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Prom Night is a Slasher Movie series of films that all center around the High-School Dance the prom. Originating in 1980, the original film in the series was known as Prom Night and starred Jamie Lee Curtis and Leslie Nielsen. Seven years later, a second film known as Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II that shared no characters with the original. In 1990, this was followed up with a Direct-to-Video sequel known as Prom Night III: The Last Kiss and a fourth film known as Prom Night IV: Deliver Us From Evil in 1991, which again featured completely different characters. In 2008, a loose remake of the original was released, also named Prom Night, which starred Brittany Snow, Jonathan Schaech, and Idris Elba.


Tropes that appear in the Prom Night film series:

  • Alpha Bitch: Often appear at odds with the Final Girl.
    • Wendy in the original; she cajoled the other kids into keeping quiet about Robin's death and in the present day is a Rich Bitch and Clingy Jealous Girl intent on winning back her boyfriend.
    • Mary Lou Maloney was one in life, and directly caused her death when her spurned boyfriends tried to prank her, but it backfired causing her to burn to death. She's no better in the present day.
    • Crissy in the remake has been Donna and Lisa's nemesis and helped to fund the prom as an ego trip. Surprisingly the killer doesn't bother with her.
  • Big Bad: Each one has a slasher villain at its core.
    • The original has Alex Hammond, who is targeting four high schoolers who killed a young girl six years before.
    • The second film and third films have Mary Lou Maloney, a Vengeful Ghost who wants to reclaim her title of Prom Queen after being killed in a prank gone wrong thirty years before.
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    • The fourth film has Father Colin, a Knight Templar whose main goal in life is as The Scourge of God, targeting those he believes tainted.
    • The remake has Richard Fenton, an Evil Teacher who lusted for his student and was imprisoned after he murdered her family. Three years later, he's escaped and intent on murdering everyone who's connected to this student so that all they will have left is him.
  • Deadly Prank: What kicks off the plot of the original film and the second film (and the third by extension).
  • Fighter, Mage, Thief: The main villains for the original films. Father Jonas is an Implacable Man who uses a sharpened cross as his weapon (Fighter), Mary Lou Maloney is a Vengeful Ghost who relies on Demonic Possession (Mage) and Alex Hammond is a Stealth Expert who uses speed and Improvised Weapons (Thief).
  • Final Girl: Zigzagged.
    • The original film doesn't have one; Jamie Lee Curtis' Kim wasn't a target. However there is a Final Boy since Nick is the only one of the killer's targets who survives the film; all three female targets die.
    • The Mary Lou films don't have one since Mary Lou wins both times... maybe.
    • Meagan in the fourth film is a straighter example, though the ending suggests that the Big Bad has now possessed her, making her a subversion.
    • Donna Keppel in the remake is this trope full-throttle, for two separate massacres.
  • High-School Dance: The films center around the prom and will usually encompass the second half of each film.
  • Recurring Element: The four original films each have Brock Simpson playing a role; he started out as Young Nick in the original, Josh in Hello Mary Lou, Larry in The Last Kiss, and finally as the Big Bad in Deliver Us from Evil.
  • Serial Killer: Each film has one for its Big Bad.
  • Thematic Series: Zigzagged. All the films center around the prom, but are very loosely connected from a continuity standpoint outside of the location of Hamilton High School, with the second and third films being a Villain-Based Franchise.
  • Villain-Based Franchise: The second and third films center around Big Bad Mary Lou Maloney.


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