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  • Lauren Zizes does this to Artie on Glee during "I Know What Boys Like."
  • Used as a weapon in an episode of The Nanny. C.C. (who hates Max's children) tells the youngest child Grace that the only reason Fran spends time with them is because she's paid to (not true, Fran does love them.) Grace runs away from home to Fran, and when Max finds her, she begins to tell on C.C., who then grabs her in a huge hug to shut her up.
  • Doctor Who
    • This happens often (and probably unintentionally) whenever Barbara hugged Susan. Les Yay...?
    • Topped by "Pyramids of Mars", which gives us Death by Mummy Mammary.
  • This would seem to be Benny Hill's sole reason for living in The Benny Hill Show.
  • In The Morton Downey Jr. Show episode "Strippers for God", a stripper does this to a member of the audience.
  • In an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, Captain Archer winds up tied to his "breast officer" T'Pol and, in course of wiggling free, they wind up dancing cheek to chest. This is slightly lampshaded by the fact that, when Archer realizes that he will have to end up chest to cheek with her, he looks up at her and she gives him the "yeah, yeah, yeah, go on..." eyebrow raise...
  • 1000 Ways to Die:
    • One episode shows a man with a fetish for pretty AND big ladies who was killed when he was crushed and smothered under a particularly heavyset woman he was making love to.
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    • Another episode had a vain stripper with extra large boob implants doing this to herself. She climbed into a reclining rack and flipped herself upside-down to relax her aching back when under the effects of both alcohol and painkillers; her boobs fell on her face and she was too drunk and drugged to react or right herself back. Predictably, the "Meaningful Name" of the case was "Boobie-cide".
  • Miss Piddlin, the lunch lady character on All That, would often hug students this way (Though the first time could've been accidental, as the character was played by Kenan Thompson.
  • In an episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun, Dick is appointed a wife (played by Roseanne Barr) who interferes with his relationship with Mary. After several attempts to convince her he's an awful husband in order to make her leave, he caves and tearfully admits she has a lovely apron. She consoles him with one of these.
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  • Lampshaded twice, from Olive and Chuck, on Pushing Daisies when Olive comforts a boy who recently lost his mother:
    Olive: There, there.
    (pushes him over to Chuck)
    Chuck: No, not here, here!
  • In Band of Brothers, Perconte gets this from a matronly Dutch woman during the liberation of Eindhoven. Sgt Lipton yanks him away, whereupon Perconte staggers off with a stunned expression on his face.
  • In an episode of House, House wonders why someone would try to commit suicide by electrocuting themselves. He lists off a number of other ways to kill yourself, rounding it up with: "Bury yourself alive in Cuddy's cleavage."
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • Darla did this to Angel when she sired him. She drank his blood, then cut herself between the boobs and pushed his face to her chest to make him drink her blood.
    • This is actually what Dracula does to Mina in Stoker's novel, but without the titties (also, Mina doesn't turn right away, giving us an Ill Girl sort of plot where the heroes have to destroy Dracula and end the taint before she dies).
    • And it was also (implied) when Drusilla sired a resurrected, human Darla - we don't see the whole thing, but Drusilla also cuts herself there. It might be all female vamps sire new vamps like this. In a sense, it's symbolic - the sire is like a parent and the new vampire like a child, and what does a mother do when her baby is born ...? Essentially, it symbolises a new birth.
  • Happens in Just Shoot Me! when Dennis' fiancée hugs him when he proposes.
  • Lexx: Xev delays Stan from asking the Living Ship to destroy an inhabited planet by knocking him down and smothering him while she argues against it.
  • In a Seinfeld episode, Elaine sends out Christmas cards with a photo of her accidentally baring a nipple. George is upset that everybody she knows got one, except him. Elaine gets angry, and rubs his head on her breasts. Made funnier in that George was utterly unaware of the nipple issue when he mentions it, and Elaine hollers, "You want a Christmas card? I'll give you a Christmas card!!!"
  • An episode of That '70s Show had a wrestling match between Eric and Donna, which ended when Donna put Eric in a bearhug. She asks why he isn't fighting back, and Hyde points out why he wouldn't want to.
  • Happens to Joy with Darnell's "big" and overly excited sister in the My Name Is Earl episode "Joy's Wedding."
  • Will & Grace: Karen Walker is very fond of doing this to people.
  • With a Scene from a Hat entitled 'Songs from a musical about breasts' and a master in Refuge in Audacity like Colin Mochrie, it was probably inevitable that he'd reference this trope on Whose Line Is It Anyway?.
    "I like to stick my head in...GBBBBBRRRRRR!!!!!"
  • In The Suite Life on Deck, Carey does this to Cody (sort of) when he's about to leave for math camp and she tells him to call her in case there is an emergency and hugs him tight to her chest.
    Cody: Emergency! Can't breathe!
  • Herman's Head. Herman makes Jay attend a Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting, so he starts pouring out his troubles to get a Cry into Chest moment with the good-looking woman next to him. When Herman yanks Jay off her, the women looks annoyed and quickly yanks Jay back to her boobs.
  • Young Sheldon: After helping his dad win a football game, Sheldon is mobbed by the other students, including one affectionate cheerleader who hugs him. While his friend Tam is jealous, Sheldon found the whole experience mortifying.
  • Lucifer: While hunting a fugitive, the demon Mazikeen grills a weedy, mild-mannered, Happily Married Canadian man for information. He pleasantly ignores all her usual intimidation tactics, so she climbs into his lap and shoves his face into her cleavage in front of witnesses. He talks immediately.


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