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  • His and Edge's inclination to make up Buffy Speak-esque words at random like "stinktitude" and "awesomeness."
  • His five-second poses with Edge (and later, Kurt Angle) in 2000.
  • During the time he was allied with Chris Jericho, The Dudley Boys managed to steal their clothes, luggage, and Jeric—Christian's jar of Ass Cream (which had a hilariously giant label saying, yes, "ASS CREAM".)
    • For extra hilarity, Bubba Ray's absolute terror and disgust at the jar of Ass Cream. He looks equal parts horrified and confused as to what it even is.
      Bubba Ray: What the HELL are you guys doing with Ass Cream? What do you DO with Ass Cream, might I ask?
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    • At the end of the promo, Spike steals their towels, and they quickly run backstage naked. They are briefly shown in silhouette behind the screen.
    • A few months later, Goldust dressed as Santa Claus would give Christian a gift of new and improved ASS CREAM (with 35% more ass!). Christian would insist that it was Jericho's ASS CREAM until Goldust had walked out of the room. Christian would then sneak away with the jar of ASS CREAM like a kid trying to secretly borrow his dad's Playboy magazine.
      • Of course, its first appearance (see above) had Jericho use a Verbal Backspace.
        Jericho: You think it's funny taking my... Christian's jar of Ass Cream out!?
    • The jar of ASS CREAM has even made an appearance in The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness!
    • Even Vince McMahon once used it in preparation for a new inductee into his Kiss My Ass Club.
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  • Towards the end of his WWE run, his character evolved into a Small Name, Big Ego who constantly talked his way into ridiculous situations, whilst his "Problem Solver" Tomko began playing the straight man to Christian's wackiness. It. Was. Glorious.
    Christian: Tomko, gimme a beat.
    Tomko: No.
  • His promo in TNA, where he responded to claims that he didn't "look like a World champion"... By dressing up as Jeff Jarrett.
  • His Road to Wrestlemania in Smackdown Vs. RAW 2011. All of it.
  • Pretty much any segment with Christian's Coalition.
  • One of Christian's early gimmicks was to throw all-out temper tantrums if things weren't going his way in the ring. Just try watching this without cracking up.
    • One of his early solo programs was with Diamond Dallas Page, who was his motivational coach. The tantrums got worse. And it gave us an absolutely hysterical example of The Un-Smile in the process.
      DDP: Okay Christian. You've been practicing for days. This is the first step to the world of positive thinking. So - lay it on me, baby! (Smiles genuinely)
      Christian: (The Un-Smile)I feel like an idiot.
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    • He briefly threw one last tantrum in his last major program, a triple-threat with Chris Jericho and John Cena, before running off to TNA.
    • These tantrums put him in the number 10 spot on the Network-exclusive WWE Countdown's list of Biggest Crybabies.
  • Christian's return in 2009, while also being an awesome moment for those wanting to see it, was HI-larious as he destroyed a very green Jack Swagger, verbally demolishing him with two little words; Thuffering Thuccotash
  • His second WHC title reign came about by taking advantage of the "title changes via DQ" stipulation and getting Randy Orton to kick him in the nuts
  • Teasing Edge over his Important Haircut during his induction speech at 2012 Hall of Fame, by claiming it was "yet another example of Edge copying me" after his own Important Haircut years earlier, before asking if Edge was planning on shrinking a few inches & winning 9 less World titles.
  • On a night where Chris Jericho was an acting General Manager of Raw, he decided that Captain Charisma should, well, look the part. Christian's arguments with Tyson Tomko and Shelton Benjamin's laughter make it even better.
  • During the first SmackDown of 2015 hosted by him and Edge, he brought back some E&C lingo and called J&J Security "dorkchops".
  • At Fastlane 2016, during the Cutting Edge Peep Show, he and Edge are confronted by the League of Nations and declare that the ring is theirs, with Sheamus telling them to leave the ring. But E&C are not done yet.
    Edge: You know, guys. We, uh, we were gonna give these people a 5-second pose tonight...but, you know, maybe you four should take that honor.
    Christian: Right. So, for the benefit of those with flash photography...Cleveland, we give you...
    Edge: ...the international house of dumbasses.
    (The New Day jumps around while laughing)
    Kofi: Hey, hey. Bomber Wade. Bomber Wade. When we said "turn the other cheek", THIS is what we meant.
    (Xavier Woods sits playing his trombone)
    Christian: And right after Fastlane...right after Fastlane...Watch (beat) our show! Watch our show! Watch our show! Watch our show!
    • For bonus points, he delivered his last line to the rhythm of The New Day's own "New Day rocks!"


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