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As a Fridge subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Brilliance
  • Liv's determination to solve the murders of the people she feeds from is more than just her wanting to help people. It can also be interpreted as a form of Due to the Dead: She's relying on these corpses for her sustenance, so she figures that the least she can do is get justice against their murderers. Even if Liv didn't feel that way herself, the victims probably would want their killers to be brought to justice and, having their memories, that feeling passes on to Liv.
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  • Zombies only being able to taste spicy food makes a lot of sense. We don't have taste buds for spice like we do sweet, sour, bitter and umami. Spice is a pain sensation and we know zombies can feel pain.
  • Vaughn du Clark claims his scientists engineered the zombie factor out of SuperMax. Salivation Army establishes that, if anything, they made it worse. Why? Because they didn't know that the Utopium from the boat party was cut with something! They tested SuperMax with street Utopium, and when the test subject didn't zombify, they declared it safe.
  • Several of the meals Liv prepares seem to befit the victim's personalities, as in something that resembles their jobs, personalities or something that they seem like they would eat.
    • Cheerleader Brain, the brain of an upbeat friendly high school girl, was mixed with Chocolate Milk.
    • Frat Bro Brain, the brain of a Jerk Jock who would spend his life partying and playing pranks, was eaten in the form of a greesy plate of nachos.
    • The brain of a TV Actor is eaten with a TV Dinner Set
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    • Positivity Brain, the brain of coffee shop owner, was used in a nut bread that accompanied Liv's coffee.
    • Guru Brain, the brain of a meditation instructor, was eaten in the form of a relaxing chai latte.
    • The brain of a woman addicted to gossip is eaten with a can of beans. Literally, the meal was spilling the beans.
    • The Hot Mess Brain, the brain of a self-absorbed ditzy DJ who could barely live like an adult, was eaten with a bunch of leftovers put together from the fridge.
    • The Preschool Teacher Brain, was eaten with a PB&J sandwich without crust.
    • The Daredevil Brain, the brain of a Hot-Blooded and intense stunt man that lived intensely, had his brain fried and then filled with spicy powder due to the shaker breaking and pouring spice over it.
    • The last Victim of the Week of season 3, Katty Kupps is eaten in the form of a Kuppcake.
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    • The brain of a Rich Bitch is used as garnish in a martini. A martini was even what she was drinking at the time of her murder.
  • Liv shows some character development in the second season finale. At the end of the first season, she scratched Major to save him, which he is upset about. At the end of the second season, when she, Major, and Clive are stuck in Max Rager, she offers to scratch Clive to save his life, but leaves it up to him. She learned her lesson the first time and checks to see if the person really wants to be a zombie.
Fridge Logic
  • When Lowell ate the brain of a gay man, it turned him seriously gay. Liv has eaten the brains of any number of straight men without being effected. Liv is totally nonbinary and pansexual.

  • On the headscratchers page.

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