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"The shirt's based off my father's work shirts, of which I have a few. I remember vividly being a little kid and marveling at the fact my father had a closet almost full of the exact same shirt, like some cartoon character brought to life."
Randy Milholland, creator of Something*Positive, on Davan's famous blue shirt.

"JN-T had viewed the previous lead actor, Tom Baker, as being out of control, and consciously went to the opposite extreme with Davison and his co-stars. This can clearly be seen in the way the main characters are dressed; the Doctor, in his clean, pressed beige outfit, stands out like a sore thumb in the company of Stien, Colonel Archer and Professor Laird, in their lived-in, functional clothing. The same can be said of his companions; Turlough, the 'sly schoolboy', has been wearing the same school uniform since 'Mawdryn Undead', and Tegan, although she had been allowed more variety in her style of dress, has always been placed in outfits intended both to highlight her character as a brash, somewhat obnoxious Australian and to, as it were, appeal to the dads... Unlike the other women in the serial— and a bit oddly for someone who spends her time either fighting or fleeing monsters— Tegan is dressed in a leather skirt, a sleeveless top, high heels and far too much makeup even for 1983. The way in which all three actors are costumed thus highlights JN-T's efforts to control, not only the characters, but also the actors themselves."

Mr. Weatherbee: Don't you have any other clothes, Jughead?
Jughead: Sure! I've got a whole closet full of them, and they all look like these!
Little Archie comic story "A Neat Story"

"Luckily all your clothes look the same. Trolls think fashion is stupid."
The Narrator/Karkat Vantas, Homestuck

"They're my lucky pants! [...] Also, they're my only pants."
Fry, Futurama

"Thank goodness he has a walk-in closet full of ten of the same suit."

"Kim Possible, you are such a loser. I mean, you wear that same stupid outfit like every day."

"Before the dress code, I used to struggle to pick clothes..."
Connor Deslauriers, Degrassi

Narration: (after describing complete revamps of other characters) Elliot, on the other hand, is exactly the same as he was.
Elliot: What are you talking about!?! I'm wearing a white T-shirt! What more do you want?!

Hairdresser Octopus: Hey, take that stupid hat off. What does it look like in there?
PaRappa: Aaa, I'm not sure myself.

"Old Chuck is pretty cool about dates. He always wears that striped shirt of his."
Peppermint Patty, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

"Um, this one's from someone called Kutabare Oonishi. "It looks like Gin-san is always wearing the same kimono. Does he only have one set of clothes?" Okay, here's your answer. The truth is, he's got four of the same kind of kimono. When one's in the laundry, he wears another. Huh? You want to know why he has four of the same kind? Well look, it gets too boring if the protagonist keeps changing clothes. People like Lupin are always wearing the same coat, right? Anyway, in an anime, it's too tiring to keep changing clothes, so that would be a problem. Now you, Oonishi, go stand in the hall!"
Gintoki Sakata (as Ginpachi-sensei), Gintama

Walt: How did the back to school shopping go, Jeremy?
Jeremy: Good. I got all new school clothes.
Walt: Can I see them?
Jeremy: I'm wearing them.
Connie: Men don't shop, they Tivo their closets!

"I need my other white shirt back anyway. This one's getting kind of smelly - and I think if I wore another color, it would just throw people."
Peter, Family Guy

"That's me favorite shirt! ... That's me only shirt!"

Lisa: Don't be so hard on yourself, Bart. It's not your fault Jessica doesn't like you.
Bart: Is it my hair? My overbite? The fact that I've worn the same clothes day in, day out for the last four years?
The Simpsons, "Bart's Girlfriend"

"This uniform is the only clothing Ryuko has. And look what you've done to it. Don't you have any idea how people with only one set of clothes feel!?"
Mako, Kill la Kill

Mumfie: What's going on?
Scarecrow: We've got an invitation.
Mumfie: An invitation to what?
Scarecrow: Let's see... "The Queen of Night invites you to the Royal Ball tonight!"
Mumfie: The Royal Ball? It's like the one in the story about Cinderella, and I know just what jacket to wear!
Scarecrow: What jacket?
Mumfie: My special pink one.
Mumfie: But my special pink one is for special occasions.
Scarecrow: Oh. This is all I have to wear.
Magic Adventures of Mumfie, "Scarecrowella"

"I like red, I like hoodies, so I bought a dozen of them."

