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  • Actor Allusion:
    • In "Dead Air," Lowell refers to Liv's look as "ethereal Tinker Bell." Rose McIver was Tinker Bell on Once Upon a Time.
    • Lowell dyes his hair because he says he would "look freaky as a blond." Bradley James's most famous role is the blond King Arthur in Merlin.
    • Blaine says that he's not a doctor. He once was. And briefly returned to that role, which required an explanation of his blonde hair.
    • In Method Head, there's a mention of the Victim of the Week leaving the show he was on to be in the upcoming Power Rangers movie, which Liv scoffs at. Liv's actress, Rose McIver, was the Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers RPM.
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    • Peyton (Alyson Michalka) is a lawyer. Aly Michalka's last show, Hellcats, had her studying to be one (and there was even a line in the Pilot where she expressed a wish to work in a DA's office somewhere up North).
    • Jason Dohring is playing a zombie. But this isn't his first time playing someone undead. Also not his first time in a uniform.
  • California Doubling: As usual, Vancouver stands in for Seattle. There isn't much effort made to hide it either:
    • "Flight of The Living Dead" features a scene of Liv riding a bike up and down the stairs at Vancouver's Oceanic Plaza; the sign identifying the location is clearly visible in multiple shots.
    • "Fifty Shades Of Grey Matter" has The Lions visible in the background in the scene when Rose and Clive walk to the home of the murder victim.
    • Lampshaded by the show during "Method Head", where the Show Within a Show "Zombie High" is filmed in Seattle but is meant to be L.A. The justification? "Tax breaks"
  • The Cast Showoff:
    • Rose McIver can sing and play the guitar. So they let her do exactly that in "Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues".
    • David Anders is singing and playing the piano several times in the series.
    • Averted, with former pop star/recording artist Alyson Michalka, who despite having had a successful singing career with her sister A.J. when Peyton is shown singing karaoke she is pitchy to downright flat, off-tempo and stale sounding. Then again Peyton was drunk at the time, so that could play into it.
  • Casting Gag: David Anders would know a few things about people coming back from the dead.
  • The Danza: Sort of. Isobel is played by Izabela Vidovic
  • Deleted Scene: Deleted scenes in Season 2 include Evan approaching Liv and coming out to her as gay. She in turn reveals her zombie status and why she refused to donate blood to him when he was in the hospital, and Evan forgives Liv. The scenes were ultimately dropped and Liv's entire family was completely left out after the first episode in Season 2 until they return in mid-season 5. The way she reveals her status to Evan was reshot for her reveal to Clive at the end of Season 2.
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  • Fake American: Rose McIver (Liv) is from New Zealand. Not to mention numerous Canadians playing Americans, since the filming is in Vancouver.
  • Name's the Same:
    • Recurring season four character Isobel Bloom shares a name with Isabel Bloom, a noted sculptor from the Midwest.
    • Also, we finally get to see Matchbox Twenty frontman Rob Thomas in a show produced by Rob Thomas.
  • Playing Their Own Twin:
    • In "He Blinded Me... With Science," Ali Liebert plays burn victim Annie Rosine and her sister Jenny Rosine; Jenny murdered one of the scientists responsible for her sister's disfigurement, and pretended to be a facially-reconstructed Annie - the real Annie remains disfigured.
    • Scott E from season 1 (and later murder victim) just happened to have a twin brother, Don E.
    • Quinta Brunson plays Dr Collier and her twin sister, Laila.
  • Production Posse:
  • Production Throwback:
    • In "Real Dead Housewife", Liv muses "a long time ago, we used to be friends", the theme song of Veronica Mars by Rob Thomas.
    • In "Love & Basketball", one suspect bets on Hearst College basketball games - the fictional alma mater of Veronica Mars, which featured in seasons 2 and 3 of her own show.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Actress Alyson Michalka was scheduled to shoot a pilot after Season One, which is why Peyton's situation was left vague, with her abruptly leaving town after learning about the zombie situation. Since the pilot wasn't picked up, she returned in Season Two.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: "Stop, I'm Already Dead" by Deadboy & the Elephantmen.


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