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Music / Birdeatsbaby

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From right to left: Keely, Mishkin, Katha and Garry
Birdeatsbaby is a Dark Cabaret quartet formed in 2008 and based in Brighton. The dark and twisted quality of their music videos has gained them some degree of fame. Just like that other dark cabaret band, they present a lot of piano lead poptunes, supplemented with drums, guitar, and violin.Singer and pianist Mishkin Fitzgerald has also released a solo album, and works in electro-math-rock band Cat Fire Radio.

Current Line-Up:

  • Mishkin Fitzgerald: Vocals and piano
  • Garry Mitchell: Guitar and bass guitar
  • Hana Maria: Violin, cello, and additional vocals
  • Pablo Paracchino: Percussion

Former Members:

  • Keely Mcdonald: Violin and additional vocals
  • Philippa Bloomfield: Ex-drummer. Directed the video for "The Sailor's Wife" after her departure.
  • Ella Stirmey: Cello and additional vocals
  • Charlie Reith-Pert: Ex-drummer.
  • Katha Rothe: Percussion
  • Tessa Gilles: Violin
  • Forbes Coleman: Percussion and synths

This band contains examples of: