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Recap / Littlest Pet Shop 2012 S 3 E 14 Winter Wonder Wha

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Written by Merriwether Williams

At the Biskit Manor during a snowy winter day, Fisher Biskit is reading the newspaper by a fireplace when his daughters Whittany and Brittany burst into the room, angrily walking up to Fisher. Whittany snatches Fisher's paper from his hand, and Brittany brings him a long sheet of paper, Whittany explaining to a perplexed Fisher that it's their wishlist for the holidays, containing hundreds of entries, and that they expect Fisher to provide all of these gifts for them. Annoyed, Fisher moves over to the fireplace and explains to the girls that he never received more than one or two presents at a time, which gets the girls laughing. Seeing Whittany and Brittany clearly unconvinced, Fisher withholds giving any presents whatsoever to them until they can prove to him that they are capable of giving back to at least one person. When Fisher leaves the room, Whittany immediately chooses Blythe as the recipient, as they both see her as the most charitable person they know.


Blythe, at the Littlest Pet Shop, announces to everyone that she'll take Zoe out for a walk. As Blythe leaves, Mrs. Twombly goes to the day camp and introduces a guest pet: A penguin from the South Pole named Parker. Parker emerges timidly from his pet carrier as Mrs. Twombly makes reference to her sister in Antarctica, oblivious to Parker's unhappiness. When Mrs. Twombly leaves the pets to themselves, Pepper steps up to try to welcome Parker to the Littlest Pet Shop and starts pouring out puns related to ice and snow. After a few seconds, however, Parker walks away and gazes longingly outside. telling the other pets that the winter weather reminds him of home. When Penny Ling mentions that Parker is homesick, Pepper, deciding laughter is the best medicine, tries more jokes, but it has no effect on Parker. Pepper thinks out loud about dreading having to perform for a crowd of penguins, which gives Penny an idea.


As Blythe and Zoe walk down the streets of Downtown City in the winter, Blythe admires the way the fresh snow looks as Zoe admires herself in reflections. Before they can look at anything, a limousine charges down the road at a high speed and stops by the curb in front of Blythe, dropping all of its luggage onto the floor. When it stops and the dust clears, Whittany and Brittany pop up through the sunroof and pretend to be surprised to see Blythe, with Whittany inviting Blythe to their winter chateau. Blythe refuses, but a butler identical in appearance to François LeGrande comes out of the limousine. When Blythe wonders about how François had been fired, he identifies himself as François's twin brother, "François II." As she watches him pack, Brittany demands Blythe decide whether or not to go to their chateau. Before Blythe can reply, Whittany berates François II for being too slow and threatens to fire him too. In haste, François II shoves the pile of luggage back into the limousine's trunk, taking Blythe and Zoe in too.

At the Littlest Pet Shop, all of the regular pets dress themselves in tuxedos to try to cheer Parker up. They run into the day camp, sliding under the pet door, and announce themselves to Parker, waddling like penguins up to him. Parker understands the intent but causes him to miss home even more by getting reminded of it, causing him to start crying. Pepper tries to cheer him up with a joke, but Parker scoots back to staring longingly out the window. Pepper deems her attempt a success as Parker is no longer crying. Penny decides to just wait for Blythe to take them all outside, but as they look into the shop area, none of them can see Blythe, with Russell wondering what's holding her up.

The limo pulls up to the winter chateau, with François II opening the door to let the Biskit Twins out. They complain about being exhausted sitting in the limo and demand François II to unload their bags. With the press of a button on a remote, a spring-loaded metal plate flings the trunk's contents into the snow, including Blythe and Zoe. The twins walk over to Blythe, delighted that she's arrived at the mansion. Blythe tries to explain that she got trapped in the limo and was desperately banging on the back window for help, but they brushed off the noise as a ghost. The twins then go off somewhere else to remind each other about getting presents from Fisher as Blythe takes out her phone. They see Blythe with her phone, so Brittany yanks it from Blythe and demands to know who she's calling. As Blythe tells Brittany that she's calling her father Roger to come pick her up, the phone runs out of battery power, forcing Blythe to go into the chateau to use their landline. Brittany giggles at the idea of using a landline but lets Blythe use one if she can find one, escorting her inside as François II attempts to carry all of the luggage inside, tripping on Zoe scuttling in front of him.

