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Season 1

    Chapter One: The River's Edge 
  • Veronica pushing Betty towards Archie despite her own attraction to him, gleefully encouraging her (along with Kevin) to ask him out.
  • Betty defending Veronica to her controlling mother, pointing out that, despite her mother's preconceptions, Veronica's been nothing but kind to her since her arrival.
  • Veronica and Betty connecting after Cheerleading tryouts. Veronica explaining how and why she became the person she likes seeing in the mirror better.

    Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil 
  • Veronica goes to great lengths to try and make up with Betty. It takes awhile, but Betty eventually comes around, and the two get a milkshake and agree not to let Archie come between them.
  • Veronica comforting Cheryl after she breaks down at the pep rally.
    You're not alone.
  • Archie standing up for Jughead against Reggie.
  • Jughead and Archie making up before the pep rally.
  • Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead hanging out at Pop's a sign of their steps towards reconciliation with one another.
  • Veronica's words to Archie when she and Betty are still fighting, which doubles as a Tearjerker considering how genuinely upset she looks and sounds at the prospect of losing the short-lived friendship.
    Veronica: Even though I only just met Betty, it really felt like we were meant to be best friends. Like it was our destiny. And now it's like there was this train that was headed towards the rest of my life, and I just missed it.

    Chapter Three: Body Double 
  • Veronica and Betty getting justice for Veronica and the other girls for the Slut-Shaming the football players had been doing.
  • Cheryl finally realizing that Jason wasn't as great of a guy as Cheryl thought, and apologizing to Betty for Jason having hurt Polly.
  • Archie's dad soundproofing the garage so that Archie can better practice his music, making an effort to encourage his son's passion.
    • Made better in that his dad went out of his way to ask Grundy about whether his son really had any musical talent. He's making a real effort, and is just worried that Archie may miss out on the opportunity to do something meaningful with his life.
  • Archie coming forward and admitting to the police that he heard a gunshot on July fourth, so that Cheryl could stop being disbelieved and hounded.
    • Even better, Cheryl genuinely appreciates this, and sincerely thanks him, offering to do him a favor in exchange.
  • This episode confirms that Cheryl's apparent affection for Josie goes both ways. It appears even the Alpha Bitch has a genuinely close friend!
  • Jughead genuinely compliments Archie's song-writing skills - in his own Jughead way, but he at least sounds sincere.
  • Jughead's Declaration of Protection concerning Archie at the end, especially given their troubled friendship.
  • Josie coming to accept Archie's contribution to her music and seemingly easing up on him a little.

    Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show 
  • Archie is quick to forgive Betty for her part in inadvertently taking down Miss Grundy, realizing she did it out of her concern for her friend.
  • Veronica immediately jumps to Hermione's defense when Cheryl starts belittling her — though as Hermione quickly proves, she doesn't need help in that department.
  • After there being theories and talk about Kevin's dad possibly being unhappy with his son's sexuality, he expresses no ill will or disgust or any of the typical "homophobic dad" behavior. He just asks if Kevin has a date and if there are any "nice gay kids" at his school. He even agrees to let Kevin use his truck, and overall comes across as someone who only really cares that his kid is happy and safe.
  • Another example of great Fred parenting: upon realizing that Alice is using the truth about Grundy to screw over Archie and Betty's relationship, he quickly switches tunes to keep everything hidden. Back at home, he comforts Archie and tries to assure him that his self-esteem concerns are unfounded. While clearly not approving what Grundy did, he was willing to hide and ignore it from the public for the sake of his son.

    Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness 
  • For his faults, Jason was incredibly protective of Cheryl, as during her eulogy she reveals that he began to push for Cheryl to combine their birthdays, as Cheryl had always insisted on having one separate from her twin's, to shield her from the fact that, as she discovered years later, no one wanted to come to hers.
  • Also on Jason, despite his dealings with her beforehand, he did seem to genuinely care about Polly, perhaps even love her on some level, to the point that the two were secretly engaged.
  • As much as he antagonized Archie in previous episodes, and in spite of the fact they're competing to become captain of the football team, when Reggie sees Archie has clearly hurt his hand, he expresses concern and advises him sincerely to sit out the next play. Sadly, Archie doesn't listen.
  • Archie and Valerie confiding in one another, where she told him he really needs to believe in himself and his musical talent.
  • Veronica confiding in her mom about how she found out about what Cheryl's life, she tells her mom she's lucky to have a mother that loves and protects her.
  • Archie giving up his jersey, which used to be Jason's, so that Jason's mom could have it. In what is probably Ms. Blossom's only moment of positive emotion, she's sincerely thankful-but her grief distorts this a bit and she caresses Archie's face for just a moment.
  • A lot of Betty and Jughead's interactions this episode are heartwarming, since they appear to be confidantes, are rarely seen apart and are very supportive of one another. They're both giant woobies in this continuity too, which makes their comfort with each other that much more warm and fuzzy.
  • Veronica making a genuine effort to befriend Cheryl.
  • The fact that Jason and Cheryl's grandmother gave her blessing to Jason and Polly's secret engagement. She also shows some genuine empathy to Betty (thinking she's Polly, but still).
  • As heartbreaking (and unnerving) as Cheryl at Jason's funeral is, it's still touching, in a way. If you ever needed any proof that Cheryl truly loves Jason, this is it.
  • Veronica running up to give Cheryl a hug when she breaks down giving Jason's eulogy. What a nice girl.

    Chapter Six: Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill! 
  • Betty reuniting with her sister in the convent/group home, and her overjoyed reaction to her pregnancy.
  • Polly telling Betty that their parents had told her that Betty didn't want to visit her...but she never believed them. She always knew that somehow, her little sister would come looking for her.
  • Betty and Jughead's first kiss. The fact that Jughead, The Stoic Deadpan Snarker who spends 90% of his screentime brooding, is nervous out of his mind is just adorable.
  • When Veronica has a freak-out over her family issues and snaps at Josie over her "little daddy issues", Josie pauses and genuinely apologizes and expresses her sympathy to her.
  • Jughead and Betty's friendship (and blooming romance) is on full display when Jughead attempts to bypass the orderlies, who are roughly prying Polly and Betty apart in order to help Betty - he gets slammed into the wall for his trouble, but it seems clear that Betty's safety was his priority at that moment.

    Chapter Seven: In a Lonely Place 
  • Upon learning that Jughead is homeless, Archie promptly drops all the crap going on in his life and does everything he can to help him, getting his father to give Jughead's father his job back and even insisting after learning how justified his firing was that it wasn't right for Jughead to be punished too.
  • Even though the dream was creepy, there's something sweet about how, after sharing one kiss with Betty, he already wants to be part of her family.
  • Jughead walking Betty home.
  • As soon as she finds out she's going to be an aunt, Cheryl completely reorganizes her priorities. She completely accepts that she won't be Easily Forgiven by Betty, but does everything she can to help anyway. Including warning Polly that Penelope wants to take the baby away from her.
  • The fact that an entire gaggle of people showed up to help find Polly before the Blossoms did.
  • Veronica's wholehearted support of Betty and Jughead's close relationship, because she sees that it makes Betty happy.
  • Hermione immediately and without question takes Polly in with open arms.
  • When Jughead is arrested, Fred Andrews not only makes it to the station before his father does, he immediately and without any hesitation provides him with an alibi, even forging a timecard to back up his story
  • Betty comforting a very distraught and terrified Jughead at the police station, assuring him that she'll help fix this, and that she won't let anything bad happen to him.
    Jughead: [clearly very shaken up] I didn't do it, Betty. You have to believe me.
    Betty: [reaching out to hold Jughead's hand] Of course. I was with you, and I know who you are.
  • Betty immediately goes to comfort Jughead again after his emotional confrontation with his dad, who leaves him in the care of Fred Andrews.
    • Likewise, Jughead comforting Betty when she talks about Polly to their friends - their blossoming relationship appears very emotionally healthy and affectionate. For two people are are arguably the biggest woobies on the show, they deserve something healthy and good that will bring them both happiness.
  • Jughead gushing about how cool his little sister, Jellybean, is to his dad. And the quiet pride/happiness in his voice when he talks about his mom getting her GED, and how Jellybean is helping her study.
    Jughead: By the way, Jellybean wants to go by "JB" now. She thinks it sounds cooler. She's ten years old and listens to Pink Floyd on vinyl. I don't think she could get any cooler.

