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Fridge Brilliance

  • One possible reason for Ironhide losing his Jerk Jock streak over time may have had something to do with a shocking realization that he was pulling pranks alongside a 'bot (Wasp) who, by the end of the '"Autoboot Camp" was (falsely) incriminated as a Decepticon spy.
  • The concept of "electronic paint-jobs" works well with explaining why Transformers turn gray when they go offline; the paint-job is maintained only as long as they live.
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  • Sari's ability to instinctively interface with technology is foreshadowed in "Sari, No One's Home", as she figured out how to bypass the paywall on pay-TV and claims it was easy.
  • Word of God is that the Autobots are a labour force while the Decepticons are a military force — and thinking about it, they were probably literally made for these niches. Our main Autobots scan emergency and rescue vehicles (well... kind of. Prime has no engine but he uses flame retardant hoses, and 'Bee is technically a police car) while the 'Cons only choose military vehicles. 'Cons have superior firepower, but the Autobots have superior engineering skills. Kind of squares up with Sumdac's insistence that his company does not build war robots.
  • In the two-parter "Human Error," Sari, upon receiving a motor-scooter that transforms into a backpack, says "I was kind of hoping for something with four wheels." Being part-Cybertronian, this indicates she wants to scan an alt-mode.
    • She also is about sixteen physically, which often coincides with four-wheeled vehicles.
  • Some were confused when it was revealed that Bulkhead was an expert on Space Bridges and why it was never brought up earlier. Well, it could have been done earlier; IF in Episode 1, the Autobots didn't find the All-Spark, Bulkhead could have done something with the space bridge and showed his prowess with them long before. He wanted to be a Space Bridge engineer and likely studied like crazy to get it right.
    • Or it could be the fact that the team was clearing rubble in the first episode, rather than needing to carry out any mechanical repairs to the Space Bridge.
  • Why does Longarm look weird, like having that weird scuba-mask? Shockwave has to compensate.
    • Why does Longarm's facial expressions seem awkward and stilted in comparison to other Cybertronians? Shockwave is not only The Stoic, but he also isn't used to having a face to express emotions with.
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    • Same goes for his body movement. Shockwave isn't used to moving around with his body like that.
  • With the revelation that Sari is a techno-organic, the Allspark didn't intend to make the Key back in the first episode. It was aiming for her chest, where her spark is. Sari's security key was in the way. Otherwise, she would've been upgraded just like she would've been in "TransWarped".
    • Another thing to note from the first episode is that the nanotech-roach monster only seems to go after machines. It absorbs a number of vehicles, Prowl, and then attacks Sari – a big hint to her true nature. Granted it could just be a case of her being in the wrong place at the wrong time, whilst the other humans were out of range, but it’s a bit too much of a coincidence...
  • Fridge Sadness: Blackarachnia's faux big sister-figure interactions with Sari are a reflection of had things been different: Blackarachnia making a Heel–Face Turn or Optimus being the one lost on Archa-Seven while Elita lived.
    • In addition, it's ironic that Sari interacted with her the most than any other Decepticon because the both of them are techno-organics. One must wonder how Blackarachnia would've reacted to that news in Season 3...
  • Another definition of 'ultimate' is 'last'. When the crime syndicate allied themselves with Swindle and named themselves the Society of Ultimate Villainy, they went down a path that lead that crime spree to be their last.
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  • Why, when they reappear, were Bumblebee's Turbo Boosters suddenly under his control? Well it's a fair bet that either Bumblebee and Sari went back to Issac with feedback and he fixed the errors, or that Ratchet did it, likely acknowledging the fact that they could be useful in the future.
  • From a certain point of view Ramjet is in fact the most honest character in the show; because he is a compulsive liar everything he says is a lie, and if you take that into account then you no nothing he says is true then you know that the opposite of everything he says is true, meaning that the bot who never tells the truth can never actually lie.
  • Megatron has another reason beyond actually being offlined by Starscream to distrust him: per the Allspark Almanac he himself was a successful The Starscream to his predecessor. The moment he realized what Starscream was up to, he would not let history repeat itself.
  • Given the timing of the malfunctioning service bot and his general disdain for robots, it is quite likely that the malfunctioning condiment bot was specifically timed by Prometheus Black when trying to butter up Fanzone to better set up a deal.
  • Since Cliffjumper has died twice in two projects since then, many have assumed the character has become little more than a Sacrificial Lamb. Yet this Cliffjumper isn't dead. Why? Because since he has to work for Sentinel Prime, he's already dead on the inside.

Fridge Horror

  • Professor Princess is a pretty silly character, but ask yourself this-what is a 6 year old girl doing running around Detroit blowing stuff up? Where did she get all these weapons or learn how to use them? And worst of all, ''where are her parents?''
    • While the Parental Abandonment thing is a fair thing, it's stated that she actually has a PHD and it's implied that she built her tech herself.
  • At the end of the series, Sari decides to travel to Cybertron to learn more about her Cybertronian heritage. Cybertron, at that point, is technically still led by Sentinel (acting) Magnus, who is so biophobic that he viewed Blackarahnia as an abomination-mockery of the Autobot she used to be. How do you think he'll react to discovering what Sari actually is?
  • The Allspark Almanac revealed the Astrography of the Animated Galaxy. This reveals where Earth is relative to Cybertron....and that it's right at the door step of the Quintesson Pan Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere. Yeah, Earth is basically the next in line to be part of the Quintesson domain. Even if the All Spark hadn't found its way to Earth, Earth was going to get alien invasions. The Earth's best hope is probably the Autobots presence being a deterrent to the Quintessons, and even that is hardly guaranteed.

Fridge Logic

  • In Wreck-Gar's official bio, it explains that he watches a lot of TV, and believes everything in the internet is true. As in the Transformers Wiki, how he does this in the bottom of the ocean makes you wonder, unless he can access the internet in his internal memory as the live action Optimus said they learned various languages in the internet, including eBay.

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