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Chapter 1 - The River's Edge

  • Veronica's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Cheryl in the pilot.
    Cheryl: Veronica, welcome to the River Vixens. Betty, better luck next time.
    Veronica: Wait, what? Why? Because you couldn't bully Betty into being a bitch?
    Cheryl: I need girls with fire on my squad.
    Veronica: ...I know what you need, Cheryl, because I know who you are. You would rather people fear than like you, so you traffic in terror and intimidation. You're rich, so you've never been held accountable — but I'm living proof. That certainty, that entitlement you wear on your head like a crown? It won't last. Eventually, there will be a reckoning. Or... maybe that reckoning is now. And maybe that reckoning... is me. Betty and I come as a matching set. You want one, you take us both. You wanted fire? Sorry, Cheryl Bombshell. My specialty's ice.

Chapter 2 - A Touch of Evil

  • After Cheryl gets Betty's guard down with a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing act, she goes for the throat and accuses her sister of killing Jason. After a few seconds to get a grip, Betty's face freezes into Tranquil Fury and she says with utter seriousness, "Get out of my house before I kill you."
  • Archie, finally trying to step forward and admit to hearing a gunshot on July 4th
  • Archie standing up, and taking a fist to the face for Jughead.
    • Reggie being able to take out Archie with a single punch in more or less a clean fight despite a few people interfering and trying to pull him off, showing the audience that as The Rival and Arch-Enemy to Archie, Reggie is no pushover and that beating him won't be a walk in the park for Archie as it is being able to attract girls.
    • Jughead's retort to Reggie suspecting him of killing Jason and "doing stuff" to his body is also notable.
    Jughead: It's called 'necrophilia', Reggie. Can you spell that?
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  • Josie and the Pussycats, the school band, and cheerleaders perform a cover of "Sugar, Sugar", it's just incredible.

Chapter 3 - Body Double

  • Veronica going full Mama Bear and defending herself and the other girls against Cheryl's Slut-Shaming.
    Veronica: I am not lying about what happened to me. And Ethel isn’t lying. So, proof or no proof, book or no book, I am going scorched earth on those privileged, despicable miscreants. You wanna get caught in the backdraft, Cheryl? Call me, or any of these beautiful, young, strong, intelligent women "slut" one. More. Time.
  • Penelope Blossom (Jason and Cheryl's mother) slapping Alice Cooper after the later continues her verbal tirade against Penelope's dead son. Shut up Alice, indeed.
  • Veronica and Betty getting some revenge on Chuck and getting him to clear Veronica's name on-camera. Even if Betty took it too far, to the point where even Veronica was kinda freaked out, it was still immensely satisfying to watch.
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  • Earlier Betty gets a small one when she tells Alice to get used to the fact that Veronica is her friend.

Chapter 4 - The Last Picture Show

  • Hermione's takedown of Cheryl is epic!
    Cheryl: Make sure all the money makes it to the register. You are a Lodge after all, and the Lodges are known for have sticky fingers.
    (Veronica goes to her mother's defense, but Hermione gracefully stops her with a finger)
    Hermione: I got this, honey. Cheryl, I went to school with your mother. She didn't know the difference between having money and having class, either.
  • Betty's foiling of her mother's plan to trash Miss Grundy, and reveal her as Jennifer Gibson, by threatening to claim she broke into Ms. Grundy's car and made up her affair with Archie out of jealousy, making the town believe that all Cooper women are unhinged.
  • Veronica standing up in the drive-in to snap at the Southside Serpents, who have been acting rude and obnoxious the whole film.
    Veronica: Hey! You want to know what happens to a snake when a Louboutin heel steps on it? Shut the hell up, or you'll find out!
    (the rest of the drive-in applauds as Veronica sits back down)

Chapter 5 - Heart of Darkness

  • Cheryl, with Veronica's encouragement, goes against her mother's orders and gives a eulogy for her brother. And Veronica intervenes when Penelope tries to stop her, giving Cheryl the chance to speak.

Chapter 6 - Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!

  • Earlier in the episode, Archie's stage fright made him choke in front of the crowd during the variety show audition. However, it took the encouragement of Valerie and Veronica for him to walk up the stage and sing his original "I'll Try" by himself. The crowd applauded with a standing ovation to his brave performance.