    Chapter Eight: The Outsiders 
  • Alice going to Polly's baby shower, despite her own feelings and dislike for the situation, she really was trying her best to be there for Polly, even giving her old night light as a baby present. It turned ugly when the Blossom's showed up, but for the moment it was sweet.
  • FP calls Fred the second he sees Archie and several friends walk into the Bad-Guy Bar the Serpents hand out in, even though it means outing himself as a Serpent. Then, when Fred asks if he knows anything about the attack at the construction site, FP states that he would never have done it, since Fred covered for and is housing Jughead.

    Chapter Nine: La Grande Illusion 
  • After losing all contact with Polly, her father walking out of the house, and her mother teetering off the deep end, Betty finally breaks down into tears, wondering if her family is going to fall apart. Jughead firmly tells her that no, that isn't going to happen, and that Betty should never think so. What really sells it is the tight hug they share.
  • The helping hand Veronica reaches out to Ethel after finding out about her home life: Ethel's dad, having been involved with the Lodge business, lost all the family's money—now her parents are fighting and they're trying to push through a small budget. Veronica tries her best to put Ethel in a good mood, even giving her a deal of her closet.
    • After the fallout of Ethel's father's suicide attempt and her mother's rejection of Veronica, Ethel makes it clear that Veronica is one of her dear friends and offers a seat next to her in class.
  • Archie defending Cheryl after overhearing her relatives talking mean things behind their backs.
  • The fact that Cheryl seems to have legitimately developed some form of crush on Archie and thinks he is one of the few good people in Riverdale. The two's interactions show Cheryl at possibly her most vulnerable. Too bad Archie ruins it by letting her find out about the deal her parents made with him.
  • After finding out that Ethel's father tried to commit suicide after being ruined by investing in Hiram Lodge, Veronica suffers a breakdown in the girl's bathroom and then Betty comes to embrace her, comforting her. These girls certainly have gotten close sense re-connecting.

    Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend 
  • Jughead and Betty's conversation at Pop's after his birthday party. They make up, and openly talk about their insecurities that led them to butt heads earlier that night. Jughead tells Betty about his fear of opening up to someone only to be rejected and get hurt, and Betty confides in him about her darkness, something that scares her. All topped off with Betty showing Jughead the injuries she gets from impulsively digging her nails into her palms, and Jughead tenderly kissing her hands in response.
  • Archie comforting a distressed and tearful Veronica after being the only one out of their group of friends to notice she had separated from the party and gone off to cry alone in the kitchen. As Veronica is on the verge of breaking down, Archie pulls her into a tight hug.
    • Later, Archie confides in Veronica about his doubts and uncertainties. Veronica reassures him, and together, they bond over their respective family issues. A particularly touching exchange when Archie wonders what would've happened if he left Riverdale with his mother, and if he'd be better off:
      "I can't answer that, Archie. But we wouldn't have met. And that would have been a tragedy of epic proportions."
      "I'm messed up, Veronica."
      "We all are, Archie. And honestly, you less than most."
    • Relatedly, there's the very sweet kiss she plants on Archie's cheek the next morning. Betty or no Betty, it's clear as day she already loves him. Still, she seems to be making a tradition out of giving baked goods after such slips.
  • Alice showing that her Heel–Face Turn really did take by helping Betty with what the former presumes is a hangover, and then postulating about FP and Joaquin's machinations with her as an equal investigator. It's really refreshing to see her being supportive and loving as opposed to judgmental and bitchy.
  • The episode ends with Fred coming home to Archie... with Archie's mother next to him.note 

    Chapter Eleven: To Riverdale and Back Again 
  • FP actively making an effort to be a better father to Jughead, first by making himself and his home more presentable, going to work every day, then by showing interest in his son's work, something that clearly means a lot to Jughead. Jughead's overwhelming happiness at his father's change and the possibility of their family being reunited was very sweet and heartwarming to see.
  • Jughead's excitement when Alice invites him and his father over for dinner before the Homecoming dance. It's clear that he's serious about his relationship with Betty and wants their respective parents' approval, as well.
  • Though it could have been under better circumstances, Betty bluntly telling her mother than she loves Jughead is heartwarming (though also has shades of being a tearjerker), especially after episode 10 revealing that Jughead is deeply insecure about his relationship with Betty and he fears rejection.
    • In the same vein, Betty's staunch belief in Jughead and his father's innocence and refusal to betray his trust throughout the entire episode, considering just an episode prior Jughead confided in her that he's not used to people putting him first.

