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  • "DADDY!"
  • Joking about the edginess of the show.
    Phill Lewis: No brooding in my lobby!
  • KJ Apa's/Archie's abs, because several news sites focused so much on them rather than actual news about the show and the fact that the teaser trailer gives us several loving shots of Apa's physique.
  • "WHERE'S JUGHEAD!?" note 
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  • "A KID IS DEAD, ARCHIE." note 
  • Renaming the show to Archie Fucks due to the obscene amounts of sexual content in the series.
  • Many LGBT fans often joke about being "willingly queerbaited" by the show.
  • Comparing Archie to Troy Bolton and/or Finn Hudson due to his football vs. music dilemma.
  • Fans have started to take notice of Cheryl's apparent inability to not bring up Jason:
    Someone: *Does anything*
  • Calling Archie a "fuckboy," though some fans take issue with this.
  • Referring to Betty and/or her actress Lili as "daddy".
  • Jughead's "In case you haven't noticed, I'm a weirdo" speech, as many have noticed how it could be applied to any pretentious hipster boy who desperately sticks to any semblance of being an outsider. It also works for characters with Nice Hats.
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  • Maple.Syrup.
  • For fans who don't like the Betty/Jughead ship, for whatever reason they may have, referring to the ship as "Lice" (as a Take That! to the ship name Bughead) is very popular.
    • Similarly, fans who dislike Betty tend to call her "Bebby."
  • "The Black Hood sure is a failure as a serial killer, isn't he?", or really anyone pointing out that he's only managed to actually kill two of his many, many targets.
  • Comparing Betty, Veronica, and Cheryl to The Powerpuff Girls, the titular Totally Spies!, and the Gotham City Sirens. The latter is especially popular because of a picture of Lili (Betty) dressing as Harley Quinn for Halloween, Madelaine (Cheryl) in a kale-wrap dress in a clear nod to the costumes of Poison Ivy, and Veronica frequently wearing cat ears reminiscent of Cat Woman.
  • Early on in the series, Archie "friendzoning" Betty was a pretty popular meme, it mostly died down after Betty gets with Jughead but there are still jokes being made.
    Betty: Aw, don't we look like a couple in this picture?
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  • Veronica obsessively accusing her father of being The Man Behind the Man of everything.
    Someone: Hey Veronica, what's for lunch today?
    Veronica: This is because of my dad, isn't it? My father, Hiram Lodge, paid you to ask me that!
  • Favoring Hiram/Archie over Veronica/Archie in jest.
  • "I'm supposed to be this great detective." note 
    • Betty's cringeworthy "the Serpent Queen is a warrior queen" line from the Season 3 premiere immediately became "I'm a weirdo" levels of memetic.
  • The appearance of the Gargoyle King in the Season 3 trailer immediately led to a barrage of True Detective jokes from people who thought he(?) resembled the shrine to the King in Yellow.
  • “Betty’s Inner Bitch,” after Episode 3x07 delved into Betty’s surprisingly snippy inner thoughts.
  • "People recognize me from the back of my head," from Ashleigh Murray's strange boast to Youtuber Elijah Daniel after he criticized the show on Twitter.
  • "That means you haven't known the triumphs and defeats, the epic highs and lows of high school football."
    • Especially when the fact that this is a response to Archie mentioning how he used to run drugs is retained.
  • "Betty has serial killer genes" has become a joke in the fandom, now that the show is trying to use that as a plot point.
  • Mr. Kipping jumping out of a window, due to his actor being Sam Witwer, has prompted jokes that he survived because he's Starkiller/Darth Maul.
  • The cast's rendition of "Midnight Radio" has become popular on TikTok, specifically for its decision to replace a portion of the original lyrics (which referenced iconic female musicians) with the characters just saying each other's names. Special attention is usually paid to Betty's strange way of singing Jughead's name, which is often read as confusion and/or Lili Reinhart realizing exactly what kind of show she's in.

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