In front of a fireplace, Blythe calls her father on a landline she found, telling him where she is. She is barely able to get out that information when Whittany provides Blythe with a mug of hot chocolate and Brittany gives Blythe a pair of bunny slippers. While Blythe is annoyed, Zoe appreciates the hospitality and the warmth of the fire, convincing Blythe to tell Roger that she'll stay for a bit and that Zoe is with her, in case anyone gets worried.

In the day camp, Sunil and Minka press their faces against the glass window as they watch Roger and Mrs. Twombly murmur something. Mrs. Twombly then comes over to the door and provides pet treats on a tray. As they're munching on the treats, Mrs. Twombly tells the pets that she'll be their caretaker for the time being, as Blythe is away on a trip with the Biskit Twins, commenting that it makes no sense to her before leaving and closing the door. Penny and Russell figure that they're not going outside as they look back at Parker by the window, drawing snowflakes on the condensation. Russell decides that, as they can't easily send Parker back to the South Pole, they can turn down the thermostat.

At the winter chateau, Blythe and Zoe rest on reclining chairs with towels over their heads and cucumber slices over their eyes. Blythe tells Zoe that the stay so far has been better than she had expected, but Blythe hears the Biskit Twins giggling. Lifting up a cucumber slice, Blythe sees Brittany mocking Blythe about talking to Zoe with Whittany responding that this is how less fortunate people behave. Blythe tries to point out that she can hear them, but Brittany immediately summons Robotella to give Blythe and Zoe custom pedicures. With a number of tentacle-like arms, Robotella simultaneously buffs, polishes, and dries Blythe's toenails and Zoe's claws while providing Zoe with a beverage. Blythe is left feeling impressed by their spa robot, though Whittany believes everyone has one. Blythe tells them that she doesn't, so Whittany comes over and starts talking about how harsh Blythe's life must be, then feeds Blythe the cucumbers previously over her eyes. The twins then each grab one of Blythe's arms and escort her out of the room and into the kitchen, where they feed Blythe a cold pizza that Brittany claims was delivered from a restaurant in space. After they're done, they bring Blythe to the Relaxinator 9000, a tremendously huge hot tub outside in the cold weather, and then to the Premiere Princess Swan Feather Softie Bedtime Sweet Dream Cloud Sleep Experience with swan feathers and clouds that magically massage whoever lies on it.

At the day camp, with the thermostat turned all the way down, all of the pets sit on the floor shivering but see Parker in his highest spirits yet, happy enough to slide and dance around. However, Pepper tells Parker another penguin joke, and his mood shifts to sadness. When asked why Parker is sad again, he says that, because Pepper made mention of ice in her joke, Parker would like to have some ice in the room, to the annoyance of all of the other pets.

The Biskit Twins discuss and admire their ski outfits in a small, empty room in the winter chateau. When Whittany talks about going to the ski slopes, Brittany reminds her that neither of them know how to ski. Whittany, however, explains that they won't actually go skiing, but simply to watch Blythe fumble and take the chair lift back down. In the bedroom nearby, Blythe and Zoe talk about what the Biskit Twins are really up to—Zoe is convinced they're genuinely trying to be nice, while Blythe remains suspicious that they're up to something. Blythe briefly ponders about the odd ways the twins could behave nicely to someone and figures that there's no use thinking about it, deciding to go skiing. Zoe follows along several feet behind but trips in front of a doorway, which causes her to stop there long enough to overhear Whittany and Brittany insulting Blythe behind her back and talking about how Fisher will shower them with presents once it's over.

Water from a feeder in the day camp freezes over into ice cubes as it falls as Russell pours water from a bucket onto the floor, letting it ice over. Parker eagerly waits, though Russell explains that water needs time to freeze. Vinnie, however, confirms that the water is frozen, as his tongue has gotten stuck to it. A worried Sunil leaps onto the ice, and though he slides around at first, is able to recover, grabbing Vinnie and pulling. Tracing wide circles around the ice, the tip of Vinnie's tongue harmlessly detaches from the ice, and they crash into a corner, wrapped around Vinnie's tongue.