    Chapter Twelve: Anatomy of a Murder 
  • Betty's insistence on FP's innocence.
  • After Cheryl attacks Jughead in the cafeteria when he apologizes for his father supposedly killing Jason, Betty follows Cheryl into the bathroom and calmly reminds her that even if FP did murder Jason, that Jughead had nothing to do with it.
  • The reason FP falsely confessed to murdering Jason: the real killer threatened to kill Jughead unless FP took the blame for Jason's murder.
  • Betty's immediate reaction to watching Clifford murder his own son, Jason, is to call Cheryl- who has spent most of the season, and most of their lives, being a jerk to Betty- to get out of her house.

    Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter 
  • Betty completely approves of Archie and Veronica possibly dating, showing none of the previous ill-will about the two's mutual attractions.
  • One of the final scenes has Archie, Veronica, Jughead and Betty happily on a Double Date at Pop's.
  • Cheryl actually apologizes to Jughead for the other day's assault and for how she has treated him.
  • Archie, Jughead, Veronica, and Betty risking their own lives to save Cheryl from her suicide attempt, up to and including Archie breaking his hand to shatter ice to get to her is an epitome of their dynamic with Cheryl. She may be a frosty bitch, but she's still their friend.
  • Veronica sitting with Jughead and attempting to befriend him, knowing that since she's dating his best friend (and he's dating hers), it makes sense to her that they should be friends too. It's a sweet contrast to the often adversarial relationship they have in the comics.
  • Betty finding the strength to use her opening speech at the Riverdale jubilee to expose how messed up and divided their town is at the sight of Jughead walking in and sharing a look with her from across the room. As she finishes, Jughead breaks the stunned silence by applauding, and soon the entire town joins in.
    • Made extra heartwarming when you consider the fact that just before the ceremony began, Betty tearfully admits to her mother that she's afraid Jughead moving to the Southside and attending a different school will drive them apart despite him promising her otherwise. Jughead instead keeps his word and shows up to offer her moral support, the way he always does.
  • Upon finding Betty's locker vandalized with pig's blood and disturbing messages, Jughead stops Betty from getting near the lockers despite her tearful insistence that it's nothing, then protectively leads her away from prying eyes of the whole school.
  • As the rift between Riverdale and the Southside deepens and the town makes it increasingly clear that Jughead isn't wanted there, Archie, Betty, and Veronica remain supportive of Jughead, even attempting to extract him from his new high school out of concern for his safety when they learn he's been sent away to the Southside. It doesn't turn out as they expected, but it was still very sweet that they cared enough about him to do so.
    • For that matter, after an intimidating shot of a bunch of Southside students approaching Jughead as he sits alone at lunch, we next see him having quickly made friends with them, showing there's more to the place than just the "bad kids" school it had been set up as.
  • The Southside Serpents all showing up to tell Jughead how much they appreciate FP's Undying Loyalty in refusing to implicate any of them, and offering him a place in the gang only if he wants it.
    • The Serpents actually interrupted a very intimate moment, which all started when Jughead finally tells Betty that he loves her.
  • Although, annoying as it is that the writers decided to have the 'core four' go to the jubilee as opposed to stay with Cheryl after her suicide attempt, Veronica's clear care for her is nice to see.
    • Reciprocated, as shown by Cheryl's text.

Season 2

    Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss Before Dying 
  • The way the entire cast reacts to the news that Fred has been shot. Not only do Archie's core friends show up (that is, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Kevin), but so do their respective parents despite the previous animosities between the families. Additionally, Reggie rallies the football team to help Archie, and Josie and the Pussycats also show up to lend their support.
    • Further than that, Archie finds Cheryl kissing Fred's forehead. When questioned, she smiles at him and explains: "You gave me the kiss of life, Archie Andrews. Now I've given it to your dad. He's going to be just fine." It's a very sweet thing to hear, especially coming from Cheryl.
    • Veronica stands out in particular, as she tries her best to step up to comfort Archie despite admitting that she has no experience in such matters. What's more, she stands her ground and continues to be there for him even when Archie, out of grief and terror, lashes out at her and tries to push her away.
  • Betty telling Jughead that she supports his decision to explore the new life he's been put in. It's clear that she has certain reservations regarding the issue, but she nevertheless opts to be supportive, which is extra heartwarming considering that Jughead now has no immediately family around him, and no one else to look out for him or his well-being.

    Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks 
  • Veronica's unflinching support for Archie, even going so far as to suggest counseling/therapy as a way to help him recover from his trauma.

    Chapter Sixteen: The Watcher In The Woods 
  • After Jughead gets assaulted at Southside High, Betty takes the time before school starts to visit him and clean his wounds.
  • Archie and Reggie race to rescue Ethel, who believes she is being stalked by Black Hood. Upon finding her, a tearful Ethel apologizes to Archie for not catching the attacker's face, but he quickly tells her not to be sorry and wraps her in a hug, all the while Reggie scouts the area in case the attacker returns.
  • Kevin and his father finally have a heart to heart about his recent reckless behavior, with Tom telling Kevin that his priority is that he stays safe, and even though they've been dancing around the topic of his struggles as the only openly gay man in town, they should start trying to talk about it.
  • The only reason Midge didn't get shot even once? Moose shielded her completely, without a second thought, and got all the shots himself. Also a Moment of Awesome.

    Chapter Seventeen: The Town That Dreaded Sundown 
  • When Betty all but breaks down over the knowledge that she's indirectly responsible for the Black Hood's crime spree, Jughead comforts her, comparing her to Nancy Drew and Girl With The Dragon Tatoo. His words inadvertently inspire her to put the final puzzle piece together and solve the Black Hood's cipher.

    Chapter Eighteen: When a Stranger Calls 
  • Veronica and The Pussycats coming to Cheryl's rescue.
    • While Veronica, Valerie and Melody are kicking Nick's ass, Josie goes and checks on/comforts Cheryl.
    • Veronica, Josie, Archie, and Betty all coming to support and comfort Cheryl after her assault. Josie doesn't leave her side.
    • Its also clear that the only reason Archie didn't beat Nick senseless, is cause Veronica and the Pussycats beat him to it.
  • Reggie can be seen holding Josie in his arms during Nick's party.
  • Archie and Betty prove just how deep their friendship is in this episode. Quite the opposite of Betty's fears in the previous episode, Archie never blames her once, easily seeing she is the victim in this and constantly trying to help, to the point he vows to protect her from the Black Hood, whatever the cost.
  • Toni shows a lot of concern for Jughead and tries to make sure he's truly prepared to join the Serpents, culminating in them sharing a kiss (Betty and Jughead have broken up by this point.)
  • Jughead and Betty meeting up in Pop's dinner and talking about how they wish they could just run away from Riverdale together. Its brief, but its the first time they've managed to have a conversation about each other in so long, and its the only moment in the entire episode when Betty is actually happy.

    Chapter Nineteen: Death Proof 
  • Mayor McCoy leading a raid against South Side High, arresting most of the student body, is pretty brutal (as Jughead describes, essentially turning the town into a police state), but the reason why she gets so harsh actually comes off as this to some extent: Protecting her daughter, Josie. Her husband had a serious problem with addiction, so McCoy is terrified of Josie following down that line after hearing that Josie had taken Jingle-Jangle at a party.
  • On that note, Archie, present when McCoy announces her plans to raid the school, races down to South Side High and gets to Jughead, to warn him about what's about to happen. Despite the events of the previous episode, he wasn't going to let his friend get in trouble like that. Likewise, he then spends the episode constantly by his side, including being in the car with him during their drag race with the Ghoulies, and even stops the car so that the Ghoulies can run into Sheriff Keller while Jug is safe. Despite the fact this will put a huge target on his back from them once they're out, far worse than the one the Serpents have for him.
  • Hiram and Hermione apparently let Cheryl stay with them after her near-rape last episode, and are ready to support her until Penelope insists they leave it be. They still accept the St. Clairs' business however...until Veronica tells them that she was the first girl Nick tried to rape. Hiram goes from being willing to ignore Cheryl's accusation for money to boiling with rage in seconds as he begins to swear vengeance, while Hermione assures Veronica they will never do business with Nick's family again. In the end, they apparently arranged a 'car accident' that's left Nick in critical condition.
  • While she spends the first half of the episode being rather catty to her for her tirade last episode, Veronica sits Betty down and tells her to just explain why she said what she said. Once Betty explains how the Black Hood is threatening her, Veronica instantly forgives her, then sets out to help her get out of this twisted toxic relationship, including staging a plan to find out who exactly is the 'Sugar Man', the drug dealer the Black Hood is forcing Betty to find for him.
  • Penelope is, frankly, a terrible mother, which Cheryl lays in on her after Penelope accepts hush money from the St. Clairs and tries to force Cheryl into dropping her accusations against Nick. This, however, eventually leads to Penelope opening up about how terrified she was of Clifford's criminal enterprises, how she hates herself for not being able to protect Jason for it, and finally, burns the check the St. Clairs gave her, finally deciding to be a mother to her daughter.

