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Yui is killed by Light Yagami.
Light has somehow opened the book in episode 12 and when he does, he sees Yui becoming bad. Because of that, he will kill her, knowing that she will cause his New World to an end. However, he decided to wait until she is out of the book.

By the time Yui is out of the book, Light will make an attempt to kill her, but has decided to wait until he finds proof that she is bad. When he saw her sending Suboshi after Miaka, Light has begin writing in the Death Note her name and the details that is going to happen in episode 50.

  • How does that work, though? Remember, when Miaka and Yui enter the book, it's early in The '90s. At that point, Light was a toddler (if following the anime timeline) or a preschooler (if following the manga timeline), and did not pick up the Death Note until late in his teens. By which time, of course, the events of FY are long since over and done with.

The Byakko series, assuming it gets created, will be Lighter and Softer than both previous FY series
Yuu Watase has said that if she does a Byakko series, it would be a completely different beast from both FY and FY:GK, and what we've seen of Tatara, Subaru, and Tokaki, the series seems more set up to be a romance/comedy. At least to me.
  • This will lead to a sudden Mood Whiplash, though, with Suzuno's and Tatara's parting.

This personality is created after being raped. It becomes evil because of Nakago convincing her. Therefore, for the entire time, the bad personality takes over completely while the good personality, the real one, tries to get her body back since she knew Miaka didn't betray her.

In episode 50, the real personality finally took over, and uses the final wish in order to take the dark personality with her. Therefore, when she's returned in the next episode, it is assumed that the latter is no more.

Chichiri is a Time Lord.
His hat is his TARDIS.

Taiitsukun is a Time Lord.
Mt. Taikyoku is her TARDIS, and Chichiri is her Companion.

Fushigi Yuugi is a book created from Kingdom Hearts.
Destined to be The Messiah? Check. Own best friend works for the dark side just to get the hero's love interest? Check. It's pretty much of it.

The warriors falling in love with their priestess is intentional on the god's part
Basically it's the idea behind the Sacred Band, the warriors falling in love with their priestess ensures they'll do anything to protect her, up to a willingness to die for her. The gods play a mean Batman Gambit.

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