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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Towards the end of his initial WWE run, Christian's gimmick got so over with the crowd that he was getting cheers over actual faces. Rather than turn him face, WWE moved him to SmackDown so they could edit the chants for Christian out of his matches.
    • One fan-created WMG theory to why Christian hasn't been given a world title since his return to the WWE is because Christian managed to get cheered over the guy they were grooming to be the next big thing: John Cena.
      • Getting cheered over Cena is also attributed to why Chris Jericho was turned heel and thrown into Christian's title match with Cena at Vengeance 2005 and Christian never got another shot again. Which in turn is attributed to WWE failing to keep Christian at the negotiating table, leading to him being seen in TNA very shortly after his WWE contract ran out in the first place.
      • Jericho turning heel was his own idea, per his book.
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    • This trope seems to be biting Christian in the ass on one level when he's a face. Both times he's lost titles have been indirectly attributed to a fan vote putting him into the match where he would lose his title. The first time was the oft-mentioned title reign of two days to Randy Orton when the live audience 'voted' that they wanted to see that match, and the second time was during his latest IC Championship run, where the week before, WWE ran a fan vote as to which champion (between himself, the US Champ Santino Marella, and the Divas' Champion Layla) the fans wanted to see defend their title at RAW 1000. Christian won the poll...and lost his title to The Miz.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: His constant whining for 'one more match' during his heel run takes on a much more somber meaning now that a string of successive injuries may mean that he may be forced to retire from in-ring action - and without an official 'send-off' match, to boot.
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  • Just Here for Godzilla: Christian was effectively the only reason anyone watched WWECW in 2009. Considering he was a borderline main event talent who, at the height of his popularity, was more over than John Cena, on a show filled with younger, unestablished talent and mid carder jobbers like William Regal, it was only to be expected.
  • Memetic Mutation: The reaction of announcer Todd Grisham at Christian's return to WWE in 2009:
    • "Tomko, gimme a beat." "No."
    • While one of the best in the biz, Christian sadly is also responsible for this botch.
    • "Stay off the internet, buddy."
  • Reality Ensues: With the success Daniel Bryan and even his best friend Wrestling/Edge, many began wondering if Christian will follow suit. Unfortunately, Christian made it clear that it's not happening. Similar as to Bryan's concussion injuries, he sited that both have different types of injuries, and how Bryan retired in his mid 30's, Christian retired in his 40's. In Talk is Jericho, it's mentioned that WWE would most likely never allow him to wrestle again because of how much they know now of concussions like CTE and the Benoit tragedy, especially at Christian's age. A comeback is simply not an option for him, even if he wanted too.
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  • Strawman Has a Point: Following his 2014 Face–Heel Turn, he's returned somewhat to the tantrum-throwing brat persona of his younger years - although in some cases his rages and rants are pretty much justified. He was right, for instance, in pointing out that, as Chief Operating Officer, Triple H shouldn't let Randy Orton get away with causing so much mayhem, because after all Triple H himself was once on the receiving end of that mayhem when Orton put both Vince and Shane McMahon (Triple H's in-laws) in the hospital and nearly raped Stephanie McMahon (his wife). Ultimately defied, as Triple H simply didn't care about all that anymore.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: His theme in TNA, Take Over, sounds a lot like Evanescence's My Last Breath.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • Never mind the fact that his WHC title run was insultingly short. A feud between Christian and Randy Orton for the title would have actually been pretty cool, especially considering that they're the top 2 guys on Smackdown and, because of the Draft, its Main Event scene hasn't been established yet. But since WWE have made it clear multiple times that they don't see Christian as a Main Event player, it's never gonna happen. However, this ultimately ended up being subverted as they actually went through with Christian vs Orton, where they went to have some of the best matches of 2011 and would've been WWE feud of the year had it not been for Cena vs Punk. Still, many feel Christian should have been the champ for these instead of Orton.
    • And of course, prior to Christian making his WWE return, Jeff Hardy was regularly being attacked by a mystery assailant: guess who it was going to be until somebody higher up decided that since it was so "obvious" it shouldn't happen? Although to be fair, the WWE fanbase immediately figured out that it was meant to be Christian behind the attacks. The WWE gave the angle to Matt Hardy instead, so that they could pull a Shocking Swerve on the fans.
    • TNA might have generated a bit more interest in Slammiversary 2012 had they advertised that Christian, the reigning WWE Intercontinental champion, was going to appear on their pay-per-view. Instead, they chose to announce it on Twitter a few days before.
  • Vindicated by History: His actions as a heel in 2011 — namely the enmity towards Randy Orton, the questioning of Triple H, and the general complaints against the WWE machine for costing him his dream World Heavyweight Championship run — becomes completely justified in kayfabe by the rise of The Authority in 2013.
  • The Woobie: "Oh, hi Grandma Edna! Did you see, I—<Deflated> Yeah. He's here."


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