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As if there's no other way to tell that Sevengar is currently inoperable...
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     Episode 1: I Ask That You Chant my Name! 
  • The episode opens with Sevenger facing off against Gomess... and Yuka fangirling over the latter. The bored way in which Shota ignores her doing this implies this is a regular occurence.
  • Haruki chasing after a dog that had wandered into the combat zone, gently calling out to it.
  • Yoko quickly defeats Gomess in Sevenger by knocking it into a building. Unfortunately, in order to avoid stepping on Haruki, she makes some impromptu steps which result in Sevenger tripping over its own feet and crashing into the same building with Yoko letting out a rather high-pitched scream. She is not amused, to say the least.
    Yoko: HAAA-RUUU-KIII!!!
  • While apologizing to Director Kuriyama for the collateral damage, Shota notices the lack of remorse on Haruki's face and roughly grabs his ass to make him look more regretful.
    Shota: See? He's about to cry!
  • After being chastized by Zero for getting in over his head with Genegarg, Z complains about getting the half-hero treatment. Zero replies that Z is barely one-third of a hero.
    Z: O-One-third!? Ultra-shock!
    • Made funnier by the fact that Z actually has three forms, so Zero is technically correct.
  • During the fight with Genegarg, Haruki notices that Sevenger's batteries are running low. At the same time, Z's warning light begins to flash.
    Haruki: Huh? You too?
  • Z's overly formal and serious speech when speaking to Haruki is slightly undercut by his speech tic of putting "Ultra" in front of nouns.
    • His formal mannerisms are then lampshaded by Haruki. Z admits that he has trouble speaking "Earthese".
  • After being taught how to use the Ultra Z Riser, the music swells and Haruki holds the device to the sky while calling out Z's name... and nothing happens.
    Z: (whispering) The trigger. You finish by pressing the trigger. Right there.
  • After Z appears in his Alpha Edge form, Yuka predictably freaks out. Behind her, Shota can be seen slowly tilting his head in confusion.
  • After witnessing Z defeat Genegarg, what does Captain Shota do? Leave to go to the bathroom.

     Episode 2: A Warrior's Principle 
  • In a funny moment with a hint of Heartwarming, Haruki asks Z how old he is, saying that it's "kinda important". Z replies with saying that he's 5,000 years old, which shocks the human. Pretty much knowing it's best to bow and respect the people older than you, Haruki does as so, leading to this glorious exchange.
    Haruki: You're much older sir. Forgive me for acting so casual! (bows in respect)
    Z: Why are you talking like that? It's Ultra-gross! Quit it. Quit it!
    • Making it further funnier is that it is implied 5,000 years for an Ultra is like early to mid-twenties. So basically both Haruki and Z are young men of both their races. Hence Z being uncomfortable with the formality. The first Ultraman is 20,000 years old and is considered an experienced professor.
  • Then we have the scene with Haruki working out after Shota Curb Stomped him. Yoko notices this rather unusual thing, resulting in.. this.
    Yoko: What happened to you?
    Haruki: 'Kay!
    Yoko: 'Kay isn't an answer.
    Haruki: 'Kay 'kay!
    Yoko: 'Kay 'kay isn't an answer.
    Shota: Let's start the briefing.
    Haruki: 'KAAAAAY!

     Episode 3: Live Coverage! The Monster Transport Operation 
  • Haruki and Sevenger get thrown a bone and are able to beat Gigass at the start of the episode with Sevenger's cool new rocket punch weapon. The only damage is a nearby observatory since they are out in the country.
    Haruki: Gigass has ceased activity!
    Shota: *Rolls his head back and groans, behind him Yoko and Yuka are grimacing.* Do you remember that I said to watch out for the observatory?
    Haruki: ...'Kay...............*starts to hiss nervously.*
  • Z has entered his new Beta Smash mode in order to fight Gomora, and the two go in an epic standoff. And then, a perfectly timed logo with a hammer on it falls, slams onto Sevenger's body, and it makes a noise like a ringing bell. It's acting as if this was an actual wrestling match! It gives you a nice laugh before the main fight starts.
  • We also have the scene where Gomora (who in this incarnation is allergic to pollen) sneezes in Z's face.
  • Z having to mime to Yoko to give him Ultraman's medals.

     Episode 4: Robot- 2 Activation Plan 
  • Sevenger tries using his rocket punch on Telesdon. It doesn't do much other than piss him off more.
    • Right afterwards, Telesdon knocks out Sevenger. After Haruki and Z fuse again, you can see Sevenger's eyes have X's in them. They showed that it was "dead" in the most hilarious and cheesiest way possible.
  • Z's putting Ultra in random words again. This time after getting burned by Telesdon's fire breath, it's "Ultra-yow!"

