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  • Ultraman Titas, a Warrior Monk, does bodybuilder poses in the previews and the show itself. It is both awesome and hilarious.
    • In fact, in Tri Squad Voice drama Episode 3, he is doing muscle training while talking to Taiga.
    • Then in Episode 4, he tries to name his Taiga Spark, Muscle Spark. Taiga immediately shot him down before he could finish his sentence.
  • In the Tri Squad Voice Drama Episode 4, the Tri Squads are bickering amongst themselves who would be the leader. Taiga brought up a point why he should be the leader, because their Transformation Trinket is named Taiga Spark, not Fuma Spark or Muscle Spark.
    • Another point Taiga brought up is because his home planet, the Nebula M78's Land of Light is the most famous in Ultraman lore. When Fuma tries to bring up that O-50 is equally as famous since it is the birthplace of Orb, Rosso, Blu and Grigio (the latter of which Fuma agrees she's cute). Only for Taiga to retort that even Ultraman Leo's birthplace, Planet L77 of the Leo constellation is even more famous than O-50. Fuma sheepishly has to agree on that. But Taiga noted that O-50 is considered iconic to the New Generation Heroes.
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    • When Titas tries to bring up his birthplace, Planet U40, only to be shot down by Taiga and Fuma as U40 isn't as famous as the planets Taiga and Fuma are from. Especially hilarious since it kinda happen even among the fans and some of the newer generation staffs, until Titas himself becomes an Unexpected Character.
      • Even more hilarious is that Taiga and Fuma tries to be polite and agrees that Joneus, one of eight chosen warriors from U40, is a good person.
  • Episode 4, Poor Hiroyuki, in his projection seeing Titas scolding Fuma for his recklessness and Taiga becoming middleman to solve their argument, like Ryotaro from Den-O trying to handle 5 Imajins.
  • Episode 6, everything about Abel, the Alien Gapia. Remember Sadeath from Ultraman Orb The Movie??? Turns out Abel is kinda his little brother.
    • His first appearance where he tries to kill another alien in disguise, only for Kana to interrupt and has his ass handed back to him, WITH A HANDBAG, AND A STUN GUN.
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    • His meeting with Tregear ended with him having a handshake with Tregear, only to caress Tregear's hand for quite some time. Tregear is clearly not liking any bit of this. He even cleans the hand that he used to shake with Abel immediately.
    • Abel's fight with Homare ended up having his ass handed to him by Homare, with a stun baton up his ass. Abel is clearly not having any of this and immediately grew giant size. He's that petty.
    • Ultraman Titas completely no sells all Abel's shots, while making bodybuilder poses. One shot even hit Titas in the backside, only to be deflected by Titas' ass. We are not making this up either.
    • Then the irony of him sharing the way Sadeath died: being sliced in half by Fuma, an Ultraman from O-50 while borrowing Ultraman Victory's power.
  • Episode 23 has Zarab asking “What do people in the Land of Light eat?”.

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