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Recap / Littlest Pet Shop 2012 S 3 E 13 The Secret Recipe

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"Buttercream was right! Those were anything but a treat!"

Written by Julie McNally Cahill & Tim Cahill

It's Young Entrepreneurs Week in Ms. Amster's class, and Youngmee is the last student to present an idea in front of the class. Her project is Youngmee's Tasty Pet Treats, and her pitch compels Ms. Anster so much that she suggests for Youngmee to turn it into an actual product.

Back at the Littlest Pet Shop, Buttercream comes scrambling from the hole connecting the two stores and claims to Blythe that she's being poisoned, then collapses on the floor. Though Blythe is initially shocked, Buttercream gets back up and says that she's only kidding but that Youngmee's pet treats taste just as terrible. As Blythe tries to explain to the Littlest Pet Shop pets what's going on, Buttercream makes it abundantly clear that the treats don't taste as good as Youngmee claims they are. Nevertheless, Blythe judges from what Buttercream has said that Youngmee really wants to make it into an actual product and heads to Sweet Delights to see for herself, though Buttercream requests of Blythe not to make mention of Buttercream hiding in the hydrant in the corner.


As Blythe walks into Sweet Delights, she sees Youngmee making two trays of her treats, and Youngmee excitedly tells Blythe to let the Littlest Pet Shop pets sample them too. Knowing what Youngmee is up to, Blythe returns to the Littlest Pet Shop and announces that Youngmee is coming. Buttercream continues to hide while Blythe tells the remaining pets to put on a positive air, even if they don't like Youngmee's cooking, because Blythe wants to support Youngmee. Zoe interprets these instructions as acting, which gets her stoked. Blythe finds Buttercream still in the hydrant and tells her to not make a sound until it's over, and Youngmee walks into the day camp, handing each pet a treat. They each eat their treats whole and keep them in their mouths, smiling, until Blythe escorts Youngmee out of the room, persuading her against giving them seconds. As soon as Youngmee is out of sight, all of the pets spit their treats back out, unanimously considering the pet treats as terrible.


Blythe and Youngmee sit on a bench with beverages in front of Sweet Delights. Youngmee is convinced her treats are so good, she'll take them to The Bear Cave, a Reality TV show where judges brutally criticize contestants' product pitches, convinced that Buttercream's perceived enjoyment will impress even these judges. Youngmee goes off to prepare her pitch, while Blythe returns to the Littlest Pet Shop to relay the bad news to the pets, with Buttercream fainting. Vinnie suggests to eat the treats again, then show their honest reactions to give Youngmee second thoughts about going to the show. To that end, Blythe brings Youngmee back to the Littlest Pet Shop for a second go-around, and the pets honestly express their disdain for the treats by spitting them out in front of the girls. Youngmee, however, interprets it all as the result of forgetting to add the cardamom to the mixture, only fueling her excitement further. Blythe learns that Youngmee will be on The Bear Cave's set the following day, that she has no more time to test (but is still convinced her treats are great), and has added Buttercream to the treats' logo and name, as Buttercream Bunny's Pet Bites, to Buttercream's frustration.

Blythe sits in the armchair, wondering what to do. Discussing it with Russell, she runs out of options except to confess to Youngmee that she can converse with animals. While Blythe initially fears rejection for being so strange, Zoe reassures Blythe that a real friend like Youngmee would never think any less of Blythe for saying so. Taking a moment to reflect via a musical number, Blythe makes up her mind and goes to Sweet Delights. Once there, however, Blythe starts tripping on her words and is once again terrified of admitting she can speak to animals. Instead, Blythe suggests to not take Buttercream along, which causes Youngmee to get suspicious. Blythe then suggests Zoe due to her acting skills, but Youngmee takes offense and leaves the store, leaving a frustrated Blythe by herself, though Blythe gets the idea to make her own, good-tasting pet treat.

