pictures, but just assumed it was a student from her class. And Sidney would recognise Mrs Loomis from her voice, behaviour and body language.

    Scream 3 
  • Jay and Silent Bob's cameo. It mostly appears as a throwaway gag but when them existing within the Screamverse, it begs the question, how much of The View Askewniverse films are canon? It just boggles the mind.
  • What the hell was with Roman being the killer? Gale finds him in the basement, and after checking his body pretty thoroughly she declares him dead, and they never explain how he was able to STOP HIS FREAKING PULSE.
    • Considering Roman was a director, he could have access to various special effects, including stuff that mask his pulse. Or Gale could have been too frantic and just didn't notice correctly...
      • Plus, at this point, we've already established she's not the brightest bulb in the box. Remember, she's a reporter, dammit, not a doctor. And with the whole "Psychotic Killer on The Loose for the Third Time" thing, she'd likely assume that he's already dead.
    • Word of God is that there are techniques to stop one's blood pulse in real life, and Roman used one of said techniques.
  • So... how did Roman get Sidney's phone number anyway? The only ones who used Dewey's phone were Jennifer and Kincaid.
    • I think they decided that Roman got it off Dewey's phone memory/contacts.
      Gale: Do you have Sid's number in your memory?
      [Dewey looks up as if he's searching through his brain's memory]
      Gale: No, doofus! Your phone.
    • Is it possible he just traced her phone when he called her on the hotline? I mean, you don't generally run that kind of thing out of your home.
    • Jennifer mentions that she slept with Roman before, so it's possible Roman would have access to Dewey's phone through her, especially since Dewey lends his phone to her at one point.

    Scream 4 
  • Ghostface being revealed to be Charlie and Jill. During the murders that take place at Jill's house one of the killers is seen at the Stab movie marathon and the other killer is said to be with someone else. After the murders, Sidney immediately leaves for Kirby's house where both killers already are. There's a significant amount of time before Sidney shows up, even though the killer would conceivably left around the same time, so how did the killer get to Kirby's house so fast? And who killed the cops and Kate?
    • While there's been a theory of a third killer, Jill does states she was the one that killed her mother. And considering that the Kirby IM could have been a decoy, Jill had enough time to kill the cops, as well as her mother with or without Charlie's help.
      • But if Sidney and the killer leave Jill's house at roughly around the same time, why does it take Sidney so much longer to get to Kirby's house?
      • Wordof God states that its supposedly to be Stu's house and also it could have taken Sidney some time there because she hadn't returned to her hometown in some time.
      • Jill actually says "My own mother had to die", not quite the same thing as "I killed my own mother." I definitely buy the 3rd killer idea though. I mean, to kill Kate and the cops, Jill or Charlie would have to be in 2 places at once and their bodies are notably smaller than that of the actors in the ghostface costume when Jill wasn't wearing it. Besides, I just don't buy that Charlie could kick down that door.
      • I agree, but maybe this Ghostface was running on virginal power... and the juice.
      • Even if so, it stil doesn't explain Olivia's death. Hoss and Perkins were in the car when Olivia got home and went up stairs. This means Charlie was already in her closet when she goes upstairs. Then, just before Olivia gets butchered, Hoss and Perkins are chasing after Ghostface running around outside, with Jill and Charlie's locations being known, (Jill in her room and Charlie killing poor Olivia) who were they chasing? I'd buy a prankster except they say something like "He's like a ghost," which implies it's actually Ghostface.
      • Hoss and Perkins little chase could've just been Trevor after his talk with Jill. He is wearing dark clothing and makes note of calling himself a ninja, so it's possible he was noticed on his way out, evaded the police, only to come back after the killer struck. "He's like a ghost" was just to throw you off. Ghost, ninja, same difference
      • It's not known how long Jill was gone for. She could have only just left by the time Sidney discovered her room was empty. She's just killed the cops so she panics when she sees her mother's car pull up and kills her to give Sidney a reason to go to Kirby's alone. So then she just hurries over to Kirby's. She's best friends with her so perhaps she knows the shortest way to the house? Remember she can cut through other people's gardens and go anywhere while Sidney has to take the road. To a house she hasn't been to before. At night.
      • I buy that, but also the same thing happened in the first Scream when Sidney is attacked by someone (possibly Stu) in Ghostface attire in the bathroom. A lot of Scream is based off of misdirection really.
      • I'm pretty sure the bathroom attack was a prankster. Stu was with Tatum and Billy was just outside the bathroom. Besides, we saw a ton of people running around and it's not like he evaded police officers unlike in Scream 4.
  • Related to the above: how did Charlie silence all of Gail's cameras? He was drinking beer and clearly hanging around with Robby at all times, hosting the party and watching the film. That means he can't really snoop around looking for cameras, let alone stalk Gail as she's planting them (although he was likely her attacker at the end of the scene). Even if he drank non-alcoholic beer to stay sober, that doesn't help the other problems. It couldn't have been Jill as she was established to be elsewhere. Lends further credence to the idea of there being a third killer, who got away.