Mike: Which one do you like better? (holds up two identical red t-shirts)
Lu: Um...The red one.
Mike: Ah, I hate 'em both. I don't have a thing to wear.
Lu: You're kidding, right? You've got a whole closet full of stuff.
Mike, Lu & Og, "Hot Couture"

Samus: I'm a bit surprised [Albert] left the jumpsuit here, to be honest. He wore it practically everywhere.
Sarah: Maybe had more than one. I do.
Samus: Well, I suppose that's true. Never thought he carried more than one, to be honest.

Pearl: Steven, you may need to wear the same shirt for a while.
Steven: No problem. (takes off his shirt to reveal an identical one underneath)

"Ya change yer damn glasses before ya change yer damn shirt! Why don'tcha try wearin' a different shirt fer once in yer life?!"
The Tourettes Guy's father, regarding his son's signature Tony the Tiger t-shirt.

Hank: I had to sleep in my clothes. Now I feel gross wearing them two days in a row!
The Monarch: You're kidding me, right? That's the only outfit I've ever seen you in!
Hank: Well, that doesn't mean I never wash it.
The Venture Bros., "Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean"

Ron: You have worn the same sweater four days in a row.
Leslie: Or, I own four identical versions of the same sweater!

"We each have basically one outfit. That's because we're rational people. I don't want to waste my precious time and brainpower thinking about what clothes to wear every day. A lot of successful businessmen and scientists do it. Okay, honestly, Mizuki and I do have other outfits. We just keep them somewhere else."
Kaname Date, AI: The Somnium Files

"You gets born first and then you grows up; you have to keep on having different clothes. Now, we always wears the same clothes. 'Cept when they wears out."
— The eponymous talking scarecrow of Worzel Gummidge

"I'm a big, four-eyed lame-o who wears the same stupid sweater every day."
Homer Simpson lampooning Ned Flanders, The Simpsons, "Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum Doodly"

"Uh, yeah you are [always the last person in the van], which is weird 'cause how long can it take to put on the same orange polo every day?"
Lola Loud, The Loud House, "Predict Ability"

Leni Loud: "We don't think you're boring, Lincoln."
Lincoln Loud: "Really? Even though I wear the same orange polo and pee at the exact same time every day?"
Lola Loud: "Oh, I judge the polo."
The Loud House, "Predict Ability"

"Without my yellow hat, I'm not me!"
The Man in the Yellow Hat, Curious George

Chuckie Finster: "Without my favourite-est shirt, I... I don't even feel like Chuckie no more."
Tommy Pickles: "Of course you're still Chuckie, Chuckie!"
Didi Pickles: "Well, look at you! Another new shirt? I barely recognised you, handsome stranger!"
Chuckie Finster: "Did you hear what your mommy said, Tommy? Even she thinks I'm not Chuckie no more!"
Tommy: "Uh... maybe you'd feel more like Chuckie if you took that new shirt off?" (Chuckie takes it off)
Phil DeVille: "You feel like Chuckie now?"
Chuckie Finster: "No, I feel nakie! I'm just not the same! I think you guys better start callin' me a different name!"
Phil DeVille: "Like Stinky?"
Chuckie Finster: "No!"
Lil DeVille: "How 'bout Twinkly? You know, like the song. Twinkly, twinkly, little star!"
Chuckie Finster: "Ugh... I feel more like a... Ralph! (bursts into tears) I DON'T WANT TO BE RALPH! I WANT MY OLD SHIRT BACK!"
Lil DeVille: "Gee, Twinkly, what's the big deal?"
Phil DeVille: "Yeah, Stinky, it's just a shirt."
Chuckie Finster: "Yeah? Well, how would you like it if your daddy taked away your shirts with the duckies on 'em!" (the twins burst into tears)
Rugrats, "Chuckie's New Shirt"

Lola Loud: "She's not wrong, though. I mean, he wears the same thing every single day."
Lincoln Loud: "So do the rest of you!"
(the sisters look down at themselves)
Lucy Loud: "Gasp. He's right."
Lynn Loud: "How long have I been wearing this jersey for?"


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