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Trivia / Fushigi Yuugi

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  • Fan Nickname: Mayo, the protagonist of Eikouden, has been dubbed as "Mayonnaise" by the fans.
  • Creator's Favorite: Yuu Watase herself confessed that Nagako is her favourite character and tended to favor him because of it.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Hey, Tasuki is Cosmo!
  • You Look Familiar: Hotohori's wife Houki is the spitting image of Nuriko, to the point that the heroes scream and freak out when they see her. Sort of ironic considering Hotohori had spent most of the series apparently madly in love with Miaka.
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  • Word of Gay: Yuu Watase has no problem acknowledging and teasing the Tamahome/Nakago Foe Yay.


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