Back at her apartment, Blythe creates a new batch of pet treats based on input from Buttercream. With Buttercream's approving of its taste, Blythe intends to sneak a few of her treats in amongst Youngmee's for the following day. As she switches out a few of the treats before Sweet Delights opens, Youngmee comes walking in through the front door. Demanding to know why Blythe has been tampering with Youngmee's treats, Youngmee loses her trust in Blythe, picks up Buttercream, and heads to the studio herself, though Blythe is able to throw her bag of snacks to Buttercream before Youngmee leaves.

Once at the studio, Youngmee notices Buttercream hiding something behind her back. She snatches it from Buttercream and discovers they're Blythe's treats, flabbergasted that Blythe is seemingly relentlessly trying to sabotage her, and puts them in her left pants pocket. Shooting begins, and once the P.A. announcers it's Youngmee's turn, she marches undeterred onto the set and pitches her product. She hands a treat over to Buttercream, who is hesitant to eat it. Buttercream takes a nibble anyway but cannot stand it. Confused, Youngmee decides to try giving Buttercream one of Blythe's instead, which Buttercream devours. The confusion turns to concern as she realizes Buttercream prefers Blythe's treats. Nevertheless, Youngmee improvises the last leg of her pitch, stating that she received help from a friend. The judges are impressed, not so much that they will back her project, but enough to acknowledge her talents and return when she's older.

With her pitch over, Christie suggests to sell Buttercream Bunny's Pet Bites in Sweet Delights. Youngmee, still down that she realizes her treats were that bad, prefers not to, but Blythe steps in to say it would be a good idea. With Christie having walked away, Youngmee tells Blythe that Blythe seems uncannily good at understanding animals and feels inadequate by comparison. It is at this moment that Blythe admits that she can converse with animals. Youngmee looks around and sees the animals nodding in agreement, including Buttercream. Recalling events with Blythe where she said suspicious things, she mentally pieces it all together and realizes it all makes sense with that revelation. Blythe asks if Youngmee thinks it's strange, but Youngmee is elated to have found out. The pets start making noises, which Blythe translates that they're happy Blythe and Youngmee are friends again. When Youngmee asks if they want more treats, however, they all dart out of the room, with Youngmee joking that she doesn't need to know what they're saying to understand what they mean.

This episode contains examples of (YMMV entries go here):

