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Memes / The Price Is Right

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  • "[Name], come on down!" Explanation 
  • "It's a new car!" Explanation 
  • "Telephone pole screamers". Explanation 
  • "$1, Bob/Drew!" Explanation 
    • "$X+1, Bob/Drew!" Explanation 
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    • "$420, Bob/Drew!" Explanation 
  • "Gentlemen/Ladies/O mighty sound effects lady..." Explanation 
  • "Hold my hand. Say Alakazam!" Explanation 
  • Samoans lifting Bob Barker and inflicting all sorts of damage on him. Explanation 
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  • Holly Hallstrom and her tendency to trip up. Explanation 
  • "Help control the pet population: Have your pets spayed or neutered!" Explanation 
  • Ezekiel Barker. Explanation 
  • Fansite has a lexicon that has attained meme status as well.
    • "Exacta"Explanation 
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    • "Wipeout"Explanation 
    • "Skunk"Explanation 
      • "El Skunko"Explanation 
    • "Can't Stop The Dob/Fool The Fingers", which declines to "Dobstopper/Fingerstopper" when a contestant is able to beat Roger Dobkowitz's or Kathy Greco's Nintendo Hard setups. Also applies in hindsight to "Can't Jive The Jay", for original producer Jay Wolpert's own hard setups (most notably, as seen on the DVD set, a 1975 Oldsmobile Delta 88 convertible costing $7,010 that was used in Lucky Seven).
    • "WSD" Explanation 
    • "First Four Breakfast Club/Midday Revue" Explanation 
    • "Garf Of The Century" Explanation 
    • "Friggin' Random Boat/Trailer/All-Trip Showcase", commonly shortened to "FRBS", "FRTS", and "FRATS" respectively.
    •'s posters also have embarrassingly cutesy nicknames for the pricing games on show recaps.
  • The losing horns. Explanation 
    • Less commonly used are the Big Win Sirens. Explanation 
  • "...all this can be yours, if the price is right." Explanation 
  • "You bid on the merchandise we present. Go as high as you like, stop whenever you goes to the one who bids highest to the actual retail price without going over, and the big winner comes back tomorrow/next week and takes on three new challengers." Explanation 
  • For a short time in 2008, after contestant Cynthia Acevedo won the Clock Game on a Million Dollar Spectacular:
    Drew Carey: "YOU WON A MILLION BUCKS!!!"
    Drew Carey: "YOU WON A MILLION BUCKS!!!"
    Drew Carey: "YOU WON A MILLION BUCKS!!!"
    Drew Carey: "YOU WON A MILLION BUCKS!!!"
  • "FRIED CHICKEN!" Explanation 
  • "Once it's stopped, we can't start it again for 37 hours." Explanation 
  • Bob Barker's tendency to tease and troll contestants with the reveal of a price in a game by appearing to uncover it... then back away... do it again... back away, and then finally reveal the price just as a contestant is about to explode from the suspense.
  • Top winners always pick the car/runner-up always gets the trips. Explanation 
  • El Cheapo Explanation 

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