At the ski lift by the winter chateau, Blythe comments on the lack of a line for the ski lift, so Whittany tells Blythe that they own the mountain, and hence nobody would ordinarily use the ski lift but themselves. As Blythe approaches the ski lift to get on, Zoe catches up to the girls, growling and barking furiously. She trips and lands in the snow, but she turns around, shakes the snow off her head, and continues barking at the Biskit Twins. Annoyed at Zoe's presence, Brittany commands François II to take Zoe away, and he picks her up and gets on the ski lift ahead of Blythe and the twins.

With the floor completely frozen over in the day cam, Parker prepares to leap onto the ice. However, Mrs. Twombly looks over and sees frost on the window of the day camp and runs over. After slipping and crashing briefly, she runs over to the thermostat and turns it back up, melting the ice and causing Parker to slam into the ground. With the floor wet, Mrs. Twombly leaves the room to go get her Floodsucker 5000. Penny apologizes to Parker that their efforts have all failed to get him to be reminded of home, but Parker, having done some thinking, realized that what he was really missing from home were friends and that the other pets, by doing favors for him, were like his old friends at the South Pole.

At the top of the ski lift, François II and Zoe disembark, with the girls doing so a few seconds later. François II lets go of Zoe, who runs over to Blythe and continues barking incessantly. Ignoring some further jabs from the twins, Blythe goes over to a private area to ask Zoe what the problem is. Zoe then warns Blythe that the twins consider Blythe a "charity case," that their intent is to impress their father into giving them lots of presents. Knowing the truth, Blythe comes back to the Biskit Twins, when Whittany offers Blythe the chance to ski down the mountain on François II's back. Blythe then calls them out, that she already knows how to ski and that Blythe prefers doing things by herself, also pointing out that people without the luxuries they have can still lead happy, fulfilling lives. The twins snap back at Blythe, saying that she needs to play along until Fisher gets back to prove to him how giving they are when François II's voice changes, saying the girls don't need to wait, and pulls off his mask, revealing that François II has been Fisher all along. In shock, the twins lose balance and start sliding down the mountain screaming. Blythe sees Fisher too terrified to do anything, stuffs Zoe in her jacket, and zooms down the mountain herself. She catches up to the twins, gets ahead of them, and has them grab onto her ski poles, redirecting them over a cliffside they would've otherwise tumbled down, and bringing them to safety at the base fo the ski lift.

Fisher catches up to them and thanks Blythe for saving his daughters. The twins, still ungrateful, pretend to have known their father was with them the whole time, and continue to believe that they're doing something nice for Blythe. Fisher tells them that he was monitoring them to see if they'd actually give to someone in need. Blythe then tells Fisher that the twins were simply wasting their time on her and requests the twins actually lend help to someone who needs it. Fisher agrees and rings a bell, and François (the real one) steps up behind Brittany and Whittany, Fisher having re-hired him at double his previous pay. Fisher then gives the twins a second chance: If they treat François with respect, they can get one or two presents. Naturally, Brittany and Whittany are annoyed at this small number, but a stern look from Fisher causes them to comply.

Back in Downtown City, Blythe takes the pets, Parker included, outside to go ice skating near Downtown City's equivalent of the Rockefeller Center. Parker is happy as a clam and returns to the rest of the group, where they then make a chain, holding each other's hands with Sunil grabbing Vinnie's tongue. When they stop, Blythe takes a group picture with the happy pets and sends the photo over to the Biskit Twins, who are back in their winter chateau getting a spa from Robotella. Blythe's text says that the photo is what the holidays are about, but Whittany can only wonder how Blythe obtained their phone numbers.

This episode contains examples of (YMMV entries go here):