  • Bad "Bad Acting": Youngmee having to recite descriptions of her treats. The classmates in the Cold Open misinterpret it as comedy.
  • Big Eater: Subverted with Penny Ling this time—even she cannot eat Youngmee's treats. That being said, Penny was shown to dislike stinky tofu. However, she eats all of Zoe's popcorn during "My Biggest Secret" in one bite.
  • Brutal Honesty: Blythe desperately tries to explain to the pets to look positive even if they don't like the treats. Pepper immediately figures Blythe wants them to lie, but she points it out gleefully.
  • Completely Missing the Point: When Youngmee first sees the pets disliking her treats, Youngmee figures it's because of the cardamom she forgot. That being said, cardamom is a very strong spice, and even a pinch will substantially affect the taste of food.
  • Conspicuous CG: The cart Youngmee wheels onto the set in Act 3 is cel-shaded CGI.
  • Continuity Cavalcade: Subverted in "My Biggest Secret." The montage of scenes between Blythe and Youngmee are all new footage. A real one does happen at the end of the episode though, with clips from "Tongue Tied," "The Expo Factor, Part 2," "The Expo Factor, Part 1," "Stand-Up Stinker," "Commercial Success," "Sweet (Truck) Ride," and "Blythe's Big Adventure, Part 2."
  • Continuity Nod: Blythe pulls out her guitar and sings. A very rarely seen ability of Blythe's, she was shown to own a guitar in "Blythe's Big Adventure, Part 1."
    • The front of the studio has banners displaying a host from each of the reality TV shows shown thus far in the series. From left to right, they are Riley Robinson from Treasure Hunters, Karina Ivanov from Shake a Leg, an unnamed judge from The Bear Cave, and Christopher Lyedecker from Terriers & Tiaras. Littlest Pet Shop has a decidedly pessimistic stance on reality television: The Bear Cave, whose entertainment value seems based on mocking the participants, is the most positive one seen yet, though still decidedly parodic in nature.
    • The head judge of The Bear Cave describes the pet food industry as "dog-eat-dog," which Finola also did in "Pawlm Reading."
  • Cordon Bleugh Chef: Youngmee is great with desserts for humans, but she cannot translate her cooking skills to pet treats at all.
  • Dumbass Has a Point: Even Vinnie realizes there's nothing good that can happen from withholding the truth forever about Youngmee's pet treats.
  • Everybody Laughs Ending
  • Foreshadowing: Youngmee's presentation in class has her use a rabbit puppet, rather than Buttercream, who seems to be allowed in class at any time. This would hint at Buttercream's dislike of Youngmee's treats.
  • Freudian Slip/Verbal Backspace: Blythe lets out numerous such slips in this episode about the animals' disapproval of Youngmee's treats, always followed by quick self-revising of her words. Youngmee at first is oblivious (or lets them slide), but she becomes aware of them later.
    Blythe: I'll go warn them. I mean...I'll make sure they're ready for you!
    Youngmee: Okay!
  • Funny Background Event: After Youngmee finishes her presentation at school, the view cuts to an overview as the whole class applauds...except the Bisket Twins who just scowl and scare annoyingly.
  • Giftedly Bad: For most of the episode, Youngmee is unaware that her treats are bad at all, as the pets try to fake their displeasure. Youngmee also gets rather defensive when Blythe tries to even hint otherwise.
  • Gone Horribly Right: Blythe inadvertently sent Youngmee on a potentially disastrous life decision in an attempt to support her.
  • Idiosyncratic Wipes: A large image of Buttercream's peppermint candy goes across the screen in Act 1.
    • A pile of Youngmee's treats fall later during Act 1.
  • I Warned You: Buttercream is quick to say "I told you so" when she sees the other pets hating the treats.
  • Large Ham: Buttercream fakes dying to illustrate to Blythe and the others about Youngmee's treats.
  • Mid-Season Twist: Blythe's ability to talk to animals is no longer a complete secret in this episode, right in the middle of Season 3.
  • Noodle Incident: When Blythe was at Sweet Delights in Act 1, Vinnie was recalling an anecdote about rain boots. We only hear the last sentence.
  • Oh, Crap!: When Blythe sees how carried away Youngmee becomes with her baked pet treats when Blythe first walks into Sweet Delights.
  • Recurring Extra: The P.A. seen in all previous episodes involving film and television appears here too. It makes sense, as a large portion of shows covered in previous episodes seem to all be shot in the same studio in Hollywood.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Buttercream announces her departure when she finds out Youngmee is coming. In actuality, she just hides further into the hydrant and makes herself scarce to Blythe too.
  • Selective Obliviousness: Youngmee has convinced herself that her pet treats are the bee's knees. She will believe anything that remotely looks like animals enjoying their food but becomes hostile if the treats are negatively criticized in any way.
  • Shout-Out: Buttercream's melodramatic collapse after claiming she's been poisoned is similar to the way Bugs Bunny would play dead.
  • Snowball Lie: Blythe attempts a white lie for Youngmee to keep her happy, but Youngmee takes it so far that Blythe finds it impossible to stop.
  • Spit Take: Blythe, when she hears Youngmee will test her pet treats with the judges on The Bear Cave.
  • Squee!: Youngmee and Blythe when Ms. Amster encourages Youngmee to try selling the treats.
    • Youngmee in Act 2 when giddilly explaining her product's name change to Blythe.
  • Tastes Like Purple: Buttercream's description of Youngmee's treats compares it to dying.
  • Unusual Euphemism: Dishonesty towards Youngmee is described as "stretching the truth" by Blythe and an "acting exercise" by Zoe.
  • The Voiceless: The Bisket Twins do not speak and are only seen as a cameo in the prologue.
  • Wham Episode: Blythe's secret, that she can talk to animals, has been leaked to at least one individual.


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