Chapter 8 - The Outsiders

  • Alice's reaction to finding out that Hal demanded Polly get an abortion without discussing it with his wife, all because he wouldn't have a child with Blossom lineage in his house: she physically and verbally throws him out of their home in a glorious Mama Bear moment, and redeems herself to boot.

Chapter 9 - La Grande Illusion

  • Hal kicks Alice out of their newspaper computer, and then fires her from her job know, being married just because she kicked him out of their house for a justifiable reason. What does Alice do next? Walks out with Betty, grabs a brick from the ground, and throws it into the glass window.
    Alice: I want my daughter back, YOU BASTARD!
  • The real reason why Polly isn't coming back, she feels the Blossoms have something to do with Jason's death and she wants to get to the bottom of it, essentially being a Double Agent for her family.
  • Archie sticking up for Cheryl when members of her own family loudly speculate on her 'crocodile tears' at Jason's funeral. And later, when he asks Clifford Blossom to help his father not lose his company, rather than sending him to a prestigious music school for the summer. For all his ulterior motives, Clifford is actually surprised at this and commends Archie for having 'character' enough to give up his dreams to help his father.

Chapter 10 - The Lost Weekend

  • Veronica turning the tables on Cheryl's attempt to expose all her dirty laundry, bringing up her oft-mentioned overly close relationship with her brother and point blank accusing her of killing him after he turned down her advances.
  • Three words: Jughead. Punching. Chuck.
    • F.P. counts as well.....when Chuck got the upper hand on Jughead he physically pried Chuck off of him and literally threw him out of the house. He then asserted his authority as the only adult there by telling the other kids to go home.

Chapter 11 - To Riverdale and Back Again

Chapter 12 - Anatomy of a Murder

  • The moment we've all been waiting for - there's simply Calling the Old Man Out, and then there's Cheryl Blossom walking right into the dining room and calling her father out for murdering his own son. This after Betty warned her to simply get out of the house. Cheryl Blossom doesn't fuck around.
    Cheryl:You did a very bad thing, Daddy. And now everyone knows.

Chapter 13 - The Sweet Hereafter

  • Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead saving Cheryl from drowning/freezing to death.
    • Kudos to Archie who punches the ice hard enough to break his hand but cares more about Cheryl's safety.
    • All that punching is real, and Archie's cast afterwards is because KJ Apa really did break his hand.
  • Betty's speech.
  • Cheryl deciding to burn Thornhill to the ground.
  • Jughead putting on the Southside Serpents jacket all set to Imagine Dragons' "Believer"

Chapter 14 - A Kiss Before Dying

  • Archie managing to drive his shot father to the hospital in time, despite not having a driving license. Jughead outright calls it a miracle he made it without crashing.
    • And with one broken hand at that!
  • While it's probably not a good sign, it's still impressive to see Cheryl calling her injured mother out for abusing her all these years, and turning the tables on her.

Chapter 15 - Nighthawks

  • Despite being a sign of how badly the Black Hood has affected him, considering how badly he did in their last fight, its still impressive to see Archie overpower Reggie.
  • Moose immediately shielding Midge with his body when the Black Hood attacks them with a gun. As the next episode confirms he managed to shied her from all four bullets, to the point she was completely unharmed.

Chapter 16 - The Watcher In The Wood

  • Archie and Reggie rushing to help Ethel, when they believe that Black Hood is stalking, happy to take on an armed psycho, without backup and armed only with a baseball bat and a wrench, to save her.

Chapter 17: The Town That Dreaded Sundown

  • The Battle in the Rain fight between the Riverdale football team and the Serpents. Even Dilton joins in the fight.

Chapter 18 - When a Stranger Calls

  • In a scene pulling even more power from the amount of sexual assault in the news at the time, Veronica leads the Pussycats to rescue Cheryl from being date-raped by her former friend Nick. And not content to stop there, they proceed to knock him to the floor and beat seven kinds of hell out of him.
    • Even more awesome is that it’s intercut with Jughead's final ordeal before being initiated into the Serpents, taking a beating from the other Serpents, including at least one punch in the head with a knuckle duster, Jughead manages to stand up on his own after his beating. Nick doesn’t.
  • Alice also gets one. Following it being published that she is from the Southside herself, and was former delinquent, and also a Serpent which everyone states will destroy her credibility and reputation. Rather than lying low, as Hal believes she will, she makes a big entrance at the party wearing a revealing dress and a serpent necklace. Whether this a sign she's accepted her past or not, it’s a hundred percent clear she's not going to let it stop her.