    Chapter Twenty: Tales From The Darkside 
  • Archie's support of Jughead throughout this episode. Without a single question, he helps his friend in what he knows is an illegal transaction. He constantly voices concern and weariness for Jughead's choices and were this road is leading, but unlike before shows absolutely no criticism towards him, even reminding him that they've all done bad things, and makes it clear he's behind him. Even after Jughead is forced to leave him, he still catches up as soon as he can so he can see him through the deal.
  • Whilst out driving to Greendale together, Archie admits to Jughead that back before all this occurred he used to dream that once they graduated the two of them would move to New York together and live in the East Village, he'd be a musician and Jughead would be a writer, and Betty and Veronica would be roommates living not to far away in Park Avenue. Jughead does light-heartedly point out a few flaws in his plans, but for just a little while you can see them both latch onto something from back when they were more innocence. Considering all they've been through, its really sweet to watch.
  • Its undercut somewhat by the implication that she is the stalker after it being brought up several times before, we finally see how close Cheryl is to Josie. She's spends the episode supporting her, and is revealed to be helping her with her career opportunities, she specifically points out how much she owes Josie for saving her from Nick.
  • Whilst it goes somewhat wrong, Chuck's genuine attempts to turn over a new leaf and become a better person. Its clear he's finally seen the writing on the wall, and wants to change. Admitting he knows he's got a lot to make up for, but he still wants to make the effort.
    • His interactions with Josie's at Pop Tates are equally sweet, such as him confessing to her that he's been taking art classes, and the two having a dance together, to help cheer up Josie following everything that happened with the Pussycats and her mother.
  • Veronica's attempts to cheer up Kevin after he's worried the Black Hood business is putting to much strain on his father.
  • Sheriff Keller's response to Betty breaking into his home and accusing him of being the Black Hood. Rather than getting angry or charging her, he instead politely and calmly acknowledges how he could understand her jumping to that conclusion (based on her seeing his research on the case and the Black Hood mask he found in Archie's locker) and then provides her with the evidence of where he was during the attacks.

    Chapter Twenty-Two: Silent Night, Deadly Night 
  • Archie and Betty's friendship throughout the episode. The two are absolutely in sync in their attempts to bring down the Black Hood once and for all. But they also remind everyone how close friends they are, stand out moment being Archie reassuring and comforting Betty after she learns her grandfather murdered an innocent man believing he was the Riverdale Reaper.
  • When the Black Hood tries to force Archie to get into the coffin, Archie stares him down. When the Black Hood threatens Betty, he immediately surrenders and gets in. Platonic or romantic, the fact is he values her life beyond his own.
  • Whilst it didn't work out, FP's plan to drive down to Toledo on Christmas day so that his whole family could be together is itself sweet, but it proves that even though he's been forced back into the Serpents and under Penny's thumb, he hasn't given up on bringing his family back together.
  • The reveal that Serpents actually donate and deliver toys to the children of the Southside. It just goes to show they're not just a biker gang, they're a part of the community.
  • The presents the gang get each other just go to demonstrate how close they all are:
    • Archie gets Betty Swiss Family Robinson, a book she loved when they were both six years old.
    • Veronica buys Archie a watch, inscribed with her pet name for him "Archiekins."
    • Betty gets Jughead a vintage typewriter, for him to write upon.
    • Jughead gives Betty a signed first edition by her favourite novelist.
    • Archie gives Veronica a locket, containing their pictures and the phrase "V & A".
  • Veronica and Archie getting back together, under the mistletoe no less. Following her finding out about her families dealings, Veronica is finally ready to tell him that she loves him, talks about what a good person he is, and how much she needs that goodness in her life right now.
  • Everyone's overjoyed reaction to seeing Moose again. Reggie literally clambers over the sofa to give his friend a hug, whilst Josie hugs Midge.
  • Veronica forcing her parents to pay for Fred's unexpectedly massive medical bill.
  • Josie and Kevin singing Christmas Carols together, not only is it adorable, considering how much a big deal Josie makes of ensuring she was never usurped whilst singing, its a really nice thing of her to do.

