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     Season 1 

The Masquerade will be breached by the police attempting to bust Blaine's operation.
Seriously, he's turned the Zombie Apocalypse into just another drug. True, none of his buyers are going to narc on him, but he's going to come to official attention sooner or later. The murders are going to get noticed, if nothing else.
  • Blaine has a fellow Zombie heading up the Murder Division in Seattle, who is able to use his position to frame a pair of kidnappers as responsible for the disappearances.
    • It's possible they could have been involved in some fashion. The remains of Blaine's victims were found on their property. it's unclear whether the kidnappers, the Sheperd's had knowledge of this. The shooting of the wife execution style could indicate an attempt to keep her from talking.
    • The latest episode has shown that the couple had absolutely nothing to do with Blaine's business. Also that the Captain used them as convenient patsies to cover up the murders. That being said Shepperd did warn that Blaine lack of subtlety and restraint could cause problems further down the line.
    • Possibly. Clive has been looking into Blaine and zombies...
  • This is becoming more and more possible. Clive is onto the human brains found eaten by Suzuki and Angus. And now he knows they're human brains.
  • Jossed. The masquerade was destroyed by Fillmore-Graves creating more zombies with the Aleutian Flu vaccine and announcing their existence to the world.

Liv will eventually figure out some way of explaining her picking up personalities attributes from the people who's brains she's eaten
It could even be simple as explaining it as a side effect or bleed over of her "visions". Something along the lines of "When I get in their heads, they get in mine." It has the advantage of being true enough within the context of the cover story.
  • Confirmed. It wasn't that Liv told him, but Clive has pointed out she absorbs traits from the brains she eats.
  • Now Clive knows her secret.

Liv will give her brother the blood transfusion
Even if it means becoming a zombie in the process.
  • Jossed. He survived without it, and now he and his mother are shunning Liv.

Clive will learn Liv's secret
It's only a matter of time before he finds out the truth.
  • And when it happens, he'll accept it just as easily as he trusts in her psychic visions.
  • He's getting closer. He found a brain, and is beginning to notice Liv's personality changes even more.
  • Confirmed, as of "Dead Beat", the penultimate episode of Season 2.

Vaugh du Clarke is a zombie
His reaction to news of the leak during his mediation in the S1 finale seemed to be bordering on a full-on zombie mode freak out. He only said he would get rid of the zombies that would affect Max Rager's bottom line, and obviously his own zombism won't be a problem in that department. He also seems like exactly the kind of guy who would enjoy being able to rip people's brains out and devour them, and even if he's not then he's still got his scientist guy working on fixing that too.
  • Jossed. His daughter is one, though.

Julian isn't dead.
He got extremely blown up by Major, but when his body was shown his head still seemed intact, which means his brain was likely alright too. For a zombie, the damage could easily be mostly-superficial, and Julian will return as a nemesis for Major.
  • Likely jossed. The whole Meat Cute blew up, and there's been no word on him.
  • Jossed. His dead body turns up in the cleanup and Blaine has a new crew.

     Season 2 

The entire season 2 premier will be a Bait-and-Switch regarding Evan.
People will be telling Liv all episode that "she did what she had to do" and that "it worked out for Evan in the end" and all sorts of things that will hint that he died. At the end she'll be seen standing over a grave, but then Evan will show up beside her and the camera will pan around to reveal that they're standing at Lowell's grave.
  • Jossed. But Evan is still alive, no thanks to Liv.

Liv' father is named Oliver
Her mom's name is Eva, which is very close to her brother's name Evan. It'd be cute to see her and her father sharing similar names as well.

Ravi and Liv will take over Blaine's customer list
This one seems obvious, but what's the the best way to avoid a zombie apocalypse? Use the steady supply of morgue brains and distribute them amongst the Seattle horde, free of charge. It also comes with bonus witnesses in the event that one of the customer's experiences a trigger that Liv wouldn't have access to.
  • Jossed. Blaine refuses to give Ravi and Liv his list, and gives it to his crew when he might die.

