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  • Jeremy has survived life endangering situations countless times, such as a plane crash, nearly getting struck by lightning (it was actually his sound man who got struck a few feet away), numerous close calls with Nile crocodiles, and at least two bouts of malaria. He once got his chest rammed by a giant Arapaima, an injury that still caused him great pain six weeks after the incident. Only a few days later, he went on to catch an even bigger one. He fished in the Pripyat River near Chernobyl. Then he fished in the plant's cooling pond. Then he fished AT THE MOUTH OF THE CHANNEL FEEDING REACTOR NUMBER 4.
    • About the incident with the sound man: he was actually wearing rubber boots, which took the brunt of the shock. Despite suffering a massive headache, he was otherwise unharmed and was walking half a day later.
  • The goonch catfish he caught? Largest one on record.
  • The climax of the Nile Perch episode.
  • The Arapaima he caught in 'Lair of Giants'? Possibly a new species.
  • The whole Goliath Tiger Fish episode. Jeremy waited 25 years for that gigantic tigerfish. It was his moment of awesome in his entire career.
  • After seeing the "Killer Torpedo" episode you will officially believe tarpon are badass.
    • No less so the man who crafted a technique for catching them that is essentially paddling an inner-tube with your feet and then using fly-fishing to catch these fish who, as we learn over the course of the episode, can cause serious injury if they ram you at full tilt.
  • The fishermen of the Matis tribe in the Amazon, shown in one episode, are shown to hold electric eels bare handed. Electric eels that can fatally electrocute horses, and caiman! Prior to the actual fishing, the Matis go through a ritualized preparation in which the village shaman makes small burns on their arms with hot coals, then mixes the blistered skin with a tiny amount of frog venom, possibly creating a reaction with their nervous systems that makes them less susceptible to the eels' shocks.
  • The Aboriginal tribe that catches blood-sucking fish by climbing directly into a giant waterfall to grab them by hand.
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  • Jeremy and his crew risked their lives at the site of the world's worst nuclear disaster... and find the monster they're looking for: a mutated som catfish.
  • Jeremy trying to land a mako shark Ernest Hemingway-style: using a dugout canoe and a simple baited line.
  • Jeremy hunting for the Muskellunge: After fishing for several weeks using gear meant for large fish and not catching anything, Jeremy decides to take a break to catch small fish to get his confidence back. He accidentally catches the exact fish he was looking for—while using normal fishing gear (that would normally break with the a fish the size of the Muskellunge), in an area the fish is not meant to be, and almost immediately after throwing tobacco into the lake as an offering to the "lake spirit," in imitation of a story that brought him to the area he was in.
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  • During filming for the episode "Death Down Under", the crew found a man who was stranded for 60 hours and rescued him, which became part of the episode. Also doubles as heartwarming.
  • When searching for an oarfish, he had to dive in water over a mile deep and was visibly unnerved by it, coming close to a panic attack. Despite this, he went back down at night was rewarded by seeing not one, but two oarfish in the wild.
  • The end of the season nine episode "Return of The Killer Catfish": Jeremy returns to India to fish for another monster goonch despite believing that they're extinct, though reports and rumours say otherwise. Come the end of it he's in a duel with another goonch... but this one gets away. Still, he is still happy as he has found personal proof that the goonch still live.
    • A moment of awesome for the fish: Jeremy caught a big goonch in season one, but with the one he almost caught getting away, he declares that they're even.
  • In the series finale, Jeremy is investigating stories of deaths in a Malaysian lake, and theorizes that the culprit is his the one river monster he never caught on the show: the sareng catfish (known locally in Malaysia as the tapah). He catches one. While Jeremy eventually decides that his nemesis is not to blame, but rather poisonous gases in the lake (as the victims didn't show signs of being attacked),he is still proud to say that the sareng is no longer the literal The One That Got Away.
  • Everything about noodling (Season 4, Episode 1: "American Killers").

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