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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

The TV Series

Season 1

Episode 1: Pilot
  • Yes she broke his heart, but Major is one of the people present during Liv's intervention, to get her out of her funk, showing he's still concerned about her well being.
  • Ravi's treatment of Liv is an episode long crowning moment of heartwarming. He accepts Liv's undead status unconditionally, and when she explains how she became a zombie, his first thought is how hard it must be for her to have no one to confide in. He also implores her to stop thinking of herself as dead and is hard at work trying to find a cure for her condition.
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  • In a mixture of awesome and heartwarming, Peyton partially begging, partially demanding Liv to start dealing with her PTSD and get over her listlessness, cause she really needs her best friend back.
  • The mere sight of Liv snapped out of her funk and playing with children at the Hospital's Haunted House brings a smile to the faces of her brother and mother, and many viewers as well.

Episode 2: Brother, can You Spare a Brain?

  • Any moment where Liv reflects on the bright side of being undead, but especially this parting sentiment:
    Liv: There were parts of me that were dead even before I became a zombie, so maybe that means there's parts of me that can spring to life, even now that I'm dead.
  • Liv and Blaine talk about how much they miss eating and drinking normal food now that they're zombies. Sure, he turns out to be an evil bastard later, but it's kind of nice that Liv could share experiences with another zombie for the first time.

Episode 3: The Exterminator

  • Major's a shelter counsellor, one of his kids friends' goes missing from the shelter. When they talk to Liv about getting help from the police (who have done nothing for three days), the kid seems actively irritated that Liv turned Major down and half-demanding if she thought she could do better. Of course, he had no way of knowing it was because she turned into a zombie and thought she just dumped Major out of the blue, but it's nice to see that even when worried about a friend, Major inspires that kind of loyalty. Also a plus, Major immediately tells him to drop it.
  • Liv sending Marcy's necklace to her mother anonymously.
  • After being given the cold shoulder for most of the episode, it's nice to see Peyton comforting Liv with the fact that Major has moved on.
    • Then there's this ending dialogue...
    Liv: Emotions can suck sometimes... but that's what make us human.

Episode 4: Liv and let Clive

  • Major and Ravi bonding over a mutual love of RPGs and video games; Ravi had no interest in moving in with Major and even tried to drive him away at first, but the two hit it off enough for him to be willing to forgo his issues with living with others to give it a shot.
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  • Liv and Clive are starting to act like partners. That she suspected him of being dirty really upsets him, as is she when he shuts her out (to protect her).

Episode 7: Maternity Liv

  • When seems as if Lowell has lost interest in Liv, he admits that the mixed signals are from eating the brains of a gay man. Once that's cleared up, Liv enjoys an evening goofing around with her briefly Gay Best Friend.

Episode 9: Patriot Brain

  • After Liv calls him out on being a customer of Blaine's without knowing where Blaine got his victims from, Lowell goes out and gets a brain by himself, by robbing a grave. He targets a fresh burial, sitting through the funeral until its over before digging the grave back up for the brain, because as painful as it all was, at least it meant not going to Blaine. Why did he do all that? Because he loves Liv enough to go the extra mile for his brain fix.
    • Later, the two of them plan to kill Blaine to stop his cycle of kid-killing and brain harvesting; as a customer, he lures him into a trap and using the marine sniper brain she ate Liv awaits to shoot him in the head, but she can't go through with it. Despite being terrified of just distracting Blaine for the plan and earlier mentioning he's a Non-Action Guy, Lowell tells her once more he loves her before trying to do the plan himself, for her. He gets a bullet to the head for it, and she's forced to watch.

Episode 10:Mr. Berserk

  • Ravi comforting Liv over the events of the previous night.
  • Liv is at the bottom of a bottle. The Bartender does his job and cuts her off after she drinks a truly astonishing amount of alcohol. He asks her who he has to call to come pick her up. The guy she has him call; Major—the man whose heart she broke, and is going through some pretty tough times himself (not the least of which is an up and coming stay at a mental hospital). He takes her home, literally tucks her into bed, and spends the rest of the night consoling her until she falls asleep. Up until that point, there really wasn't a lot of screen time between Major and Liv—and it really drives home the fact that despite their mutually failed attempts to get over the other, they both are still very much in love.