The zombie cure will only be temporary
The scene would be something like Major or Blaine getting out of the shower or waking up one day and then seeing a white streak in his hair, making him need another. Eventually the shots start becoming less effective, if not make their condition worse!
  • Word of God confirmed that the cure will have side effects.
  • Confirmed. Yikes!

Liv will intentionally turn Vaughn or Gilda
After discovering what they're doing and what they're having Major do, she'll figure that the best way to stop it (maybe the only way) is to make them into one of her own in the hopes that they'll convince the other to call off the murders. Unfortunately, she'll underestimate the ruthlessness of the du Clarks - whoever is infected will be killed by the one that wasn't due to them being a "liability", and if it's Gilda killing Vaughn then she'll step into his chair and be even worse.
  • Jossed. Gilda's been turned, but it wasn't by Liv.

Major will cut ties with Max Rager when told to kill a zombie child.
  • Likely jossed. Major isn't even killing zombies anymore, just freezing them until Ravi finds a cure.
  • Jossed. Major wouldn't cut ties because he's not killing the zombies, and there have not been any zombie children shown (teetering on Fridge Horror).
  • Now there have been zombie children shown, at Fillmore-Graves. One was even murdered.

What will happen when Blaine and Major become zombies again...
  • Major and Liv can get back together because they'll be in the same world again.
    • Major and Liv did get back together, but they've since broken up. Then Major took another cure, so things are much more complicated...
  • Blaine will go back to what he was doing before, assuming Max Rager doesn't kill him.
    • Jossed. Blaine doesn't want to be a zombie, he wants to be cured, mostly because being a zombie after being cured leads to death.
    • Blaine actually does want to be a zombie. He willingly became one again after taking the second cure to save himself.
  • Max Rager will come after all of them, because they no longer have a zombie hunter.
    • Jossed. Max Rager never came after them.

Agent Bozzio is related to Mr Boss
"Boss" is not exactly a common English name. The most likely source for it is the anglicisation of a foreign name. Such as, for example, "Bozzio". It'd be a pretty absurd coincidence, but then, this show does like playing with characters' names. Of course, that then leaves the question of whether she's secretly working for him (which... we all hope not), or whether she's trying to end the family's shame by bringing him down.
  • Probably jossed. Both characters returned in Season 3, but Bozzio became a zombie and Boss is now working for Blaine. No connection was suggested between the two.


     Season 3 

Blaine already has his memory back.
As soon as he took the cure, he remembered everything and became Evil Blaine again. He's been faking amnesia since to gain the trust of the others or some awesome evil purpose. The others won't find out until Major has no choice but to take the cure, thinking it will wipe his memory, and it doesn't.
  • Confirmed. Blaine revealed that he regained all his memories within a couple days of losing them after taking the cure (and long before he took Ravi's "memory juice"), and we later see Major take the cure, suffer total memory loss, and then recover shortly after as well.

There is a new zombie virus.
In the latest episode, "Conspiracy Weary", the ending cliffhanger was Clive shooting and killing Harley Johns, only for him to be revealed to be a zombie. However, it does not seem that he was ever scratched by a zombie, leaving us to wonder how he was infected. A few scenes before, a group of reporters were discussing stories mostly relevant to the show, with the exception of one about a SARS-like virus. This could be a new zombie virus, one that is not activated until a person is killed (Think The Walking Dead). People could be infected and not even realize it, creating a whole new problem.
  • Watch the scene again. Johns' collar is pulled aside, revealing an inflamed bite mark on his collarbone.
  • Jossed. The virus was the Aleutian Flu, and the vaccine was the plan to create new zombies.

Baracus didn't control Weckler; Fillmore-Graves did.
But it was to help Baracus get into office. Think about it: Having a zombie mayor helps their cause, and by having him survive a shooting and murdering the dominatrix with video of him helps get him into office. This was even foreshadowed when Weckler's daughter had the brain tubes; she is seemingly involved with Fillmore-Graves, and they are the ones feeding her. Fillmore-Graves also seem to be a likely suspect for murdering Wally and his family, possibly to draw attention to those who oppose zombies and take them down.