     Episode 5: First Juggling 
  • There's something oddly silly about how Juggler first shows up to Haruki. The first thing he says is "Yo, how are you?" and then just up and steals the Z-Riser. And when Haruki tries to get it back, he just trips him and teleport's away.
    • When Peguila sees Z with the Z-Lance, his eyes just signal an Oh, Crap! face

     Episode 6: The Man Returns! 
  • When Gilvalis takes control of Sevenger's arm and ends up firing at the STORAGE staff, Sevenger's eyes widen before it launches.
  • When Z sees Geed, he immediately goes into fanboy mode and recounts Geed's accomplishments to Haruki, prompting Geed to get impatient and urge Z to get his head in the game.

     Episode 7: His Majesty's Medal 
  • The human size Z takes out some of the Void Robots via.. dancing with Yoko. The latter is entirely too lovestruck at her crush to even process what was happening, and remains in the daze until Skull Gomora shows up. Also, when she tries to bow to him in respect, she ends up headbutting him in the chest.

     Episode 8: The Mystic Power 
  • Yuka is a little too excited to be captured by alien beings. When they get free, Yuka tries to fend one off, she goes after the other and basically tries to capture it like she's in a Tom and Jerry cartoon, shouting "Please let me study you!"
  • Haruki loses the Z-Riser, and when he gets it back, Z chews him out.
    Z: How could you lose me Haruki?!

     Episode 9: The Unidentified Object Convoy Order 
  • Z finally recovers the medals of Cosmos, Nexus and Mebius! Unfortunately he forgets how to use them, leading to an awkward moment before King Joe interrupts.

     Episode 10: Here Comes the Space Pirate! 
  • Haruki's given name for Juggler? Alien Spikey. Juggler isn't amused.
  • Barossa's mind control powers are full of Nightmare Fuel, but the alien himself is pretty ridiculous. An entire part of the fight between him and Z plays out like a Musical Slapstick Montage, complete with him throwing dirt in Z's face and getting his weapon stuck in a building. Also the way the camera has him rapidly move just makes him look more of a cartoon character than he already is.
  • Haruki's confident he can take on the alien's siblings if they come for revenge like he said they would... Only for Z to reveal there are 9,999 of them since Alien Barossa are born in clutches of 10,000.
  • Near the end of the episode, Yuka showed interest in Juggler's Majin Form, making it seem like she's developed a crush before she gleefully states she wants to dissect him. Cue a Spit Take from Hebikura who was drinking coffee in the background, before giving a look to the audience that almost seems to scream "Well if I didn't have a reason to keep it a secret before...". What's even funnier is that the episode ends in the style of Looney Tunes, complete with an iris out focusing on Hebikura's face.

     Episode 11: What Must Be Defended 
  • Haruki's hilariously over-the-top reveal of King Joe STORAGE Custom. Best part? He's just restating what everyone already knows in-universe.

     Episode 12: The Cry of Life 
  • Yoko finds a piece of Grigio Raiden's flesh from the battle. Judging by how everyone reacts to it, it utterly reaks
  • Director Kuriyama returns, and he's just as hammy as always.

     Episode 13: I'll Feast on Medals! 
While still having it's Tear Jerker moments here, Z does get back to it's silly roots quicker in this episode.
  • It's been reported that because of the COVID 19 Pandemic going on at the time this show was being produced, Z was actually being put on halt for two months before resuming. There seems to be some Lampshade Hanging thrown in this episode about it, like when Haruki tells Kanegon to social distance, and Hebikura tells Haruki to cover his mouth when he sneezes.
  • Haruki pretended Kanegon as a his sleeping bag to Hebikura is pure hilarity as well, not knowing that his captain is also an alien in disguise. Even with he scolded Haruki for what it looks like the rookie was slacking in his job, he expresses interest in the "sleeping bag" when no one was around.
  • Kanegon just acts really silly and adorable in this episode. When he first eats the medals, he seems to realize he ate something he shouldn't and has an Oh, Crap! moment. Mix that with Haruki's Big "NO!" and the hilarity in that moment is amazing.
  • Yuka rambling about skinning Grigio Raiden. Before that though, Haruki has an Imagine Spot where Yuka actually cuts Kanegon open with no remorse. Seems like he too thinks Yuka is as insane as much as the fanbase does...
  • Kanegon sneezes out the Alpha Edge and Beta Smash medals, but when it comes to the Gamma Future medal, he does something different. It starts with a fake out death with Haruki freaking out, but then he gets up, runs to the STORAGE bathroom, and has literally explosive diarrhea. Complete with another Big "NO!" from Haruki.

     Episode 14: Four Dimensional Capriccio 
  • Bako arrives at STORAGE's party, somehow catching a giant tuna in his hands almost as large as him! Adding on to that, he acts strangely calm when Bullton's Reality Warping powers lift everyone off the ground.
  • Yoko and Haruki try to deal with Bullton, but it's powers just send Yoko down STORAGE's flight of stairs again and again, and sends Haruki back in time!
  • Juggler tries to stop Celebro, but Bullton's powers just sends him to STORAGE's bathroom stalls. Instead of getting back to the chase right away, he decides to stop and take a whizz.
  • Bullton traps Z, with his head being the only thing above the ground, right in the middle of the street.