Episode 11: Astroburger

  • Liv finally tells Major the whole truth, even about being a zombie. He thinks she making fun of him at first, but he quickly shows himself to be the epitome of an Understanding Boyfriend, and they hug it out. Then by the end of the episode, it all goes sour. Liv's talk with Major was just a delusion from the schizophrenic brains she ate. Major has learned about zombies via his own investigation, and he has sworn to exterminate them all. Oh, Crap!.

Episode 13:Blain's World

  • It's a major Tear Jerker yes, but when Major is dying and Liv is frantically trying to stop his bleeding, he stops her, takes her hand and merely asks her to be with him in his final moments.

Season 2

Episode 3: Real Dead Housewife of Seattle
  • Liv returns home to find a birthday cake for her in the fridge. When she asks Gilda where it came from, she answers that someone came by and left it for... and Gilda's description of them matches Peyton.

Episode 4: Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues

  • Peyton coming back and making up with Liv. While she is mad her best friend didn't tell her she's now a zombie, Peyton put herself in Liv's shoes and realized that after giving up surgery and Major, the last thing she needs is her best friend walking out on her.
  • Major hitting rock bottom and deciding to no longer shut Liv out and take responsibility for his actions counts as a huge one.
  • Ravi comes to see Liv at a singer/songwriter night at a local bar.

Episode 5:Love & Basketball

  • Major spends the episode getting his act together. Liv motivates him into taking the position of replacement coach for a kids’ basketball team, something he is a natural at and enjoys. By the end of the episode, he seals the deal by flushing his Utopium.
    • What's more is that he wants to get back together with Liv, risks of zombie-ism infection be damned. For the first time since learning about her condition, Major is seeing Liv for who she really is again.

Episode 19:Salvation Army

  • Drake comforting and keeping the other zombies' spirits up, while they are being subjected to Max Rager's experiments.
  • Major sincerely thanking Clive for all he has done for him, and everything it cost Clive, with Clive merely responding to do something with the second chance he's given him.

Season 3

Episode 13: "Looking For Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2"
  • After Agent Dale Bozzio is subjected to a hefty Trauma Conga Line where she finds out about, and later becomes, a zombie. There is a scene in the episode where Clive is happily dyeing her hair.
  • Liv and Ravi sharing "I love yous" as friends before Liv scratches Ravi to test his vaccine.

Season 4

Episode 2: "Blue Bloody"
  • True, it's part of his nutso religious cult racket but there's still something endearing in how Angus finds an adorable zombie girl offering money for brains. After calling her "the most beautiful girl in the world," Angus gives her brains for free and tosses more to some other kids.
Episode 4: "Brainless in Seattle, Part 2"
  • Liv dancing with her friends after the realisation that she doesn't need a guy when she has them.
Episode 6: My Really Fair Lady
  • Peyton wants to find a lost dog to help a boy who already lost his dad in a bus crash. Liv volunteers to eat the brain of someone but Ravi points out the guy was a heroin addict and Peyton decides she can't put Liv through that. So Ravi does it himself.
    • Peyton is moved by this to see Ravi later and they finally have the Big Damn Kiss.
  • Liv infecting various terminally-ill people, knowing the risk but doing it anyway.
Episode 13: And He Shall Be a Good Man
  • Inspired by Levon’s documentary as well as Liv’s actions. A mob of both zombies and humans rush to save them from execution. Even zombies like Johnny Frost can be seen trying to save them both.
    • When the time of the execution is changed from noon to 9 am, Peyton interrupts Johnny Frost on air to rally protesters against Filmore Graves. Johnny responds by asking if he can ride with Peyton and Ravi to the protest.
  • Major talking to Liv after Levon's death. He has sympathy for her loss, but doesn't regret trying his best to keep her alive.
    "He'd still be alive if you hadn't kidnapped me."
    "I know. But you'd be dead."
  • Dale and Clive's wedding.
  • Liv giving up her chance for a cure so Dale and Clive can have kids.
  • Liv decides to give up being Renegade after all the trauma she's been involved with, until she emerges from the motel room to find a crowd of humans and zombies giving her a hero's welcome. Turns out the documentary uploaded to the internet made her a local hero.

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