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Juggernauts in fan works.

  • The Bridge:
    • Destroyah retains a great deal of her power in pony form, so only someone as powerful as Princess Celestia even has a chance of slowing her down. The author even mentions this trope by name when describing her.
    • Princess Celestia herself is one. When she is angry, no amount of telekinesis, walls of crystal, or brute strength can get her to stop.
  • Equestria Divided: House Earthborn has the Juggernauts unit, which is equipped with heavy armor and trained to trample and gore opponents with their huge, spiky armor.
  • Hellsister Trilogy has Darkseid. You need Kryptonian-level Super Strength to tangle with him, and even so your best punch will barely get him dazed. He can't be hurt or defeated by anybody except for his own son Orion.
  • The Homebrew chapter of Space Marines known as the Obstinate Marines has the battle tactic of "drop an army with a rolling factory and armor support, then run over every obstacle in their way while they obtain a objective". Literally. They are equipped with Power Feet to allow them to walk through tanks, armor that is literally bolted on with time (even with their vehicles; anything they crash into will simply be bolted on as additional plate), and a single mindedness that makes a zombie seem flexible. And they never stop moving, for any reason. Once you sign up, you must not stop moving forwards until you're dead.
  • Jaune Arc, Lord of Hunger: The terentatek that nearly kills Jaune during his class field trip to Forever Fall. It's an Ax-Crazy Bioweapon Beast with an absurd level of Super Strength that makes it capable of instantly killing nearly anyone in a single blow. If that wasn't bad enough, it has an armored hide that makes it impervious to most forms of physical damage. In addition, the creature possesses a natural immunity to the Force that renders magic and Force-based attacks all but useless. Once it detects Jaune's Force-sensitivity, it immediately zeroes in on his location and relentlessly pursues him while ripping apart anything foolish enough to get in its way. The majority of its battle consists of the terentatek shrugging off everything that heroes desperately try to throw at it. It even survives getting riddled by a 20mm chain gun firing hundreds of Dust rounds per second and being blown up by a barrage of high-yield missiles.
  • Knights of the Realm has Flames of Annihilation. Once a Knight of the Realm herself, the combination of her incredibly powerful fire magic, so powerful it effectively incarnates the concept of destruction (meaning that coming too close without special protection is dangerous even if one can resist the heat) and also working as a defense by destroying enemy attacks, formidable healing magic she automatically uses on herself if someone somehow manages to harm her, the magic reserves to feed her powers, and having altered her mind until only thoughts of fighting and the destruction of Celestia and Luna remained, made her so powerful the other Knights of her generation died to seal her away. When she breaks out and starts marching toward Canterlot, the present Knights repeatedly face her on terrains specifically chosen and prepared for the fight, with Celestia and Luna keeping Flames of Annihilation at 80% of her powers... And in the first encounter don't even slow her down. Or get noticed, for that matter. They fare progressively better in the following encounters thanks to taking advantage of what they've learned fighting her, but they almost kill themselves through sheer exhaustion and she stands back up after suffering the destruction of her heart, something a magic user cannot possibly survive. And getting her attention can be lethal. Then, when Flames of Annihilation went all out and broke the suppression on her power, we have what stopped her: Pinkie Pie finally getting the hang of her Emotion Charge and focusing on anger, before bulldozing right through her flames in spite of losing a foreleg and a back leg and stopping her in her tracks with a punch, followed by a flurry of chaos magic-infused punches, that doubled when her legs regenerated, until Flames of Annihilation just turned into dust, shrugging off Flames' heat as she attacked. As a reviewer put it:
    "I get the impression that if one were to use a small nuke at her while she's at full power she'd burn the explosion?"
  • Megami no Hanabira: The Archangels are all this by default, but Uriel is this even by their standards, being the Mighty Glacier of the quartet who can snuff out attacks by screaming loud enough, and simply tank anything that does get through. It takes sneaking past him and killing his Tamer to put him down.
  • Origin Story: In Chapter 23, "Look! Up in the Sky!", Alex Harris encounters the Juggernaut himself. Using her full strength she is able to hold him motionless for ten whole seconds... then his power (described as "once in motion, he stays in motion") overcomes her and she's pushed backward. She's also able to stop him by flying into him at Mach 10. It results in Alex laying dazed at the Juggernaut's feet while he wonders how the hell he got that huge dent in the armor over his chest. She eventually defeats him by using his power against him; she attacks him from behind while he is moving forward, resulting in him hurtling across the land unable to stop himself. She then catches up to him and redirects his momentum upward, sending him into orbit.
  • Poke Battles: Doompuff, the Evil Rabid Jigglypuff of Doom, and its many spinoffs.
  • Pony POV Series: There are two characters fitting this trope:
    • The first is Professor Kabuto's One-Winged Angel form, a gigantic insectoid beast. Misfit Actual, one of Equestria's best squads armed with explosives and a Gifted Pegasus capable of generating massive amounts of lightning, can't pierce his armor and can only try not to die. It takes a good Changeling stealing his transformation formula (which would likely kill her) to go One-Winged Angel as well to pierce his armor to let an antidote to said formula be injected into him.
    • General Hercules Beetle, Chrysalis' second in command, is this by pure determination. While he has some Instant Armor on his forelegs that can block most attacks, what makes him this trope is he simply won't stay down no matter what he's hit with and strong enough to match an Earth Pony in strength (which by far makes him the most physically powerful Changeling alive next to the Queen herself). Being buried by a wall collapsing on his head is just a minor inconvenience. And that's before he goes One-Winged Angel and gains the Instant Armor over his entire body. In the end it takes the aforementioned Misfit Actual, a group of Gifted Unicorns, a Kaiju sized Familiar, and some other allies hammering away at the same place on his body for several paragraph's straight, ending with 'all of them attacking him with their strongest attacks all at once to finally break his armor and dispelled his transformation, and even then he still doesn't stop until he's completely incapable of moving let alone fighting.
  • Pro Hero Metal Bat:
    • Izuku's fighting style involves tanking hits and hitting back. Even injured by the zero-pointer, he gets back on his feet. Later, during the USJ, he gets a chunk of his scalp torn off after being launched into a tree and still takes down three villains and helps Mirio fight the Nomu.
    • After finally reaching his limit and passing out thanks to the Nomu punching him as hard as it can in the face, which tears part of it off, Izuku regains consciousness within a few seconds of Recovery Girl healing him. He has to be held down and calmed by three classmates to stop from trying to fight again.
  • Scoob and Shag: Foghorn can change the density of his body while allowing him to keep full control of his movements. The result is a rooster who hits hard, doesn't take much damage in return, and is very hard to slow down.
  • This Time Round: In the 2002 Adric Awards Ceremony, Shub-Barneyrath advances through a barrage of machine-gun fire, energy weapons, cheap Albanian wine, and Nitro-9. Fortunately Bagpuss has what it takes to defeat the monster.

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