  • Artistic License – Biology/Artistic License – Geography: Parker lives at the South Pole, according to Mrs. Twombly, which would be inhospitable to aquatic animals like penguins. The South Pole is about 800 miles away from the nearest open oceannote , where penguins would normally live. It is possible, however, that as he is a pet, Parker could live far removed from his natural habitant at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station and would be provided accomodations to make life bearable there.
    • For a pure Artistic License Biology example, Vinnie is shown shivering when it's very cold. As a cold-blooded animal, he should be extremely lethargic instead, if not dying, though it wouldn't be as immediately understandable to viewers like that. A cold-blooded animal also cannot easily derive warmth from insulation, as they have no body heat to trap, though it may be why Vinnie has encased himself in what looks like an entire sleeping bag whereas everyone else is simply dressed in winter clothing.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: The winter chateau's pizza is delivered from outer space. As impressive as it sounds, it takes so long for the pizza to arrive that it's long gone cold by the time it reaches the chateau.
  • Barefoot Cartoon Animal: When the pets wear tuxedos, their outfits don't include shoes.
  • Call-Back: Blythe makes brief mention of François getting fired. This happened in "The Expo Factor - Part 2."
  • Captain Oblivious: When Blythe calls the twins out on the misdeeds they've done to her before abducting her, neither Whittany nor Brittany are aware of them. They also repeatedly demonstrate total lack of awareness that the luxuries they receive are not normal.
  • Cell Phones Are Useless: Blythe's phone runs out of battery power as she reaches the winter chateau; otherwise, she would've had time to call or text her father to take her away from that place before Zoe got too comfortable there.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: François II may be struggling to hold up all of that luggage while keeping it balanced, and ultimately drops the whole pile, but he was still able to carry all of them for a few feet.
  • Christmas Episode: Without ever mentioning any aspect of Christmas. This episode also aired two days after Christmas in 2014.
  • Condescending Compassion: The Biskit Twins consider everyone else "less fortunate" than they are, so they take Blythe and provide her with their everyday services and resources. Blythe feels insulted about it all, as the twins repeatedly refer to Blythe as inferior.
  • Conspicuous Consumption: In both senses of the word "consumption"—the Biskit Twins like ordering their pizza from space solely because it's pointlessly expensive.
  • Continuity Nod: When introducing Parker, Mrs. Twombly makes mention of her sister in Antarctica, mentioned in "Shanghai Hi-Jinks."
    • Pepper's jokes keep making the situation worse for all of the other pets, as is what happened at the beginning of "Penny for Your Laughs."
    • This is the second time the Biskit Twins have incapacitated Blythe's phone, the first time being in "The Nest Hats Craze!"
    • This episode introduces Robotella, who, based on her appearance and behavior, comes from the same line as Monban.
    • Vinnie loses his tail in the sheer cold of the day camp when the thermostat is turned down. This is the fourth time Vinnie's tail detaches from his body.
    • This is the second episode where a character disagrees with Zoe about whether to trust someone who's wronged Blythe in the past. This time, however, it's Zoe who's doing the trusting rather than being the skeptic. Like in "Plane It on Rio!," however, Blythe's adversaries have remained antagonistic to her.
    • This is the third episode where someone rings a bell to summon someone. The previous two instances were in "What Did You Say?" with Blythe summoning Roger, and in "Sunil's Sick Day" with Sunil summoning Blythe. This is the first case of such a summon without one party being ill (or pretending to be ili).
  • Cool Car: The Biskit Twins' limousine is shown to have a spring-loaded trunk to instantly and forcibly empty the back.
  • Cucumber Facial: Blythe's spa treatment begins with one.
    Whittany: These cucumbers were grown from solid gold seeds and harvested by a team of unicorns.
    • The twins do their own facial at the end of the episode. Due to their Peek-a-Bangs, they only use one cucumber slice each.
  • Dark Shepherd: Fisher may frequently be in an antagonistic role for much of the series, but his intentions in this episode are to make his daughters into more respectful people, and he does so via threats and punishment.
  • Distaff Counterpart: Robotella to Monban.
  • Dramatic Irony: On the ski lift, the Biskit Twins like to joke that Blythe can talk to animals and non-seriously to tell people about it.
  • Drives Like Crazy: The Biskit Limo zooms down an icy road and makes a 180-degree drift, dropping a lot of luggage in the process, to pick up Blythe off the street.