In the finale, Clive or Ravi will become a zombie.
Discovery Day is coming, and Harley's transformation shows that no one is safe (we never saw him get infected). It's probably a pretty fair assumption that one of our human characters will not make it out 100% alive.
  • Clive becoming a zombie is Jossed. Ravi created a zombie vaccine and then had Liv scratch him, but we will not know the results of this until the Season 4 premiere.
  • Ravi turning zombie seems to be Jossed. The vaccine works, except that Ravi lapses into zombieism occasionally.

Major will become a zombie again.
Honestly, he works at a zombie company, as a soldier. He needs to be a zombie or he will die.
  • Confirmed. He asks Chase Graves to turn him in the last episode of the season.

     Season 4 

Who Stole The Cure?
Rob Thomas has confirmed that this question will not be answered in Season 3. So far, the possible suspects are:
  • Blaine. He has shown he is not above stealing from Liv and Ravi, and he knew the cure worked before anyone else did. He could have had his people steal it. However, he did choose to become a zombie again, and it does not seem as though he did it.
    • Confirmed: He stole them to use as leverage. Also to make a lot of money.
  • Don E. He was offered a lot of money for the cure, and this will often drive someone into theft. He also thought Blaine was faking, and thus would know to steal the cure.
  • Fillmore-Graves. Justin knew that the cure existed, learning of it before it was used on Major. He could have told his superiors and the Fillmore-Graves higher ups could have taken it. More specifically:
  • Vivian. One common theory seems to be that Vivian took the cure and faked the helicopter explosion, all to start a new human life.
  • Osborne Oates, Natalie's handler. This seems to be a common theory online. His guard saw Ravi and Major's ID's and knew that Ravi worked at the ME Office. Natalie also said she had no money, being paid in brains, but is able to somehow escape and go to France, suggesting the Oates may have paid her for information about the cure.

If Ravi's vaccine works, Clive will use it
Because then he could have a relationship with Bozzio without worrying about turning into a zombie

Or alternatively Ravi's vaccine doesn't work and he is now a zombie
In the trailer for season 4 Ravi is acting very weird and it looks like he might have a white streak in his hair.
  • Confirmed: Kind of. Once a month Ravi reverts to a zombie state. It doesn't last long.

Peyton is a zombie from taking the vaccine
Why wouldn't the people from the mayor's office be first in line for the vaccine?
  • Jossed: She is still very human as of the first episode of season 4.

Ravi's vaccine works, but was contaminated by the airborne flu.
Foreshadowed by Ravi for the flu. Zombie vaccine side effects include "insomnia," "unbearable sensitivity to the light." An insatiable need for hemoglobin?


There will be a crossover with Lucifer

This is all just one big prequel for Warm Bodies
Seriously, it all makes sense. The film is just what happens after the apocalypse. It even has that whole 'memories from brains' thing.

iZombie takes place in the same universe(s) as Fringe.
Why would the simple mixture of a drug and an energy drink cause contagious zombiism? Why would Ravi be able to create a zombie cure and a memory boost with the resources of a morgue? Because reality was rendered thin by Walter Bishop. The zombie outbreak is just another anomaly of the Pattern, just like the ones the Fringe Division used to investigate, but with Walter gone there's no one to investigate this one. Here's the kicker: Pale people who can only taste extremely spicy food and have reasons to have an adversarial relationship with humans. The zombies are actually the predecessors of the Observers. Likely over time the zombies became super intelligent due to absorbing the memories of the brains they ate, but eventually decided they were sick of also acquiring personality traits, so they eliminated that side effect, becoming devoid of emotions along the way, becoming the Observers. Also at some point they eliminated the pesky need to consume human brains... or did they? Maybe there were more reasons for the Observers to relocate to our time than just escaping their ruined and likely human-less world: billions of available brains.

Alternatively, iZombie takes place in the same universe as Santa Clarita Diet
The zombieism might be caused by either the energy drink or drug being derived from the clams that cause it in SCD. The slight differences between the two kinds of zombie might be due to interactions.


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