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Tear Jerker / iZombie

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Season One

1x01: Pilot

  • Arguably, the entire pilot episode is one for Liv, but especially when she visits Major and finds him on the couch with a girl playing a zombie killer game, which is just cruel. She doesn't react well, in the kind of way that makes you want to wrap her up in a blanket and give her a warm mug of tea.

1x02: Brother, Can You Spare A Brain

  • At the end where Liv gets told off by Major when she tries to seduce him under the influence of her latest meal. Sure she has it coming, but it is still terribly heartbreaking to watch, especially when you consider why she was in that particular situation in the first place.

1x03: The Exterminatorf

  • During the episode Liv has to kill a zombie who could have literally just walked off the set of The Walking Dead. The kicker is that she knew the zombie previously in life—they were even friends in a way. Later, Liv take the family pearls that said zombie had worn and returned them to the dead girl's mother. As soon as the poor lady sees them she is practically flattened to the ground. All the while Liv is observing the scene from nearby whilst struggling with the fact she had to kill someone she knew.
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  • Liv and Peyton see that Major has a new girlfriend—the same girl who was playing games with him in the pilot. If you've ever gone through a painful breakup, you understand the pain on going on social media to see that your ex has moved on to someone new while you have not.
  • In this episode, a kid named Jerome, that Major looks out for, is looking for his friend who went missing four days prior. This part serves little purpose until the final scene where Jerome, whilst searching for his friend and handing out fliers, comes across Blaine who mentions that they've seen him and takes it upon themselves to lead Jerome there. It's a tearjerker because considering who Blaine is, Jerome won't see his friend again most likely and no one will see either of them again most likely.

1x04: Live and Let Clive

  • Major mentions in the beginning of the episode that the kid he and Jerome were looking for still hasn't turned up and now Jerome's gone missing too, however responding to texts. Wonder why that is...
    • It turns out Jerome's been dead the whole episode and Blaine's been answering his texts for him. It also implies that Blaine killed his friend as well.
  • Liv comes over to Major's place, obviously not over him, to speak to him and Major's new girlfriend stumbles downstairs. Wearing nothing but his shirt. Awkward.

1x05: Flight of the Living Dead

  • Major becomes exceedingly frustrated with how the police is refusing to help and how even Clive can't help him though his zombie boss, Lieutenant Suzuki, may have something to do it with it. It's depressingly similar to how most family members and loved ones become when a loved one goes missing.
    • Major goes to Jerome and Eddie's skate park and confronts someone who was wearing Jerome's American flag hi-top chucks. This was the same guy who ate Jerome at the end of the last episode, so unfortunately, Major gets tossed around like a ragdoll.

1x09: Patriot Brains

  • Liv confronts Lowell with his apathy towards Blaine delivering the brains of dead homeless teenagers, like Jerome, to him. It breaks him completely.
  • Lowell's death. We know it's happening as soon as he and Liv plan to kill Blaine, but it's still heartbreaking to see Liv's reaction when Lowell gets shot by Blaine when his murder attempt fails. Especially as Lowell had previously said he's terrified of the idea of physical confrontation, but would do it for her.
    • Before Lowell dies, he turns to Liv, puts two fingers on his heart and mouths the words "I love you." Also counts as heartwarming, because he knew he probably wasn't going to make it so he had to at least say goodbye.

1x10: Mr. Berserk

  • This being the episode after Lowell's death, there are many such moments. But especially the end, when Liv is crying over Lowell's body.
  • Major, having lost his job and been attacked by the police and bikers, truly thinks he's lost his mind while he's actually right about most things and Liv and Ravi not only won't tell him anything, but are actually gaslighting him. Poor guy.

1x12: Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat

  • He was a dick, but hearing Sebastian talk about how he ate his aunt's brain in a fit of hunger was pretty messed up. It is pretty hard not to feel sorry for the guy.
  • Liv having to explain to Peyton that she's a zombie. Unfortunately, Peyton doesn't respond well and runs away.

1x13: Blaine's World

  • Liv scratches Major in order to keep him alive after being stabbed by Blaine. She comes out and tells him the truth about everything. Expectedly, after everything he's been through and everything she's kept from him, he completely rejects her like Peyton.
  • Liv's brother was injured in the explosion at Meat Cute, and needs a blood transfusion. Unfortunately, he's O-negative. So is Liv...but Liv's a zombie. The quiet way she refuses to help is heartbreaking.