    Chapter Twenty-Eight: There Will Be Blood 
  • When Jughead confronts Pop Tate regarding Hiram's ownership of the diner, Pop doesn't get mad or upset. Rather, Pop sits down with Jughead and calmly explains why he did what he did. Pop even says that he himself doesn't care so much about whether the secret is out, but rather he doesn't want to upset his mother, who would be devastated to learn that the diner is no longer owned by the Tate family. Thus, he asks Jughead to keep it a secret for that reason. Jughead, who is normally more-than-eager to publish incriminating articles and do anything he can to undermine Hiram, is immediately understanding and complies with Pop's request.

    Chapter Thirty: The Noose Tightens 
  • Nana Rose, being kept prisoner in her own home by Penelope and Claudius as they abuse and plan to eventually kill her, keeps a brave face despite Penelope's insults...until she leaves. Once she's out of the house, Nana Rose, who's unable to walk by herself, leaps out of her chair and crawls across the room to the phone. Why? Because she knows Penelope sent Cheryl to a gay conversion camp, and she called Toni so that someone can go rescue her. Her only brief communication with the outside world wasn't to call for help for herself, but to protect Cheryl.
  • Cheryl and Tony's first kiss. Cheryl is being forced to watch anti-gay propaganda and has started imagining that her friends are there as a coping mechanism. She hears Toni's voice, assumes it's her imagination, and starts to cry. Then Toni comes bursting into the room to rescue her. Cheryl's reaction and their subsequent kiss is one of the most genuinely touching moments in the show so far.
  • Archie also gets a small one. To decide who gets the Bulldogs votes, he and Reggie have an arm wrestling match. Reggie is clearly winning, right up until he makes a crack about Fred. This motivates Archie to not beat him, but tells him to his face that the if he ever talks about Fred like that again he'll break his arm. Whilst the two may not be on the best terms at the moment, it's clear Archie loves his father.

    Chapter Thirty: A Night to Remember 
  • After spending the second half of the season on bad terms, Archie finally realizes how much of a jerk he has become to his father. Then, he gives Hiram the car back, buys a jalopy at the junkyard, and tells Fred that he wants to fix it with him. The sentiment is so heartwarming, Fred tears up in joy.

    Chapter Thirty-One: A Night To Remember 

    Chapter Thirty-Two: Prisoners 

    Chapter Thirty-Three: Shadow of a Doubt 

    Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgement Night 

    Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World 

Season 4

    Chapter Fifty-Eight In Memorian 
  • Cheryl lighting the fireworks at the end of the episode, after she said that there won’t be any fireworks at the beginning of the episode.
    • The fact that Hiram paid for Fred’s funeral arrangements.

Behind the scenes

  • The fact that, as confirmed by their actresses, Betty and Veronica will not be rivals to each other — they'll be genuine friends.
  • The cast as a whole seem to really like each other, being genuine friends on and off camera.
  • After episode 2x05, Madelaine Petsch put out a PSA on sexual assault and sexual abuse, telling survivors that there is hope after assault and abuse and given them resources to help deal with it.
  • This video from the show's Instagram page, which is basically "everyone's welcome" on the CW, being said by many of the show's main cast members. Notable in that one of the actors to appear is Mark Conseulos, a.k.a. Hiram Lodge, acting like the nice guy he is in real life.


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