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Narm / Fushigi Yuugi

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  • The anime did this a lot, especially in the english dub, where Tamahome is voiced by Solid Snake and Tasuki is Cosmo. But even in the Japanese version of the second OAV, there's a massive one that either falls here or in Narm Charm: The death of Hikou. What should have been - and up to a point, WAS - a serious, heartbreaking scene, was immediately ruined by the sound-effect they used to depict him turning into water and breaking apart. It completely broke some people out of the sadness of the scene, made me laugh... and more than one thought "oh, I shouldn't be laughing, should I?" Taka and Tasuki's reaction to Chichiri's Let's Get Dangerous! moment in that episode cracks one up every time as well:
    Taka: That's... wow.
    Tasuki: No shit, man!
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  • The very beautiful and heartbreaking scene where Tatara and Suzuno are Together in Death gets kinda ruined by how Off-Model the exact shot depicting their embrace is. Not to mention, Keisuke should've probably kept his mouth shut instead of starting to melodramatically cry about how happy they were; his seiyuu tried to make him sound like he was completely overwhelmed by his emotions (with good reason, technically speaking), but it didn't exactly work as planned.
  • Eikoden had many notoriously bad moments, but the scene where Taka's wandering around in the Universe of the Four Gods and his CELL PHONE rings is truly hilarious for all the wrong reasons.

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