Season Two

2x01: Grumpy Old Liv
  • As expected, Liv's mom and brother completely reject her after she refuses to give blood for Evan, believing that she wanted him to die. Her mom thinks she's on drugs, and Evan tells her to her face that he never wants to see her again.
  • Byron confessing to Wendell's murder, as he cries knowing that he has to leave his dog, because it was him believing that Wendell killed his dog that pushed him to do it in the first place.
  • Major, who just seems to want to move on with his life, is blackmailed by Du Clark into using his zombie hunting prowess for their own advantage, with Liv's life as collateral. This is something that visibly tears at him.

2x02: Zombie Bro

  • Major's character arc coming to its first wall these season as he pushes Liv away and uses Utopium to bury his guilt over his current situation.
  • The killer of the week; Sonny thought he'd taken revenge on his father's drink-driving killer, who got off without jail time for being a minor - and was apparently still partying hard and probably driving drunk... and Sonny could reasonably be said to also be trying to spare other people his own pain. Turns out? The drunk driver who killed his father wasn't the frat bro, but another student with the same name. The real tear-jerker moment is when you realize that if Sonny had found the right Chad Wolcoff, seeing that Chad was profoundly sorry for his actions, and trying his best to atone by warning other teenagers against drink-driving, very probably would have been enough for him.

2x03: Real Dead Housewife of Seattle

  • Major trying to dispose of one of the targets on Max Rager's zombie suspect list. The man wakes up in Major's trunk and begs him not to kill him, telling him he has a wife and child. And when the man realizes that he's not going to make it, he asks Major to at least take care of his dog.
  • It's Liv's birthday, and pretty much no one who knows cares. She buys a bottle of rum to drink alone at home, and the liquor store clerk asks if she's having a party. Her answer? "Massive. All my friends will be there."

2x04: Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues

  • Liv pours her heart out to Major, telling him that it's time to let go of each other no matter how she loves him, and he's completely unresponsive.
  • Major finally recognizes that he has reached rock bottom when he tries getting some Utopium from a junkie that used to live in the halfway house he worked at. Racked with self-loathing, Major shows up at Liv's door and says the words we've all been waiting for: "I need help."

2x06: Max Wager

  • Ravi bursts into Major's room to warn him and Liv that condoms don't protect against the zombie virus. They take the news that they can't have sex without turning Major into a zombie...badly.
  • Blaine's zombie father makes a move to take over his operation, and like the aspiring astronaut from season 1, he has a specific request. This time, Blaine hatches a scheme to substitute a different brain: That of his grandpa, a bedridden victim of Papa's. You can see how much it hurts Blaine to wield that Vorpal Pillow...and then, just as he's got the brain into the delivery box, he gets the news. His father has just been disappeared, same as several of Blaine's other clients.

2x9: Cape Town

  • Major shows up to the house of a zombie he has to make disappear... only to discover she's ready to do the job for him, he walked in as she was about to commit suicide. Pre-zombie, she worked as a escort, traveled, studied photography, and genuinely loved her life. Then she had a zombie client, and he makes her available to the other zombies as her payment for brains. Unlike a typical media suicide, she's rational, calm, and has clearly though this through- she makes it clear to Major that this isn't a snap hysterical decision, but her only choice. The good news: he's able to offer her another one, by explaining about the zombie cure. The bad news: at the end of the episode, the cure failed. New Hope, the rat, has turned back into a zombie after her supposed cure.
  • After another episode filled with wacky brain hijinks, reality ensues. Clive tells Liv he's done working with her, because her brains-induced personality swings have gotten too unpredictable.

2x11: Fifty Shades of Grey Matter

  • Major having to give Minor, the dog he had previously stolen and everyone had fallen in love with, up. He just leave Minor on bus after telling him that he was going to have a great life but not with him. Worst part? The police were tracking the dog's tag, which Major had already tossed, not the dog itself, meaning he ultimately didn't have to do this.
  • Peyton hearing Liv rant on how evil Blaine is for turning her into a zombie and nearly killing Major and tearfully confessing she slept with him.