     Episode 15: A Warrior's Duty 
  • Juggler jumpscares Yoko and Yuka the moment they ask "Where's Captain and Haruki!?"
  • The scene where Haruki and Juggler ambush Celebro oozes with some strange levels of Black Comedy due to Celebro strangely smiling a lot.
  • This episode also introduces the Beliarok, a sword that has Belial's talking head on it... and it's kind of an asshole. Moment Z tries to use it he just jabs himself into the ground and says "I slice what I want whenever I want." Thankfully, Haruki convinces it.

     Episode 16: The Lion's Cry 
  • Once Yuka hears about the tale of Horoboros, she constantly begs Hebikura to go, jumping around like a child. Knowing she's going to force either her or Haruki to go, Yuka just makes up a lie to excuse herself. Poor Haruki's stuck carrying Yuka's heavy backpack.
  • The episode's ending is a rather big Mood Whiplash from the Tear Jerker that was the rest of it. Just after Z finishes off Metsuburos, another beam is shot down from the sky. Who is it from? Another Alien Barossa, flying down on giant butterfly wings as classical music plays. And then a Smash Cut to the credits.

     Episode 17: Beliarok 
  • Continue from above episode, the Barossa II appears from the sky and creates a rather dramatic tense, until he lands that is, followed by a comical cracking noise that implied that the alien broke his back.
  • Haruki prepares to transform into Ultraman Z by opening the Hero's Gate with the Z Riser, only to then realize that he activated it right below his feet as he fell into it not long after.

     Episode 18: Do-Over in the Year 2020 
  • The episode starts with Pagos appearing and Windom and King Joe STORAGE Custom arrive to stop it...only for Pagos to disappear in a flash of blue light (later revealed to be Kemur Man's transportation liquid.).
  • At the end of the episode, Pagos returns along with everyone else who was transported away be Kemur Man. It looks around and you can tell that before it burrows away, it's wondering WTF just happened.

     Episode 19: The Last Hero 
  • Z starts the fight with Baraba in Delta Rise Claw, with Beliarok stating he's gonna enjoy the fight... half a second later, Baraba throws the Talking Weapon into a building, and he's gone for the rest of the fight. That didn't last long.

    Episode 20: To Care and What Lies Beyond 
  • The first part of subduing M1 had a number of STORAGE crew pulling out taiko drums and making the rampaging M1 dance, then King Joe and Windam joining in, that is until M1 got a little too carried away and sending the two robots down the ground.
  • Z Beta Smash trapping M1 with a Sharpshooter and the latter not even tapping out before Z proceeds to Delta Rise Claw. It's like a parody of the infamous Montreal Screwjob.
  • After transitioning to Delta Rise Claw, Beliarok quickly goes into the fray, only for Haruki and Z to slow him down and ask to subdue M1 without killing him. Beliarok simply responds "what a hassle".

    Episode 22: Individual Tomorrows 
  • Yuka teases Haruki and Yoko and the fact they seem to be dating. They try to deny this.
  • How did Barossa III enlarges his body this time? He drinks a bubble tea, of all things. Here, he claims that Earth starch can cause his cells to undergo rapid multiplication and grows into a gigantic monster.
  • Beliarok says Five King looks like an interesting opponent.. once Z says they already fought it before, he loses interest and stays out of it. Yoko them comes across it, and how does she get hold of him? By pushing his buttons and trolling him by saying he's too afraid to fight.

     Z and Zero Audio Drama 
  • Honestly this entire thing is pretty funny with Z being absolutely dorky and trying to make Zero appoint him as his apprentice, although he doesn't succeed at first. A highlight would have to go to the start of the very first episode. Z is trying to figure out the best way to say hello to Zero, but is cut short when he flies by! So he jumps in front of him and... well, both crash into each other. You don't even see it happen but it's freaking hilarious.
  • Apparently, Zero did indeed make a promise to train Z. But then He uses his time-reverse power to return back before he made that promise.
  • One episode has Zero and Z turn into Spark Dolls and interacting with Thunder Darambia and Black King. It turns out to be All Just a Dream.
    Black King: Guys who can't understand anything about this story because that is so maniac!
    Thunder Darambia: Please subscribe to this channel!
    Z: They're here again! This is a dream! This is a dream! This is a dream!
  • Mebius shows up to offer to train Z, entirely of his own will and turns into a Troll towards Zero, jokingly threatening to claim Z as his own.
    Mebius: Come on Zero, say it "I recognize you (Z) as my disciple".
    Zero: Shut it, you have a bad personality!

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