    • He could have been just pretending to drink. And he and Robbie only introduce each film before it plays. So that gives him roughly 90 minutes to snoop around and find the cameras. All he has to do is tell Robbie he needs to go to the bathroom, slip the costume on and try and find Gail. And Robbie is drinking and getting into the movie, so he's probably not going to be too concerned with checking to see where Charlie is.
  • In Scream 4, it is shown that the fictional movie-within-a-movie Stab 3 ended up being completed. How did the studio manage to finish the movie when most of the cast, including the director, are dead?
    • They started from scratch. Stab is a Cash Cow Franchise in the Scream universe, so it's not like a little killing spree is gonna stop them — since when has Hollywood been more concerned with good taste than box office receipts? Hell, the bloodbath surrounding the production probably turned it into a bigger hit than it would've been otherwise, judging by how it got four sequels in the following decade while, back in the real world, it took eleven years to make another Scream movie.
      • In Scream 4, they mention that only the first three films were based on fact. They started from scratch, using the events of Scream 3 as the basis for Stab 3. The "return to Woodsboro" plot originally planned for Stab 3 was abandoned in favor of the more interesting story that actually happened.
  • It is shown that Stab 6 actually takes place inside Stab 7 (the characters in Stab 7 are seen watching it). Does this mean that Stab 7 is actually the sixth Stab movie? Or was there a seperate Stab 6?
    • The marathon was said to include "all seven" Stab movies, so presumably Stab 6 exists. The movies apparently got increasingly weird as time went on, so perhaps Stab 7 was just bizarrely meta.
    • I get that Stab 7 opening with the beginning of Stab 6 was a twist to throw off viewers of Scream 4, but how would that work within the Scream universe? If anybody had seen Stab 6, they'd instantly recognize those events once Stab 7 started. Thus, it's less a twist and more just a really confusing prank to make people think they're watching Stab 6 again.
    • Imagine this, you've seen Stab 6, and you watch Stab 7. The opening is either (A) the opening from Stab 6, which, if it was me, would make me take out the DVD and make sure it was the right one or (B) a different opening that claims to be Stab 6, which, because you've already seen it, you know to be fake, thus ruining the twist. Either way it doesn't work.
    • Y'know Friday the 13th Part 2 opens with an extended replay of the climax of the first movie. So yeah, it's been done. And I think the characters point out that the Stab movies have gotten worse in quality with each installment - so maybe the silly idea is meant to be seen as silly in-universe.
  • How on earth could Jill not even take five seconds to make sure whether Sidney was dead or not? For someone trying to be the Magnificent Bastard, they sure clutched the Idiot Ball harder than any of the previous killers.
    • Sidney was half-dead after getting stabbed. She survived Jill's attack because she was tough as nails. Any other character would die from those wounds. Yeah, Jill was smug, but unlike the other killers, her smugness had a base in reality for the most of the movie.
  • How did they manage to have a final showdown in an ICU without anyone noticing? An ICU is staffed around the clock, with regular checks on patients. And they weren't exactly quiet.
    • A deleted scene reveals that they were in a basement meeting during those scenes.
    • And it's only a small town hospital. And perhaps they did hear the commotion or notice Jill wasn't in her bed and were running around looking for the source of the noise. They just didn't get to the room until after Jill had been killed.
  • Why did Jill and Charlie go after Olivia the way they did? It makes for great horror material for us due to the whole "nowhere is safe" thing. However, for the same reason, it seems absolutely bonkers to try in-universe. The house is under permanent guard by two policemen, Jill couldn't aid in the attack in any way (which kind of makes you wonder how Charlie managed to pull the cop distraction all on his own), and Charlie had to hold a long phone conversation while hiding in a closet next to his victim, risking being heard. I know they need to keep killing for their plan to work, but it's not like the original Ghostface only targetted people close to the final victim.
    • Out of universe it's to shock the audience with the Red Herring but maybe in-universe they had a contingency in case Olivia heard Ghostface in the closet. It is Jill who calls Olivia in the first place to Troll her, but maybe that was to distract her with the noise on their phonecall so she wouldn't hear the sounds coming from her closet. Kirby does say "I can barely hear you", suggesting Charlie was whispering on the call. I think Olivia may have had her phone on loudspeaker so if she heard the Ghostface voice, maybe she thought it was coming from the call instead of her closet?
    • Charlie is only murdering out of love for Jill, so it makes sense that he would be the one taking unnecessary risks to kill Olivia. On the other hand, Jill considers him disposable as seen when she kills both Trevor and him to establish them as scapegoats for the murder spree, so it is fairly in-character for Jill to sit back and not put herself in danger while Charlie murders Olivia. As for the cop distraction, the figure the cops saw was likely Trevor, who already sneaked past the same cops before when visiting Jill and immediately reappears after Ghostface disappears, so Charlie got lucky there, at least if one goes with the idea that Jill didn't intend Trevor's presence to be a diversion for the cops.