  • Establishing Shot: Used to show the proximity of the ski lift to the back of the winter chateau.
  • Every Man Has His Price: In "The Expo Factor - Part 2," François resigns from his job out of moral disgust. Apparently, he wasn't disgusted enough that he wouldn't return at double pay.
  • Everything's Better with Penguins: It took 66 episodes of this animal-themed show for a penguin to appear, but to be fair, they'd make for very exotic pets.
  • Evil Laugh: The Biskit Twins cackle evilly when they decide they're going to try to help Blythe. They do so again in Act 2 when discussing their plan about going skiing and about getting presents from Fisher. They laugh once more in Act 3 on the ski lift joking about Blythe talking to Zoe.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: The Premiere Princess Swan Feather Softie Bedtime Sweet Dream Cloud Sleep Experience indeed contains swan feathers and clouds.
  • Face Plant: Happens at least three times to Zoe as a Running Gag—twice in Act 2 and once in Act 3. She seems completely unbothered by it.
  • Fire of Comfort: Fisher's reading room, with its fireplace, seems to be the go-to location for Fisher on cold days. He also reminisces foldly about his younger days at the fireplace.
    • This comes up again in Act 2, with Blythe on the phone by the winter chateau's fireplace and Zoe is warming herself up by the fire.
  • Force Feeding: Whittany takes Blythe's cucumber slices from her Cucumber Facial and stuffs them both down her throat simultaneously.
  • Funny Background Event: On the next scene at the day camp after Vinnie gets his tongue unstuck from the ice, he can be seen with his tongue wrapped in gauze.
  • Gratuitous French: The Biskit family's winter chateau.
    • In Act 2, Zoe exclaims "Oh la la" looking at the mansion.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Blythe comes to believe the Biskit Twins are turning over a new leaf, which is why she continues to remain in the chateau. Her optimism turns out to be incorrect, however.
  • Hidden Depths: Fisher understands humility and giving, as he came from a non-rich background. He also respects Blythe as a person, which he never made clear until this episode. And a while more minor than the other traits, this episode also shows that he knows how to ski, unlike his daughters.
  • Hurricane of Puns: Pepper creates a number of puns related to the cold and penguins to try to cheer Parker up, but it doesn't work. Eventually, however, Parker cheers up in Act 3 and creates one for Pepper.
  • Idiosyncratic Wipes: Snowflakes drift diagonally across the screen in Act 1.
    • Later into Act 1, after Blythe and Zoe get trapped in the limo, the snow the limo kicks off transitions to the scene with the pets in tuxedos.
    • In Act 2, Blythe hangs up on the phone by putting it right in front of the camera, darkening the screen to allow for a fade-in of the next scene.
    • Also in Act 2, a pizza comes flying at the camera with each slice splitting off.
    • Bubbles come flying up after the hot tub scene in Act 2.
    • Once Zoe leaps onto the bed in Act 2, sparkly wisps of smoke rise up with a harp sound normally used when a character drifts off into sleep.
    • Snowflakes drift by again in Act 3, in much the same way as they did in Act 1, to transition from the scene about Vinnie's tongue to the scene with the ski lift. The exact same wipe then happens at the end of the ski lift scene back to the day camp and once more when the real François offers to drive Blythe home.
  • An Ice Person: Parker can unintentionally create cold-themed phenomena around him, like freezing his tears. It's all Played for Laughs.
  • I'm Standing Right Here: The Biskit Twins make jabs at Blythe's behavior and upbringing while across the room. When Blythe says she can hear them, they immediately change subjects.
  • Instant Ice: Just Add Cold!: Averted. Even with subzero temperatures in the day camp, the pets still need a source of water to create ice.
  • Irony: Zoe says "That's all I wanted to hear!" right before she overhears what Whittany and Brittany are truly up to.
  • It's All About Me: When Blythe talks about how she likes the way Downtown City looks in fresh snow, Zoe, not paying attention, thinks Blythe is talking about how great Zoe looks.
  • The Klutz: François II, as it's his first day on the job. By extension, this would apply to Fisher as well when it comes to doing physical labors and menial chores.
  • Knew It All Along: The twins pretend to have known François II was Fisher the whole time.
  • Lampshade Hanging: In the final scene of the episode, Blythe sends a text with a selfie to both twins. Whittany's first reaction is her wondering how Blythe got their phone numbers.
  • Literal-Minded: Whittany takes Blythe's idiom about wild horses literally.
  • Long List: The Biskit Twins' list of gifts they'd like for the holidays.
  • Malicious Misnaming: According to Whittany, anyway—she refers to Zoe as "Pet" shortly after arriving at the mansion.
    • Late into Act 2, Brittany refers to Blythe as "Blech."
