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  • The first episode instantly lets you know what the tone of the series is going to be like, kicking off the first gag seconds in with Bulkhead just swinging there from his wrecking ball, and Optimus looking at the sight with a sigh. The main cast is going to be a bunch of good-hearted losers so radically different from the old G1 heroes that you have this instinctive feeling you're going to love it.
    • Then we see, when the Space Bridge goes active, Optimus single-handingly protects his crew with a showing of his Mundane Made Awesome arsenal: Using his grappling hook to save Bumblebee Spider-Man Style, uses his axe to shatter rocks, a short jet-burst to get Prowl back down and finally uses his net to catch a barrage of bolders from crashing into Bulkhead. Said bot can only stare with a Jaw Drop before Prowl shuts it for him.
  • Bulkhead is the first Autobot to land a solid hit on Starscream.
    Bulkhead: (Fumbling with the Allspark) I got it! I got it! I got- (Allspark is taken by Starscream)
    Starscream: Fool! Did you really think you could keep the Allspark out of the hands of- (Is knocked away by Bulk's wrecking ball, losing the Allspark)
    Bulkhead: (catches the Allspark one-handed) I said I got it.
  • "Meltdown not hurt Dinobots. Dinobots hurt Meltdown!" Added awesomeness by the trio then transforming to robot mode, which no other character knew was even possible.
  • Speaking of Optimus Prime? Kicking Megatron out the docking tunnel and letting him burn up in Earth's atmosphere in the first episode.
  • Prowl coming out of nowhere and popping a wheelie on Lockdown's face.
    Lockdown: I'm impressed. It's been eons since the last time anyone got the drop on me.
    Prowl: Next time will be much sooner.
    • Another Prowl Moment is when he gets the Samurai Armor from Lockdown. It's strange though, how he's more of a jerk in Samurai Armour than he is as a Ninja, contrasting the general portrayal of "Samurai=honorable" "ninja=deceitful". Even in shows where you like him, the writers still want him to be a prick.
    • From the same episode, Prowl beating the ever-loving hell out of Lockdown after learning that he was the one who murdered his old master Yoketron. And then he finally masters the Processor Over Matter technique.
  • Animated Starscream gets his share.
    • When Starscream gives Megatron a pat on the back before he goes to take out the Autobots, "to wish him luck"... and plants a bomb on his back.
    Megatron: I do not believe in luck. (flies off)
    Starscream: Neither do I.
    • Try when he and his clone army blast into the Decepticon base. Every one of his clones gets a little moment to shine there (especially the sycophant, who singlehandedly brings down Prowl). But the real moment comes when his clones incapacitate Megatron as Starscream grabs his sword. "Oh, I've been waiting a long time for this!"
      • Starscream starts his introduction to the Autobots by single-handedly handing them their collective skidplates in "Transform and Roll Out".
      • Or when he, after discovering Megatron alive but helpless, started going on about how "Anyone could just walk in here and terminate you..." while preparing to finish what he started and kill Megatron once and for all. Then Bumblebee runs in and blasts Starscream with his stingers. Starscream simply gets up and stands there until the Autobot realizes it has no effect on him, before blasting Bee and grabbing him by the neck.
      Starscream: Finished? [...] "You INTERRUPTED MY SPEEEEEEECH!!!!"
      • Results in him juggling Bumblebee.
  • The rebirth of Megatron is it self a downright awesome scene him slowly reassemble himself and blasts himself through, a bigger threat than ever.
    • Upon singlehandedly owning the Autobots, Megatron promptly assembles the Decepticons and makes a speech about how he's going to get back at the one responsible for his humiliation. He takes aim at the Autobots and charges up his fusion cannon, then turns around and hits Starscream with the Allspark key, draining him of all of his energy.
      Megatron: [Holds Starscream in the air by the head until he finally goes limp, and then lets him fall like a sack of potatoes.] Does anyone else have a problem with my leadership?
