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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Season One

Episode 4: Liv and Let Clive
  • Liv going into "full-on zombie mode" and thoroughly kicking an Asian gangster's ass when he tries to kill her.

Episode 5: Flight of The Living Dead

  • Liv telling off her murder suspects when they try to make her leave the memorial for the Victim of the Week (who was also an old friend of Liv's):
    Liv: I am Holly's friend. And considering that one of you drugged her before the jump, I may be the best friend she had in this ten-foot radius.
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  • Major picks a fight with the zombie "drug dealer". Points to Major not only for picking a fight with a gigantic man he thinks is the drug dealer that may have killed a kid, but also for getting the better of him before he goes full zombie.

Episode 7: Maternity Liv

  • Liv telling off the sleaze of a father—specifically the guy who knocked up the victim of the week, and thus gets full rights and custody to the recently born child of said victim. His sole objective is to get the child to pander to sympathy—Liv tells him off by asking if he knows whether the child should sleep face up or down, and telling him one can cause SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). The guy is so freaked out he immediately turns the child over to the grandparents, all around good people who are far better qualified to raise a child. Doubles as a crowning moment of funny as it is heavily lampshaded by Ravi and Clive.

Episode 11: Astroburger

  • Ravi records his progress on the zombie cure, which is no progress at all. Until he walks past zombie rat's cage and sees that the scurrying corpse has brown fur again.

Episode 12: Dead Rat Live Rat Brown Rat White Rat

  • Liv's incredibly brutal fight with Sebastian, the zombified killer. Liv's had fights in the past, but primarily won thanks to the advantage full-on zombie mode gives her...which Sebastian also has, as well as having the advantage of being a professional killer, a ruthless sociopath, and being noticeably more physically intimidating, being about 8 inches taller. Yet, Liv still manages to kill the bastard, through nothing but sheer Combat Pragmatism and ruthlessness.

Episode 13: Blaine's World

  • All season, Major's gotten in over his head so often that he's got Distressed Dude tattooed on his back. This episode, Blaine is holding Major prisoner in a meat freezer until he gets his brains back. Halfway through the episode, Major starts MacGyvering with a found cigarette lighter and (apparently) his own urine. Escape!! Does Major go running away into the night? Not this time. He grabs guns and a freakin' grenade from his car, goes back to the Evil Lair, and gets his Roaring Rampage of Revenge on in a reckoning we've waited all season for. All while "Der Kommissar" plays in the background.

Season 2

Episode 5: Love & Basketball
  • When the suspect is revealed to be an Abusive Parent, Clive confronts him and explains that he gave his card to the son's homeroom teacher and told her to call him if the son, R.J, has any "accidents" or "falls". When the guy tries to intimidate him, Clive simply pummels him senseless.
    Clive: "Don't ever put your hands on your son again."
    • Even better is that the next day, you get a close-up of his hand. He beat the man so viciously that his knuckles are visibly bruised and he is flexing his fingers as if he's still sore.

Episode 9: Cape Town

  • Liv using the victim's superhero gear and the skills his brains give her to Predator Mode a bunch of Boss's minions in the warehouse.
    • At the end of the attack, after spending the episode quipping cheesy superhero one-liners, Liv gets one genuinely cool one during the fight at Boss's warehouse after being shot, which for obvious reasons doesn't even slow her down.
    Mook: Seriously, what are you supposed to be?
    Liv: [goes full-on zombie mode] I'm The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Episode 13: The Whopper

  • On the dark side, Blaine bringing his emotionally and physically abusive zombiefied father to a simpering mess, having two of his minions torturing the man, in retaliation for what he did to them.
  • On the hero side, Liv, Major and Ravi finally finding the tainted Utopium for the cure.
  • Both scenes are set to Les Misérables One Day More.

Episode 18: Dead Beat

Episode 19: Salvation Army

  • Drake sparing the other zombie hostages by offering himself to the Max Rager's scientist as the next human guinea pig for the cure. Doubles as a Tearjerker when it ends with him going full Romero, and Liv having to kill him.
  • Blaine saving kidnapped hostage Peyton, commando style.
  • Vaughn getting what's coming to him. Mauled and eaten alive by three zombies, including his daughter. Who, right after, gets shot in the head.

Season 3

Episode 8: Eat A Knievel

Episode 13: Looking For Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2

  • Chase Graves discovers The Starscream at Fillmore Graves, and calls her into his office for interrogation and dressing down before calling in security to have her put on ice until he decides what he's going to do with her. Unfortunately, the three soldiers he called in are working for The Starscream. For a moment, it looks like Chase is in trouble, since he had his gun disassembled for cleaning, but he just pulls out a backup weapon and methodically headshots all three soldiers before they can react. Graves probably saw the double-cross (including the security detail coming) and purposely laid his gun out so that the Starscream would assume he's vulnerable.
    • That being said, it's also an awesome moment for said Starscream because she's flown under the radar the entire season and by the time she's found out, she's already enacted her plan and gotten exactly what she wanted.

Season 4

Episode 12: You've Got To Hide Your Liv Away
  • Isobel earns one postmortem. She donated her body to science so Ravi could produce a vaccine. Preliminary tests on the chemicals from her brain reveal that it's not a vaccine, it's a cure.

Episode 13: And He Shall Be A Good Man

  • Liv taking advantage of an opportunity during a big scuffle and publicly executing Chase, moments before she was about to be executed herself.
  • Major immediately shaking up the status quo - for the better - as the new commander of Fillmore-Graves.
  • Enzo single-handedly preventing the zombie apocalypse. He coordinated with the US army to annihilate the mass zombie exodus, led by Brother Love, out of New Settle via a route he tricked them in taking under the guise being coverted. THAT is what you call a brilliant strategic victory.

Season 5

Episode 4: DotZom
  • Blaine on capoeira brain giving a well-deserved beatdown to the dead-enders harassing zombies outside Romero's.

Episode 6: The Scratchmaker

  • The Intrepid Reporter who exposed Blaine is Mr. Boss' niece, and he set it up to cut Blaine out.
  • With Blaine out, Boss tries to extort more money out of Fillmore Graves. Major outmaneuvers him by bluffing that the biggest shipping magnate in Seattle is willing to get into the brain smuggling business for less money than Blaine was charging, and Boss & Don E. drop their demands to less than that.

Episode 10: Night and the Zombie City

  • The moment that fans have been waiting years for — Liv and Blaine going all out on each other. And the best part is that if not for Carl's interference, Liv would have won.
  • Candy, the overworked and poorly-treated madame employed by Blaine and Don-E, deduces where the cure sample is before everyone else and runs off with it, escaping from Blaine and screwing him over in the process.

Episode 12: Bye, Zombies

  • Liv, Ravi, and Clive staging a heist to break into the CDC and steal back the tainted Utopium needed for the zombie cure. With Ravi going red-eyed to beat up the smug doctor who wants to market it for profit rather than helping people as a bonus on top.

Episode 13: All's Well That Ends Well

  • Peyton bashing Blaine in the head so that the kids can escape.
  • Don E learns that Blaine killed Darcy, he throws him into the well. And then Liv comes up and bashes him in the head with a rock, knocking him into the well too.
  • Ravi tackling Enzo and injecting him with the zombie cure, rendering him human, after which he's promptly shot dead.

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