2x15: He Blinded Me... With Science

  • In one of the most horrific sequences on the show, Rita goes from conniving bitch to Jerkass Woobie, when Vaughn Du Clark leaves her to possibly die at the hands of a zombie. Instead, she gets turned, leading to the heartbreaking sight of Rita rapping on her father's door, a bloody, zombified mess. Rita didn't deserve that.

2x18: Dead Beat

  • The absolute pain and desperation in Liv's face as the FBI is searching the house and when they arrest Ravi as an accessory to murder.
  • Good news: Liv managed to convince Clive to get Major out of jail. Somewhat awkward news: Liv had to out herself and Major as zombies to convince him. Bad news? In helping Liv, Clive effectively threw away his chances to get into the FBI and his chances at love with Dalenote .
  • Janko arrives near the end at the morgue to take Liv. Luckily, Ravi figured it out before he could and, after some struggling, managed to take him down... via an accidental overdose of tranquilizer. Ravi is so shaken up by this that he legitimately considered having Clive arrest him.

2X19: Salivation Army

  • Liv found Drake, unfortunately after he gone full Romero, and had to shoot him point blank to save Clive.
  • Hate her what you will, but Rita learning the full extent of how much of an evil manic sociopath her father truly is. Yeah Vaughn's an asshole, but he was still her dad.
    Rita: Did you ever care about me?
    Vaughn: Do you hear yourself? (Going berserk) DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF!?! Making this moment about you!

Season Three

3x01: Heaven Just Got a Little Smoother
  • When Vivian shows Liv, Major, and Clive the zombie children going to school at Filmore Graves, one of them (Wally) recognizes Clive, and he later tells Liv that the boy and his family used to live in his building. By the end of the episode, Wally and his family have all been executed by anti-zombie radicals thanks to news about the Max Rager outbreak being leaked. We're then treated to shots of Clive breaking down, and Vivian having to hold back tears while she informs the teacher and other students in the class.

3x05: Spanking The Zombie

  • Major finally being forced to take the serum, thereby erasing his memory. Thankfully subverted in the following episode when he gains his memories back.

3X06: Some Like It Hot Mess

  • Peyton realizing Blaine was lying about losing his memory. While he insists what he feels for her is real, she makes it clear she can't forgive him for such a deception and sends him off, crying afterward.

3x12: Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1

  • Natalie's death. After everything.

Season Four

4x01: Are You Ready for Some Zombies?
  • There are kids who have been turned into zombies and thrown out of their homes by their parents. Major talks with some of these kids and some of their stories are heartbreaking.

4X04: Brainless in Seattle Part 2

  • Tucker may have been a Jerkass but you have to feel for him when he tries to go back to his zombie-hating friends but they turn on him. His girlfriend dumped him, a guy at the bar is ready to turn him out and what looked to be his only remaining friend says Tucker should just blow his own brains out.
  • Liv breaks it to Clive that she saw Dale making out with a guy at a zombie bar. Clive says they agreed to an "open" relationship but is clearly affected by this. He confesses to Liv that he really doesn't like her being with another man but "I love her so damn much" that he doesn't know what else to do to make her happy.

4x05: Goon Struck

  • Filmore-Grave executing Mama Leoni. Also crosses over into Nightmare Fuel as now people know no one is safe from the fist of Filmore-Graves.
    • There's also the fact that Chase really doesn't want to have to do it, but the political realities he is facing give him no real choice.

4x07: Don't Hate The Player Hate The Brain

4x11 Insane in the Germ Brain

4x12 You've Got To Hide Your Liv Away

  • In the Filmore-Graves safehouse, Major and Liv find the zombie couple who lived there locked up in the basement, both full Romero. The suicide note explains that Filmore-Graves stopped sending them brain tubes, and they couldn't go through with a traditional Suicide Pact because neither of them could bear to live one second without the other.

4x13 And He Shall Be A Good Man

  • When the zombie supremacists Zerg Rush the checkpoint, Blaine desperately begs his father not to lead his flock from the front. He even confesses to the brains-in-the-snow trick. Brother Love sneers at him and rides off.
    • Afterwards, Blaine watches the news coverage of the failed attack, culminating in soldiers headshotting disabled zombies...including Brother Love.
  • Levon's execution, and Liv spending the rest of the episode in a funk afterwards.

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