      Blitzwing (Random): N-no, we're fine.
      Lugnut: Never!
      • The best part about this is the fact that Blitzwing was in Random mode at the time and, for once, he didn't burst out into maniacal laughter. That's just how much Megatron scares him. In fact, according to Blitzwing's toy bio, Megatron scares all three of his personalities.
    • Then follows up by finally giving the Decepticons an equivalent of the famed "transform and roll out" (which fits perfectly with how the 'cons in this series see themselves as La RĂ©sistance, rising up against "Autobot oppression"):
    Megatron: Decepticons, transform and rise up!
    • Optimus taking Megatron down in this episode.
    "You want power?" (rams Sari's key into the AllSpark in Megatron's chest) "HAVE YOUR FILL!"
    • Bumblebee using his Motor Mouth to trick Blitzwing into transforming into a tank... in mid-air.
  • Three Words: Starscream Death Montage. Each one is a Curb-Stomp Battle in Megatron's favor.
  • Another Megatron moment. He's had a spy in the Autobot Elite Guard for several decades, under the name Longarm. This spy is now head of Cybertron Intelligence. This spy is also Shockwave.
  • Bulkhead turning his kibble into a chair.
    • Also an Awesome Moment for the toy engineers. His Leader class figure (the one that's to scale with most of the team, no less) can make a kibble chair, too!
    • There's two when he fights Lugnut: when Lugnut flies toward him, he tackles him in midair, and later, he beats Lugnut's Punch of Kill Everything by using his wrecking ball to set it off while Lugnut's still speechifying, causing it to backfire on him.
      Bulkhead: You talk too much.
    • Spiking his toxic friends Mixmaster and Scrapper's drinks.
  • Of course, any time The Punch works, it's a CMoA for Lugnut. Lugnut is usually left standing in a crater. Nobody else will still be standing.
    Blitzwing (Hothead): If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times... GIVE ME SOME WARNING BEFORE YOU USE THE PUNCH!
    • Except Wreck-Gar who DOES survive Lugnut's Punch of Kill Everything. Yeah, the freakin' comic relief survives one of the most deadly attacks in the show. It's ridiculously minor, but it's a still awesome moment for Wreck-Gar.
  • Wreck-Gar's intro episode was made of this.
    "I am Wreck-Gar! I DARE TO BE STUPID!"
  • Blitzwing icing up Bumblebee, then overpowering Optimus.
    • In "Sari, No One's Home", he takes on the Autobot quintet singlehandedly, kicks their butts, and then stands back contentedly and watches them try to compose a new battle plan. And then he proceeds to kick their butts again and only leaves when Megatron tells him to stop getting distracted on the way to work.
  • Ratchet's verbal assault on Lockdown when asked to numb Lockdown's pain with the EMP generator that he originally stole. And later, when he gets ready to take back the other parts he'd stolen from the Autobots:
    Ratchet: Time was, I'd use my EMP generator to do this painlessly. Too bad I don't have it anymore...
    • He then rips Optimus' grapplers out of Lockdown's arm.
    • Oh, it gets even better.
    Ratchet: You want me to use that EMP to make your pain go away?" (Blocks Lockdown's underhanded attack and takes back his EMP generator by ripping it from Lockdown's arm.) "This was a medical tool, meant to heal! You turned it into a weapon! (Uses a full-blast EMP to take down the ship.) This one's for Arcee.
    • The confrontation in the junkyard, where Ratchet pulls a Batman Gambit on Lockdown to get him to use the EMP on him. Once Lockdown laughs and turns his back, Ratchet suddenly gets up and attacks.
      "Humans call it 'playing possum.' Don't ask me what a possum is. (magnetically drops a car on Lockdown) I guess it never occurred to you that the EMP wouldn't work on the one bot it was designed for."