Chapter 19 - Death Proof

  • After spending weeks being harassed and controlled, Betty stands up to The Black Hood, first revealing she already sent the identity of the drug dealer he'd forced her to uncover to the police, and declares that, having already proven her ability to catch bad guys after uncovering both the Sugar Man and Clifford Blossom, she is going after the Hood.
  • Though it has some blowback on Jug, Archie manages to lure the Ghoulies, the vicious gang that's been warring with the Serpents and is responsible for the spread of the drug Jingle-Jangle, into a trap, getting their leader and many of their numbers arrested for street racing, in turn clearing up the Southside's drug problems and clearing the Serpents' name to the police.
  • After Nick nearly pulls a Karma Houdini for his rape attempts with his parents trying to pay off everyone, the Lodges take matters into their own hands. Upon hearing that he tried to force himself onto Veronica, Hiram and/or Hermione arrange a car accident to take place that leaves Nick hospitalized and in a coma, and his parents' state unknown. Despite being initially apprehensive about letting her family's dark side out on him, even Veronica can't help but smirk about him getting what he deserved.
  • The mayor storming Southside High to crack down on the Serpents like some sort of evil queen at the head of her army (of small-town cops). She was pretty even-tempered until she learned her daughter took Jingle Jangle.

Chapter 22 - Silent Night, Deadly Night

  • The whole main cast get one throughout the episode:
    • Archie spends the entire episode bringing the fight straight to the Black Hood. After the break in his crusade, now it's back in full force, and he spends the entire episode showing that he's not afraid of this psycho: interrupting his threats against Betty, declaring that tonight would be the last of his reign of terror, standing up to him when he threatens him at gunpoint, then finally chasing him down, holding him at gunpoint and calling him out for attacking his father and friends.
    • Betty taking advantage of a momentary distraction to disarm the Black Hood and save Archie from being buried alive. After this, the Black Hood spends the rest of the episode running from them rather than the other way around.
    • Jughead rallying the younger Serpents to put an end to Penny Peabody in response to her blackmailing his father and other Serpents to working for her efforts to take over the heroin trade. They drag her from her office and drop her in Greendale, telling her never to come back to Riverdale. When Penny tries to invoke being a Serpent, Jughead tells her to her face she is not one of them, and proceeds to cut off her tattoo with a switchblade.
    • Veronica, upon finding out about her father's secret business deals and the true state of their finances, outright confronts her parents demanding to know the truth, pointing out her name is on all Hiram's transitions. She not only succeeds in convincing her parents to spill everything to her, and forces them to pay Fred's hospital bill but ensures that she will be playing an essential part in their dealings from now on.
    • Cheryl completely ignores her mother when she states they can't afford a Christmas this year. When Penelope tries to bring her down and accuses her of being a spoiled brat, Cheryl casually throws it right back at her, pointing out she has no grounds to complain about their finances as long as she refuses to look for a job, leaving Penelope utterly speechless.

Chapter 24 - The Wrestler

  • Archie gets a few in his confrontations with Hiram:
    • When Hiram drops all formalities and flat out tells Archie to his face that he's not good enough for Veronica, Archie casually rebuts it, pointing out he was there for Veronica (and Hermione) whilst Hiram was in prison, and asks which one of them really isn't good enough for her. When Hiram tries to cow him, Archie casually stares him down. After an entire episode of Hiram beating him down, it's pretty awesome to see him win his first actual victory.
    • Archie forcing himself to train at wrestling non-stop. He goes from being effortlessly pinned down by Kevin, to actually beating Chuck in a straight up match despite Chuck being in a higher weight class than him. This finally wins him Hiram's respect.
    • Hell, Archie's determination itself is impressive. Throughout the entire episode Hiram belittles him, undermines him, insults his masculinity, tries to shake his confidence in his relationship with Veronica and at one point physically overpowers him. Despite it all, Archie soldiers on and by the end he actually manages to win Hiram's interest.
  • Toni gets one for hijacking the Pickens Day celebration, to publicly protest the fact that Pickens slaughtered the Uktena and stole their land, forcing the people to confront the horrific deeds of the man they're celebrating.
  • Hiram also gets one, for managing to quickly improvise and save some face following Toni's protest gaining attention, by quickly lending his support to them and twisting the events to seem in his favor.