    • Olivia in the scene is also doing a lot of different things like changing into her pyjamas, walking around, talking and brushing her teeth - all actions that might muffle the sound of Charlie in the closet. Olivia also is standing at the window for the end of that scene and quite far away from her closet, so maybe just far enough away that she wouldn't hear anything.

  • The shooting the killer in the head thing bugs me. I have no problem with a character killing in self-defence. The intent there isn't to kill but to protect their own life with their attacker's death being a consequence of that. However, if the killer is unarmed and weak enough that they can be restrained, then, the response should be to wait until medical help and the police show up. Shooting an unarmed individual who has recently been unconscious, has lost a significant amount of blood, and who may or may not have internal injuries doesn't fall under the category of self-defence due to the fact less extreme options are available. 'This person killed my loved ones and tried to kill me,' are not acceptable moral nor legal justifications for taking an at-the-moment defenceless person's life. Sidney, Dewey, and whoever else shot the still alive killers are murderers themselves.
    • The only kill you could possibly be referring to is Mrs. Loomis. Billy, Roman and Jill were all shot in the head when they were attacking Sidney, Dewey and Gail. Sidney was confident that Mrs. Loomis would return for a "final scare", just as Billy and Mickey did. Yes, the right thing to do would be to wait for the police to get there and deal with it. But the woman a psychotic murderer who'd killed Sidney's closest friend, but was also responsible for planning the deaths of her boyfriend, roommate and several others and had planned to kill her and frame her for the murders. The bitch may have been defenseless, but getting shot in the head when she was probably dead anyway does not put her in the category of "sympathetic mass-murderer".
    • And as for "Sidney's a murderer" thing, that's the point.
    • Remember also that these are Genre Savvy horror movie characters, so they know that if they don't finish off the killers, it will almost certainly lead to dozens more deaths. In horror films, after all, Police Are Useless, every prison is made of cardboard, and every injury that isn't explicity a killing blow is Only a Flesh Wound. How many people died because Dr. Loomis didn't headshot Michael Myers the first chance he got? If Charles Lee Ray had his brains blown out before performing his voodoo curse, he could never have become the killer doll Chucky. If Tommy Jarvis had severed Jason Voorhees' head rather than just hacking his face a bit, that killer may never have come back to slaughter hundreds more people. Since the Scream characters are aware of the horror movie conventions in effect in their daily lives, I would argue finishing off a 'defenseless' killer is technically self defense in this case.
"You're forgetting one thing about Billy Loomis... I fucking killed him."
  • Legally, it might not completely excuse the killing, but it would probably make it legally manslaughter (or a less severe degree of murder). If the shooter has just seen their victim kill multiple other people and repeatedly attempt to kill them, that situation is definitely going to affect their judgement, and the law would most likely take that into account.
  • How do the other killers (after Billy and Stu) know what Ghostface sound like? I know his mask was shown on the news, but his voice was never recorded, or captured on tape.
    • A likely answer would be if either Gale or any other reporter got a hold of the voice changer Billy and Stu used and showcased it in the news, making it easy for future killers to buy a voice changer and tinker with it until finding the same voice heard in the news report.
  • I get that Billy killed Maureen, but did he do it in his Ghostface persona or as himself? Speaking of Ghostface, who created the Ghostface persona? Roman or Billy?
    • Billy and Stu most likely killed Maureen in the Ghostface persona. One of the Stab 3 sets in Scream 3 implies Maureen was called before being murdered, which is Ghostface's M.O.
    • Roman, in his monologue after his reveal, tells Sidney how he gave Billy a few tips in murdering Maureen but never mentions creating the Ghostface persona, meaning Billy or possibly Stu invented the persona first.
  • Why are companies still producing Ghostface/Father Death costumes after the murders? Seems distasteful to still have them in stores. In-universe, who in their right minds would continue to produce them after hearing about the deaths of a poor girl's friends? Shouldn't they be banned in some states, especially Sidney's hometown?
    • Perhaps the people behind the Stab movies bought the rights? It would make a great media tie-in for the crazy folks who would watch the (equally distasteful) Stab movies.
    • Or more simply they did stop producing them. But since they had been sold everywhere beforehand, maybe the copycats just got them off Ebay. And at the Stabathon party, the teens could have made some of the masks themselves like cosplayers.
  • Tatum. Why is she barely mentioned after the first film? For being Sidney’s best friend and Dewey’s sister, neither Sidney nor Dewey show much sadness after her death after Sidney’s shock over seeing her dead in the cat flap. There’s a reason why that Angst? What Angst? is on the YMMV page.
    • For Sidney? Probably because, harsh as it is, learning your boyfriend killed your mother and having to kill him is probably the tantamount trauma of the event, no matter how much she may have liked Tatum. As for Dewey... yeah, the writers most likely forgot about their relation in the second film; he rather casually brings up Tatum's death alongside the other Woodsboro victims in the sequel. The closest we get to acknowledgement is in the 3rd film, when a character mock Dewey (or rather, the killer pretending to be Dewey) over it. If I had to guess, I'd say losing his sister was a catalyst for Dewey feeling more free to leave Woodsboro in the sequels, and for becoming a little more active in fighting the killers.


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