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Heartwarming / Christian

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Christian's had a couple of Heart Warming moments.
  • Winning the World Heavyweight Championship, with Edge there to celebrate with him.
  • Inducting Edge in to the Hall of Fame.
  • Recounting the story of how he & Edge became friends on the Instant Classic: The Best of Christian Cage DVD that was put out by TNA.
    • And then Edge did the same thing on the WWE's You Think You Know Me: The Story of Edge years later.
  • His adopting the Frog Splash into his move set following Eddie Guerrero's death, which occured on the same day Christian made his TNA debut.
    • He's also adopted the Spear as a signature move following Edge's retirement.
  • Embracing Edge in the middle of the ring during the 2021 Royal Rumble, after both of them were thought to be permanently retired.

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