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  • Acting for Two: Three examples during the series:
    • Kana Hanazawa voices both Kuroneko and her middle sister Hinata.
    • Yukari Tamura voices Kanako and the fictional character Meruru, who Kanako later cosplays as.
    • Saori Hayami voices Ayase, and in the second season, she also voices Ayaka Fujisaki, the main heroine of a game which Kirino becomes addicted (this is intentional, since the character resembles Ayase and Kyousuke later uses this to make Ayase understand the game more to repair her relationship with Kirino).
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  • Defictionalization: Rejoice, fellow siscons!! Siscalypse the naked-loli fighting game featured in the series is gonna be made into an actual game in Real Life; albeit a 2D fighting game rather than a 3D one.
  • Doing It for the Art:
    • In several episodes a screen can be seen playing an anime in the background, and yes, the studio animated clips for each and every one of them, as equally full and detailed as Oreimo! The animation actually looks a little bit better than the rest of the anime, and there are some really nice special effects you wouldn't expect from a Rom Com anime.
    • Also, all the Show Within a Show anime series seem to have fully developed casts, backstories, and plots which show up in the DVD animated commentaries. It's surreal.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Brousuke." With good reason, too.
    • "Moenami"
    • Fan Translators have nicknamed the manga "Delicious Thighs".
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    • The series' name has been shortened to Oreimo. As this link would indicate, the tropers have noticed.
    • The denizens of Japan's Pixiv art site dubbed Kuroneko's little sister Tamaki "Kurokoneko", "Koneko" being "Kitten" in Japanese.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The ANN version of episode 1 was this for a short time.
  • Playing Against Type: After a decade of playing emotionally-reserved and dead-serious warriors like Kanu Unchou of Ikki Tousen, Hitomi Nabatame finally sinks her teeth into a bright and upbeat role like Saori.
  • Reality Subtext: The author of Oreimo turned down the first offer to have the Light Novel animated. This experience seems to have been the basis for the anime original plot of episode 8.
  • Talking To Herself:
    • Taken to massive levels of meta in the DVD commentaries, where Kirino interviews her voice actress on how it was like to voice herself.
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    • In-Universe, Kana Hanazawa gives voice to both Kuroneko and her middle sister Hinata. In the 8th episode of the second season, both Kuroneko and her sister interact between themselves, leading to a funny scene where Kuroneko punishes Hinata for bothering her when Kyousuke visits her home. One can see that Hanazawa had her fun while voicing the scene.
  • Teasing Creator: It's a good idea to keep this in mind when one novel seems to end in a certain way.


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