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The only acceptable response to winning the Super Bowl.

"If you’ve never had a Gatorade bath, you haven’t done anything very exceptional."
Mike Ditka

When a character or a team are celebrating the victory of winning the Big Game of the season, whether it's baseball, football, soccer or any other game, there are tons of ways to celebrate your victory. Some go for picking up the coach or hero of the hour in a celebratory matter. But then, if you've just won a long, hard-fought physical contest you're going to be hot, tired, and sweaty along with jubilant and impulsive - why not use the rest of the hydration fluid in that cooler to show just how they're so hot they need to cool off, in a manner of speaking? So just dump that cooler of liquid over the coach's head, often water or Gatorade, as well over the winners themselves.

Truth in Television - the first widely-known instance was the 1986 New York Giants winning the Super Bowl, with Lawrence Taylor dumping Gatorade on coach Bill Parcells.


Sub-Trope of Sports Story Tropes and Victory and Defeat. Contrast Bucket Booby-Trap, which is mostly with prank objectives rather than just celebrating.


Comic Strip

  • In this Mother Goose and Grimm strip, Grimm and Attila do this to Mother Goose, after she was able to finish her crossword puzzles in record time.
  • In one Peanuts strip, Lucy decides to drench Charlie Brown with water, despite their team never having won a game. When she does follow through with it, Linus screams "Are you out of your mind? Charlie Brown is gonna hate you for the rest of your life!"
    Charlie Brown: [in shock] Did we win?
  • One Pearls Before Swine strip had Rat doing this to Pig after the latter won a game of dominoes.


  • The Mighty Ducks: There's a brief scene of the Ducks celebrating their semifinal win by spraying shaken-up soda cans all over the locker room, with Fulton Reed heaving a cooler full of ice and dousing Coach Bombay.
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  • Wrongfully Accused: At the end of Ryan's violin performance at the concert, two men dump Gatorade on him and then he manages to get dry by the time the camera returns to him.
  • Van Wilder: Freshman Year: After the football team finally win a game, they grab the Gatorade coolers, pass the coach and dump them on the scantily clad cheerleaders.
  • Subverted in Snow Dogs a pair of teenagers try to dump Gatorade on the Jerkass celebrity dogsledder after he wins the race, and he gets knocked out by a block of blue ice.
  • In the Adam Sandler version of The Longest Yard, two of the cons pour Gatorade over the warden after the Mean Machine wins the game. The unamused warden gives them both a week in the hotbox for it.

Film - Animated

  • In Chicken Little, Chicken Little gets soaked in sports drink after winning the baseball game. This gets lampshaded as being part and parcel with "the glory" by the sportscaster.

Live-Action TV

  • One episode of Seinfeld had this in retrospect. In Improv comedy club, a friend of Jerry's was on the softball team. They won a game and Kramer convinced him to pour a cooler full of Gatorade over the coach's head. The coach ended up dying of exposure and the friend developed a drug problem out of guilt.
  • An episode of Even Stevens has Louis help the school's baseball team's star pitcher, Twitty, improve his game. When Twitty strikes out the last hitter of an inning, Louis dumps a bucket of Gatorade on the coach, who angrily points out it's only the top of the sixth.
  • Go On "Go for the Gold Watch": While Ryan is celebrating that his show is the #1 rated radio show in LA, Terrell Owens pulls out a Gatorade cooler and dumps it on him.
    Terrell: We're celebrating NFL style!

Video Games

  • In The King of Fighters '98, one of Yashiro Nanakase's winposes is picking a bottle of water and get dumped with it as he yelling when it happens.

Web Comics

  • This is how Sam Pardus is exposed as a domesticated feline in Kevin & Kell - upon being named "Coach of the Year", the hunting team dumps Gatorade on him, which causes his leopard-paint disguise to wash off.

Web Original

Western Animation

  • This was a Running Gag in the Peanuts special You're In The Super Bowl, Charlie Brown, where after Snoopy's football team, the Birds, are triumphant in beating the other teams, the teammates dump a cooler of Chirpade over his head, except for the third and final game, where they do this to Lucy instead.
  • The Simpsons
    • "MoneyBART": After Lisa leads Bart's baseball team to victory using statistical analysis like the film, Moneyball, some of the players pour Gatorade over her laptop computer in celebration with obvious results.
    • "Moms I'd Like to Forget": When the fourth grade class think they have won a game of dodgeball, Nelson takes the opportunity to dump the drinks cooler on Krabappel.
      Krabappel: Hey! I'm not the coach! There is no coach!
      Nelson: I know... I just wanted to see if you were wearing a bra.
      (Krabappel puts a hand to her chest and smiles at Nelson)
  • Mojo Jojo gets Gatorade thrown on him in The Powerpuff Girls special Dance Pantsed after his softball team wins a game. He is then sent off to jail.

Real Life

  • Pioneered in American football by Lawrence Taylor, who took to dumping the leftover Gatorade cooler on coach Bill Parcells during the 1986 season including their Super Bowl championship.
  • A Cooler Drenching is the reward of the triumphant coach after the NRL Grand Final.
  • This happens a lot in Formula 1 racing events where the winner got splashed by carbonated alcoholic beverages (usually champagne). As Trope Codifier of racing sports, other racing competitions as NASCAR use the same kind of celebration for first places. The tradition in motor racing began accidentally in 1966, when Jo Siffert was presented with a magnum of champagne after winning the Le Mans 24 Hours, and the bottle erupted as he opened it.
    • Taken to borderline Squick levels with Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo, where he has made a trend of doing a "Shoey" - basically drinking his podium champagne straight from his shoe.
  • Baseball teams do this, especially after walk-off wins. If a game goes into extra innings, players start using the bucket as a trash can- bubblegum, sunflower seeds, and peanuts in addition to the Gatorade gets dumped on the night's hero. The longer the game goes, the grosser.
    • The Washington Nationals have the tradition of pouring Hershey's chocolate sauce on the player who hit the walk-off, which was started by ace pitcher Max Scherzer.
    • Teams will often upgrade to spraying champagne all over the locker room when they clinch important postseason milestones like making the playoffs or winning the World Series.

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