  • For Grimlock, it comes for when he transforms to dino mode, and scares Porter C. Powell out of his wits, grabs him by the leg, tosses him in the air and promptly swallows him. When he finally spits him out, he's covered in oil that completely ruined his suit.
  • One can't forget Animated Omega Supreme's first appearance, dramatically transforming in midair and proclaiming in a booming voice, "I am Omega SUPREME!" before beating the living crap out of a group of shocked Decepticons.
    • No forgetting the Heroic Sacrifice. He lets himself be sucked into a malfunctioning space bridge to save Michigan!
  • The S.U.V. ganging up on Swindle.
  • Wreck-Gar's entrance into the Substitute Autobots. "I am Wreck-Gar! I am a hero!"
  • Blurr's epic race back to Cybertron, running in space, over planetary rings. Breathtakingly awesome. Too bad it was more or less his exit scene.
  • Ratchet asserting that Sari will not be used as a weapon and sacrificed.
  • Prowl mastering Processor-Over-Matter just in time stop Sentinel from being crushed by falling wreckage, which he stops in midair with the power of his mind. Even Jazz, the ostensibly superior Cyber-Ninja, is impressed.
    • Oh, and remember that kick-ass armor we mentioned above? Prowl gets it back. And keeps it. And it doesn't make him act like a jerk this time.
  • "Wazzpinator cannot go offline... Wazzpinator have plans ..."
  • Optimus Prime beating the crap out of Megatron with his own arm AS A HUMAN. Too bad it wasn't real...
    • And then right after that, "Autobots! Transform!" and going straight back to being a giant robot. Again, too bad it wasn't real...
    • Don't forget part 2, where Optimus takes and forces Laserbeak into his Guitar Mode and has a very epic musical battle with Soundwave's Keytar Ratbat, all ending with Optimus cutting Soundwave in half with the guitar, Man, Optimus is made of awesome. And this was real.
      Soundwave: Your axe is useless, Autobot.
      Optimus: But yours isn't!
  • The entire episode "Decepticon Air" was one massive CMoA for Optimus Prime. Basically by him doing his best Die Hard imitation.
  • Professor Sumdac mocking the Headmaster's Totally Radical tendencies when the Autobots' ambush is revealed. "I believe the phrase is, total ownage, noob!"
    • "Total Ownage, noob..."
    • And he does it again to Starscream, complete with mocking the phrase again even though Headmaster himself isn't around.
    • And relaying Megatron's conversation with his spy on Cybertron, right under the Decepticons' noses after having long since convinced them he's not worth keeping an eye on.
  • Ratchet for putting Sentinel Prime in his place by getting Ultra Magnus' Hammer back from Shockwave, taking it with him to Earth, and bringing Jazz with him to stay. Sentinel protested Ratchet's decision to take the hammer, but Ratchet is having none of it.
    Sentinel: It belongs to the Elite Guard!
    Ratchet: ...It belongs to Ultra Magnus. We'll give it to him when he wakes up.
    • And holding his own against Shockwave in the process.
    • Heck, Ratchet telling Ultra Magnus (and later Sentinel Prime as acting Magnus) exactly how unethical and generally dickish they were being counts as a CMoA, because they sorely had it coming.
  • "Endgame, part II". Pretty much in it's entirety. to wit:
    • Optimus Prime taking the Magnus Hammer and using it to blow the Omega Supreme clones away, disabling one in the process.
    • Bulkhead for taking down Shockwave almost single-handedly (Bumblebee helped... a little).
    • The final battle between Optimus and Megatron.
    Megatron: You're a persistent little Autobot.
    Optimus Prime: My name... is Optimus Prime!
    • Just hearing Megatron finally getting Optimus's name right. After not even knowing who he is, nor caring for the ENTIRE SERIES, Megatron saying his name counts as him finally viewing Optimus as the Arch-Enemy they have been to each other throughout the franchise's history..
    Megatron: If I cannot save my clones, at least I'll have the satisfaction of destroying you, Optimus Prime!