Chapter 25 - The Wicked and the Divine

Chapter 26 - The Tell-Tale Heart

Chapter 27 - The Hills Have Eyes

Chapter 28 - There Will Be Blood

Chapter 29 - Primary Colors

  • Whilst Fred and Mary more or less accept Archie's differing political views and support towards Hiram Lodge, but when Archie oversteps his bounds and suggests that Fred is outright afraid of Hiram's vision of the future, Mary furiously shuts him down, reminding him of everything Fred has done and worked for, not just for him, but throughout his life and tells him point blank she will not listen to him disrespect him. Considering the path Archie is on, its almost exactly what he needed to hear.

Chapter 30 - The Noose Tightens

  • Veronica and Toni get one for rescuing Cheryl from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy.
  • Cheryl and Toni's first kiss happens in front of a projector screen showing a gay conversion film, not to mention other people being forced to watch said film.
  • Jughead and the other teen Serpents get one for rescuing Betty, Chic and Alice from the blackmailers. Not only do they succeed, but it inspires Alice to finally embrace her Southside heritage and drop her prejudices towards the Serpents.
  • Archie gets one for coming up with a plan that successfully scares off the mobsters. Whilst he and Hiram acknowledge its a temporary solution, it nevertheless buys them some time to plan and saves them from capitulating to the Mob.
  • Nana Rose gets a pretty big one which is also a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. After being made a prisoner in her own home and knowing that her son and daughter-in-law are conspiring to murder her, being an old half blind woman who is unable to walk, what does she do the moment she's given half a chance? She throws herself out of her chair, then forcibly drags herself across the floor to the phone, to warn Toni of what Penelope did with Cheryl. Despite her own life being in danger, she only cares about ensuring her granddaughter is safe.

Chapter 31 - A Night To Remember

  • Following a pep talk from Toni, Cheryl finally stands up to her mother. Drenched in blood like Carrie White herself, she calls Penelope out for trying to murder Nana Rose and kicks both her and Claudius out of her house, making it clear she no longer wants either of them in her life.

Chapter 32 - Prisoners

  • Archie and Ronnie both get one. Following Nick kidnapping Archie, and forcing Ronnie to sleep with him (when admitting he plans to kill Archie regardless). Despite being injured by Nick, Archie manages to break free of his bonds, disable one of Nick's goons and run all the way to Pembroke ending with him breaking down the door, only to find that Ronnie has already taken care of Nick. Afterwards, she happily turns the tables and extorts a million dollars out of Nick's parents for his return, most likely ensuring that Nick is finally finished for good.
  • Betty get one too. When that fails and suspicion of Chic grows, he grabs a large kitchen knife, unintentionally cutting Alice's hand as he attempts to attack Jughead. Betty manages to disarm Chic before knocking him unconscious with a rolling pin.

Chapter 33 - Shadow of a Doubt

  • Jughead, Toni and Sweet Pea coming together to form a Human Shield around Fangs, to protect him from the angry mob that wants to rip him to pieces. They even chant "in unity there is strength" as they do so.

