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Being a show focused on otaku, Oreimo has tons of these:

  • In the initial shots of Kirino's closet, a DVD box set of "Sis×Sis" can be seen, referring to kiss×sis.
  • The preload screen for the otaku website is of two characters from NekoSis, another work by the same author and artist.
  • Bajeena... really, Saori?
    "It's not even funny as a joke. Call yourself Psyco Gundam or Big Zam from now on."
  • That clip from Maschera we're shown features some guy who looks like a cross between Hei and Lelouch (who is apparently called Lushi). The mask he was wearing is reminiscent of the mask worn by the masked men/the Liese twins in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's.
  • Yamanashi Ganma? As in Kisaragi Gunma? Or am I mistaken?
  • And the named company Alice+ is a possible portmanteau of Alicesoft and Nitroplus.
  • "Siscalypse" carries a few Lyrical Nanoha references, notably the magic circles and "Stand by, ready."
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  • "Just as planned."
  • Kate/Starry Night
  • Kyosuke references the Rance series of games when he told Manami that he'd show her his Hyper Weapon.
  • While singing along to the opening song to Stardust Witch Meruru, Kirino does Ranka Lee's "Kira☆!" gesture twice. This is possibly also a nod (and maybe a subtle hint about how Kirino truly feels) to Kyousuke's voice actor having played Ranka's love interest in that show.
    • Additionally, in the second novel, one person calls himself "Skull Leader", commanding people such as "Skull 2 and 3", and "Pixie Squadron". The novels describe him as having long hair tied in the back, just like Ozma Lre.
  • In the manga, Misaka Imouto makes an appearance.
  • The opening title sequence mimics the typical style of eroge openings, particularly when introducing the main characters (this is usually done with the names of their voice actors as well) ...Or So I Heard.
  • The Show Within a Show Meruru is clearly a Shout-Out to Lyrical Nanoha, complete with her voice actress and the wave motion guns. It also takes a lot from Heartcatch Pretty Cure, as the girls in their normal wear take after Tsubomi and Erika, and the opening parodies the scene in the Heartcatch opening where they are walking to school and talking.
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  • When Kyosuke gets lamped by Ayase in episode 10, he spins through the air in the same way as Taichi does in CROSS†CHANNEL and Nanaca Crash.
  • The two games that Kirino wants Kyousuke to buy in episode 12 are Parody Names of actual H-games already in the market, namely as "3D Custom Imouto" being a one-word swap of 3D Custom Girl and "I'd never steal something like Onii-chan's pantsu" (three guesses).
  • In Episode 12, when Kyousuke finished talking to Saori, she said Nyoro~n
  • During episode 5, when Ayase is having a... freakout... she yells over and over about lies, and how she hates lying. The next day, what flashes on the screen for a moment? A cicada.
  • Sena "Mystic Eyes" apparently have mystic eyes that can see the death of anything digital. When she takes off her glass, they are as good as dead. No...deader than dead.
  • A poster in the games clubroom says "Rosen Jungfrau". ''Jungfrau'' just happens to mean "maiden" in German...
  • There are games called "Imouto 2", SistASist and "Final Sister IV" in Kirino's closet, which reference Mother 2, LiveALive and Final Fantasy. There's also the consoles' names, like Super Siscom (Super Famicom) and Mintendu CS (Nintendo DS). And that's not even getting into the ones written in Japanese, like Super Mario Sisters and Sister Densetsu 2.
  • From the first DVD commentary of the Vol. 7 BD is this little gem:
    Kyousuke (as Lucifer from Maschera): I don't see anything wrong with the mascot character turning into the villain halfway through the show. It's a common trend these days.
    *cut to a thought bubble showing Kyubey*
  • The Games Research Club room in episode 13 has copies of hobbyist boardgames Stronghold and El Grande on the shelves.
  • The game that Kirino plays in the second episode of Season 2, Love Touch is a parody of Love Plus. To further add to the reference they got Saori Hayami (who voices Ayase) to play the game's heroine, Ayaka - an expy of Love Plus' Manaka, whom Hayamin also voiced.
  • Another one from season 2, episode 1: A game that Kirino plays after giving Kyousuke "Love Touch" is played with a controller, and a lookalike of Kagamine Rin is shown dancing on the screen.
  • When Kirino takes Ria to Akihabara in Episode 4 of Season 2, there's a brief close-up of a cabinet filled with Sword Art Online figures.
  • In the second anime series there is a Gal*Gun poster on the wall of the clubroom.
  • The image of Kyousuke taking Kirino on the back of a bicycle while she wears a frilly dress was eerily reminiscient of how Haruka would take Sora in Yosuga no Sora.
  • A couple minutes into the sixth episode of season two, Kouki Mikagami's shop at Comiket has two familiar-looking drill earrings.
  • Episode 14 of Season 2 has posters of Koihime†Musou and its remake Shin Koihime Musō in the same location.

Alternative Title(s): Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai


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