    Optimus: (with a smirk in his voice) So, you can remember my name!
    • Prowl and Jazz use Processor Over Matter to gather the remaining Allspark pieces together from all around the city (killing Starscream in the process), and when they prove not to be enough, Prowl sacrifices his life to create a barrier powerful enough to contain the explosion of one of the Omega Clones, but taking one final moment to pull Optimus out of the field before the bomb goes off.
    • Megatron for surviving the subsequent blast, and still ready for a fight.
      • Optimus smacking him right back down afterwards. Especially notable considering that prior to this, Optimus was at best reluctant to using the Magnus Hammer. This time? Ratchet mag-throws it to him and he's using it like it was made for him.
      • Plus, there's Megatron's line when he finally ejects from his downed Lugnut Supreme to stop Optimus from going after the other two:"Get away from my Weapons of Mass Destruction.".
    • And finally, the Autobots making a Trimphant return to Cybertron in Omega Supreme, carrying the Magnus Hammer, with Lugnut, Shockwave, and Megatron himself in cuffs, the last three protoforms recovered, and bearing Prowl's body.
    • To add, The autobots on cybertron cheering team Prime's arrival goes dead silent briefly when the ship transforms into Omega Supreme (remember, it was top secret that the supremes were converted to ships due to the threat they posed) only for the cheering to come back at triple the volume.
      • Oh, and did we mention Prime's wearing the Allspark like the Autobot Matrix of Leadership?
    • This simply has to be noted: Battered and beaten, Megatron asks Optimus why he just doesn't finish him off, once and for all. Prime actually raises the Magnus Hammer, charges it, then swings it down in a way that looks like he actually did it. Then the camera angle changes to show he destroyed Megatron's arm cannon instead. He then puts Stasis Cuffs on the Decepticon Leader, saying this, "That would be the easy way out, Megatron. You don't deserve it."
    • One final note of the whole thing altogether: Optimus acheived the greatest victory any Autobot in existence could hope to achieve. His team not only secured protoforms stolen by Decepticons, but also recovered Omega Supreme, a celebrated model that helped end the war, retrieved the Allspark restored to one piece AND captured not only Megatron, but also Shockwave, the Decepticon spy who crippled Ultra Magnus, and Lugnut, who was part of Megatron's own warband AND came back with the Magnus Hammer, the badge of office for the position of Commander and the Autobots' most powerful weapon for Autobots to wield. The Council would most certainly favor Optimus to become the new Magnus. How's that for an Elite Guard washout?
  • In "Transwarped", Ratchet managing to save Bumblebee's life and heal his grave injuries without the key, proving he's still got what it takes to be the team's irreplaceable medic. And a good thing too, since from here on out, circumstances have left them without the key's instant healing power.
  • When the final episode of Transformers: Animated aired in Japan, instead of showing the second version of the original JAM Project opening, "TRANSFORMERS EVO.", the opening for this episode was instead replaced by a version of the first edition of "TRANSFORMERS EVO." where the entire cast of Autobots sang the song. It's just as awesome as described.
  • Optimus telling off Sentinel in "The Elite Guard".
    Sentinel: It wasn't a request. It's a direct order, Optimus.
    Optimus: It's Optimus Prime. I may be an Elite Guard washout and a glitch-detail flunky, but the last time I checked, you and I still had equal rank. So, Sentinel Prime, take your order and your condescending attitude, and stick it in your hard drive! You're on my turf now!
  • Sari, a season after getting thrown out of her home by Porter C.Powell and having him gloat about her not legally existing, bringing her father back to Sumdac industries, who prompty fires him and Headmaster, who took Sari's room. To make the Laser-Guided Karma complete, when the two refuse to leave, Sari blasts them out of the building.
  • Credit where it's due in Decepticon Air Sentinel is held hostage, informed quite plainly that if the other's do not surrender he'll be blasted to bits and immediately orders the others not to surrender.