Chapter 34 - Judgement Night

  • Almost everyone manages to get one:
    • When the Black Hood attacks her in home with an ax, Cherly manages to drive him off with her hunting bow and arrows, even firing a warning shot and saying she only misses when she intends to.
    • Archie immediately taking control of the situation in the chaos of the riot, and mobilizing the Bulldogs and Kevin to find Reggie before the Serpents do. Despite everything they encounter, he consistently maintains a level head throughout the crisis and is focused on keeping everyone safe.
    • Kevin and Moose refusing to leave and let the Serpents trash their school, despite being considerably outnumbered.
    • Following Archie's pleas to Sweet Pea's reason failing, the two groups square up with Sweet Pea drawing his switchblade. At which point Principal Weatherbee and several other staff members storm the school armed with baseball bats and chase both parties away.
    Weatherbee: What the hell do you boys think you're doing in my school?!
    • The Ghoulies attempt to storm Pops, with Archie desperately trying to hold them off by lobbing Molotov cocktails from the roof. It looks like Archie is going to be forced to kill Malachi to stop the Ghoulies killing them all. Only at that point Tom Keller, Fred, and F.P. pull a Big Damn Heroes moment. Cue one dramatic shotgun cock from Keller, and the Ghoulies scarper.
    • Following Penny kidnapping Toni, she tells Jughead to come alone to meet her. Arriving it turns out Penny lied, and has several Ghoulies as back up. When one tries to attack, it turns out Jughead brought his own in the form of bow-wielding Cheryl.
    • When the Black Hood manages to surprise Archie and grab him from behind, Archie effortlessly uses his wrestling skills to break free and flip the Black Hood onto a table. He proceeds to dominate in the ensuring fight to the point the Black Hood is forced to draw his gun, at which point Fred surprises him with Archie's baseball bat.
    • Alice distracting the Black Hood Hal long enough for Betty to hit him with a coal scuttle, disabling him. At which point Alice takes it off her and hits him again.
    • Hermione shooting Small Fry to save Ronnie, despite clearly being terrified out her wits herself.
    • Ronnie herself gets one, when she tells her father to his face that his ambitions and plans have brought nothing but misery on his family, and she will not bear the brunt of his actions for him. For the first time all season, Hiram is left entirely alone, faced with his mess, and is forced to accept he's alienated his family.
    • Whilst it turned out to be something of a Senseless Sacrifice. Jughead giving up himself and calmly going to what he believes is his death at the hands of Penny and the Ghoulies, to try and stop the bloodbath that would ensue when they attacked the Serpents the next day.

Chapter 35 - Brave New World

  • Jughead's ascension to leadership of the Serpents when F.P. retires.
    • And his first act as Serpent King is to induct Cheryl into the Serpents, with a one-of-a-kind red Serpent jacket. Whether she's a full-fledged member is unclear, but she's very definitely putting herself in their corner, which is quite the turnaround for her.

Chapter 36 - Labor Day

  • Jughead is trying to get back his lost dog and finds himself confronted by the Ghoulies in large numbers. Malachi tries to attack him...only for Cheryl to break out her bow and arrow to nail the guy in the shoulder. She makes it clear she's ready to put one through the eyes of the next Ghoulie who tries something.
  • Fred Andrews punching Smug Snake Hiram Lodge right in the face outside of court, when he sarcastically tells Archie to have a great weekend, in front of dozens of witnesses and TV cameras! He would have gone even further had he not been restrained, but he did manage to break Hiram's cool and get him mad.
  • The end of the episode revealing the team up of Fred Andrews, FP Jones and Sheriff Keller to take down Hiram Lodge and prove Archie's innocence.

Chapter 37 - Fortune And Men's Eyes

  • Stuck in Juvie and targeted by the Ghoulies, Archie is advised that if he wants to survive he has to become as bad as everyone else. Instead, after only being in for a few days, he manages to convince everyone to go against the toxic prison culture, and come together for a short while. Whilst it ends badly, for a short while he manages to encourage all the inmates (including rival gang members) to stand together, and let them simply enjoy being teenagers again by playing a friendly football game together.
  • Archie gets another purely physical one at end. When the Warden has the guards attack the inmates, Archie single handily defeats a succession of no less than four abusive guards, wearing riot armour and armed with batons, with only his bare fists. The warden admitting afterwards that three of them had to be hospitalised.
  • The brilliantly choreographed routine the River Vixens perform of "Jailhouse Rock" for the game. It's wild but somehow works.

Chapter 40 - The Great Escape

  • The gang's brilliantly done plan to break Archie out of jail, all done as Jughead describes a G&G storyline to match it up perfectly.

Chapter 56 - The Dark Secret of Harvest House

  • Mary saying that she wants to watch the boxing match between Archie and Hiram, after everything he did to Archie Fred and the whole town of Riverdale.
    • Cheryl helping Toni escape her procedure at the farm, and sacrificing herself to give her time to escape.
    • Seeing Hiram getting arrested for the attempted murder of Archie, and Veronica telling him that she finally defeated him.