    • In Act 3, Brittany calls Zoe a dingo, a mongrel, and a mutt. While she is likely unaware of it, the word "dingo" is Australian derogatory slang to describe a cheater or a coward. In regards to Zoe being called a "mutt," note that "Grounded" confirmed Zoe as a purebred.
  • Messy Hair: The Biskit Twins after having been escorted safely down the mountain.
  • Mood Motif: A baroque-sounding harpsichord plays in the first scene of the episode to evoke the fabulous wealth of the Biskit family.
  • My God, You Are Serious: An incomplete version of this trope, Whittany and Brittany laugh at Fisher explaining his lack of presents in his youth, but the twins never figure out he was joking, nor does Fisher attempt to explain any further after they laugh.
  • Narcissist: Zoe enjoys staring at herself in windows a bit too much during the walk.
  • Nice Hat: For the cold weather, Blythe wears a hunting cap, and Zoe wears a Russian fuzzy hat. Parker, appropriately, wears a snow cap.
    • In Act 2, all of the pets except Sunil and Russell get their own hats after Russell turns down the thermostat.
  • Ocular Gushers: When Parker cries out streams, they freeze and turn into falling snow.
  • Overly Long Name: The Premiere Princess Swan Feather Softie Bedtime Sweet Dream Cloud Sleep Experience.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: After some bit of bumbling about in Season 2, Fisher displays this in abundance from beginning of the episode to the end, determined to teach his daughters to reciprocate altruism. He is also shown in this episode to respect Blythe where the Littlest Pet Shop is not involved.
  • Remember the New Guy?: François II, François's identical twin with an identical name. The Biskit Twins treat him as if they've always known about him, but Blythe lampshades the weirdness of having two twins with the same name. This trope is subverted, however, with the reveal that François II is actually Fisher in disguise. The twins were merely too airheaded to be suspicious.
  • Robot Names: Robotella, falling into the "Robo-something" category.
  • Save the Villain: Blythe saves Brittany and Whittany, who have been antagonizing Blythe for most of the episode, from an otherwise nasty fall down a cliff on their mountain. Fisher is immensely grateful for it.
  • Secret Test of Character: Fisher disguised himself as François II in order to observe the Biskit Twins, as he doesn't trust them to actually be generous towards anyone. It may be one for Blythe as well, astonished that Blythe would risk her life to save the Biskit Twins'.
  • Self-Made Man: Fisher's story told by the fireplace, if we are to believe him, indicates he spent his childhood at a far lower income level than he does currently. That he has spent some part of his life in need explains why he takes humility and repaying kindness very seriously.
  • Shout-Out: Brittany utters "And her little dog too!"
  • Shrinking Violet: Parker is very uncomfortable in the surroundings of the Littlest Pet Shop. He opens up when Russell turns the thermostat down so it's more his climate.
  • Status Quo Is God: The real François gets rehired at the end of this episode. His salary has been doubled, though this does not have any noticeable effect on the series.
  • Thing-O-Matic: The Relaxinator 9000.
  • Tin-Can Robot: Robotella, just like Monban.
  • Tongue on the Flagpole: Vinnie gets his tongue stuck directly on the ice Russell pours onto the floor. Sunil's solution of pulling harder is one of the most dangerous things to do, however, as one can easily lose a tongue in that way.
  • Truth in Television: Cell phone batteries drain faster when in cold environments, so it'd be logical for Blythe's phone to run out of power all of a sudden.
  • Two Lines, No Waiting: This episode has a clear A-story and B-story that never meet back up. The plotline of Blythe staying at the chateau begins before the plotline about Parker, and the chateau story wraps up before the Parker story too.
  • Umbrella Drink: Robotella gives one to Zoe.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: The Biskit twinsa act like receiving multiple expensive Christmas presents every year is their due, probably because they don't know any better. Fisher's charade is intended to undo this.
  • Up to Eleven: Everything about the Biskits' winter chateau is illogically opulent, starting with the cucumbers. See Cucumber Facial above.
    • The thermostat in the day camp can reduce a room's temperature to at least zero degrees, though it's unclear if that's Fahreinheit or Celsius.
  • Victoria's Secret Compartment: Where Blythe stuffs Zoe when she goes skiing, as it's the only place she can think of to store her to free her hands.
  • Wheel o' Feet: François II when hurrying up with the luggage.
  • Zany Scheme: As the Biskit Twins tend to do. This episode's scheme involves abducting Blythe, taking her to their winter cabin, and waiting on her hand and foot in their own unusual way to try to get presents from their father.


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