Chapter 57- Survive The Night

  • Alice temporarily dropping her farcade of being Brainwashed, to help Cheryl and Juniper escape the Farm.
  • Each member of the core four gains one throughout the night.
    • Archie takes on a massive man dressed like a grizzly bear with his bare fists and before the fight reminds the viewers that all of this season he’s been fighting and demonstrates how good a fighter he’s become beating the much larger man even through a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
    • Veronica once again proves how loyal she is to her friends by drinking a poison chalice that Betty was supposed to drink without hesitating.
    • Jughead knocks out Chic (who is armed with an axe as well) in a fight.
    • Betty refuses to murder the Black Hood Hal and shoots him non-fatally to save her friends.
  • The Serpents and the Poisons teaming up to save the core four, from Penelope Blossom‘s Gargoyle Gang

Chapter 65- In Treatment

  • Mrs. Burble, was able to dissect a few things
    • When Mrs. Burble finds out that Alice reads her daughter’s diary, it’s clear whose side she’s on. But Mrs. Burble is also quick to see Alice’s motivations: If she can control Betty, she can hold onto her childhood a bit longer. She’s already lost two children, she can’t lose Betty too.
    • It takes Mrs. Burble about 30 seconds to figure out that Archie is the town’s vigilante, and she calls him out on his anger. And then, in a real breakthrough, Archie recognizes that anger. Granted not all of it stick but at least he acknowledge it, which is the first step.
    • Mrs. Burble focuses on the fact that Cheryl thinks Jason is talking back. She assures Cheryl that he does not actually talk back, Cheryl just wants him to. And when Cheryl tells her about Julian and the Thistlehouse haunting, she wastes no time in saying, “Ghosts don’t exist.” Mrs. Burble diagnoses Cheryl as someone who’s being gaslit by someone who wants to make Cheryl THINK she’s crazy. As for Julian, there’s a test that will tell Cheryl if she absorbed a twin (Which actually exist in real life). And at the end of the ep, it turns outs Mrs. Burble was right, we find out that Cheryl did NOT absorb a supposed triplet.
    • The young man sure to be voted Stonewall Prep’s Most Likely to Be Ritualistically Murdered (Jughead) finds himself on Mrs. Burble’s couch when he returns to Riverdale High in need of a copy of his transcript. It takes only 30 seconds of his ranting about bringing down the Baxter Brothers empire, you know, like a normal person, to inspire Mrs. Burble to speculate that his convenient “persecution complex” might be an excuse to neglect the writing he really should be doing. She instructs Jughead to try and see his grandfather through his father’s eyes (who suffered his grandfather drunken rage), and just like that, Jug snaps out of it … sort of. He still intends to work on the mystery, but he also intends to do his homework. And when FP gets home that night, he gives his father a big hug.
      • Not to mention, that In the space of several extremely productive hours, Jug also gets around to completing all of his college applications and finally churning out a Baxter Brothers sample, not to mention discovering that every member of the Quill and Skull society except his MIA grandfather and DuPont died in a variety of highly suspicious freak accidents. (Mrs. Burbles helped Jughead see the big picture).


  • The first season did so well on Netflix that they took the Sabrina spinoff the crew were trying to sell to the CW for themselves, giving it a two season deal right at the start.
  • In Season 3, there was backlash from the Bughead fans after one episode where Ethel (Shannon Purser) kisses Jughead (Cole Sprouse) that involved a lot of shaming of both the character and the actress, attacking her for her appearance. Shannon Purser replied that "I’m not stressed about it, trust me. I just wonder what these people will think in like 10 yrs when they remember their twitter and realize they insulted and attacked real human beings for their character on a tv show..." and Lili Reindhart (Betty) stated on Twitter that "Your daily reminder that bullying a cast member over a FICTIONAL ship is never ok. Please get a grip on reality" and added "Shannon is my friend, and it is embarrassing that people felt the need to attack her personally for something that happened on a SHOW. Written by WRITERS. You are not a fan of mine if you treat my friend like this."
    • The fans actually shot back against the trolls with one person tweeting to Purser "Seriously?? What is wrong with people?? Girl, you are beautiful and strong and inspiring. And you got to kiss Hottie McHottie Jughead Jones! Everyone is just jealous!" Shows that the cast and fans both won't stand for bullying.


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