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When his classmates are taken into another world, Izuku Midoriya makes a bargain to enter that world and bring them home. But he has an entire planet to search and only the knowledge that his friends would only ever want to be heroes to go on. Huntsmen seem to be like heroes, so maybe he'll find them at this Beacon Academy. Along with a red hooded girl just as heroic as him.

One to Find All is a crossover fanfic by TheMaster4444. When six members of class 1-A have their souls removed and are reborn on the world of Remnant by one of Salem's spells gone wrong, the Gods of Light and Darkness give Midoriya a chance to save them. Transported to a new world with new dangers he has to find classmates that have no memories of their old lives, just their innate desire to become heroes. The only clue the Gods give him is the name of another they entrusted to fight evil long ago, Ozma. Fortunately, Midoriya also runs into a girl with silver eyes who is as determined as he is to be a hero and save everyone she can.


Tropes found in ''One To Find All':

  • Adaptational Species Change: As Katsuki Bell, Bakugo reincarnated as a wolf Faunus on Remnant. Kirishima is also a Faunus, kind unidentified due to being The Ghost.
  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul: Here in Remnant, Tomura is the twin brother of Momo herself. The two having been with one another since they were kids.
    • This changes with everybody of the MHA students with only Bakugo and Kirishima seemingly being the same.
  • Age Lift: In a technical sense: Izuku is sixteen, but his friends are now seventeen on Remnant. Tenko/Tomura is also Momo’s twin brother and thus also seventeen, rather than twenty.
  • Aliens Speaking English: Implicitly Double Subverted, although the primary language on Remnant is not defined as similar to English by Izuku (or anyone), and it may just be Translation Convention. Regardless, Izuku is able to claim his name as “old Mistralian” in origin, and not get called out; Mistral also has Japanese cuisine and dining, so nobody bats an eye when he makes his team and Katsuki’s some katsudon for breakfast.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis:
    • During orientation, Katsuki realises how the chess piece relics are being used to create four-person teams, and in turn guarantees that he and his partner, Yang, are on Pyrhha’s team.
    • Izuku and Katsuki both start to piece together how Pyrhha’s semblance works through observation, with the latter confirming during combat training with her; Weiss is impressed as official analytics have not even gotten that far.
    • Izuku notices that Blake’s bow twitches without any logical reason, although his guess as to why is well off the mark from the actual reasons.
  • Badass Boast
    • At the end of Chapter 6, Izuku and Bakugo/Bell exchange these when they decide to duel over whether the teams will reveal Jaune's fake transcripts to Ozpin, with Izuku ending the chapter on a very good one.
      Izuku: "Give me everything you've got, Kacchan. All your strength, all your power. And then, I'll go beyond."
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  • Batman Gambit: Katsuki ensures he’s on a team with Pyrrha by taking deliberate actions which otherwise are in character for him. Knowing Blake was trailing him and Yang, he picks up a different relic than his partner chose and lobs it at her while raging about her flaws; Blake instinctively catching it when she steps out. When Pyrrha emerges a bit later he tosses the matching chess piece her way; since nobody except Izuku has any issues with the team compositions, they have no reason to think of exchanging relics even if they do know the symbolism.
  • Benevolent Boss: Though she is a villain and oversees Junior’s gang, Momo is actually a pretty good boss. She personally trains the mooks to bring up their fighting skills, compliments and promotes guys that show skill and initiative, and is able to genuinely inspire them.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: As on Earth, don’t expect Izuku to stand back and watch others be harassed; similarly, both his and Katsuki’s teams won’t stand for bullies, let alone their own being picked on, as Cardin Winchester learns when they threaten him if he tries to expose Jaune to the staff.
  • Bystander Syndrome: In Chapter 6, Blake internally reflects that even humans who accept Faunus are more likely to just watch rather than act on injustice towards them (as well as her own reluctance to draw attention by doing so). The fact that Izuku steps in to stop Cardin Winchester from bulling Velvet Scarletina both amazes and shames her (and their fellow students) inaction.
  • Child Prodigy: Ruby, as in canon; Izuku also gives the impression of being one, as the second-youngest Beacon student as well as being more academically-minded than her (in spite of his naturally spotty knowledge of Remnant).
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome:
    • Izuku's is on full display. When the Gods of Light and Darkness freeze time and tell him that his friends have been taken to another world and he has to follow with no backup to save them, he barely takes any time to agree. Then, when said trip lands him square in the middle of Ruby's first confrontation with Roman, he immediately agrees to help her apprehend the criminal once she's explained the situation to him. He himself notes that this isn't always an asset, as his extreme willingness to help meant that he didn't ask all the questions of the Gods he necessarily should have, such as what Ozma, the person they told him to go to for help, looked like, or how he was supposed to get his friends to remember their lives on Earth.
    • Ruby as well. It is what gets her partnered with Izuku during initiation. After he is knocked out of the sky by one of Katsuki's blasts, she rushes to make sure he's okay which leads to their eye contact and partnership.
  • Culture Clash: Izuku, when stopping Cardin’s bullying of Velvet, remembers the need to check on and reassure her like a hero would... which throws off everyone watching, both for the action itself and because left his back exposed to a potential enemy.
  • Did Not Think This Through: The plot is set in motion by Salem using a complicated spell she’s unfamiliar with to tip things in her favour; she ends up pulling more souls than she meant into Remnant (meaning further factors she can’t account for fully), and according to the Remnant gods her magic reserves running out is what ended the spell at the seven souls she nabbed. If she didn’t have Complete Immortality the endeavour may have killed her... and that’s without the god of Earth being pissed by the whole thing.
  • Dramatic Irony: Ruby unfavourably compares herself to Izuku after seeing him as better leadership material than her and with his skills in combat; unknown to her of course, Izuku has struggled to get where he is, doesn’t yet have a Semblance (with his aura only recently unlocked but enhancing his abilities), and has similar feelings of inadequacy. This also happens with Jaune later on.
  • Entertainingly Wrong: When he sees Blake’s bow twitching randomly, Izuku - based on his own pull of experience (including only a rudimentary, clinical knowledge of Faunus persecution) - assumes that she can’t fully control her Semblance and the bow moves whenever a clone is trying to escape her involuntarily.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Junior is a surrogate older brotherly to the Malachite twins, having taken care of them since they were kids and on the run from their crime lord mother; the girls in turn protect him from Momo when she threatens him.
  • Evil Virtues: The same people skills, intelligence, and organizational talents that made Momo such a well liked and valuable member of class 1-A have carried over to her reincarnation to make her a feared, respected, efficient, and cunning mob boss.
  • Evil vs. Evil: Momo plans to go against and challenge Roman Torchwick for the Dust. All in an effort to see who's top dog of the city.
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: Mistral has Japanese influences, as Izuku convincingly claims descent from there and Pyrrha, an actual Mistralian has experience with Japanese cuisine (including the use of chopsticks).
  • Fanboy: For all their differences, Izuku gives Huntsmen and Huntresses as much respect as the Pro Heroes of his world; in particular, he’s the only person to actually like Professor Port’s stories, finding them enthralling anecdotes of the man’s experience while everyone else (including Weiss) finds them boring.
  • Foreshadowing: When Izuku is given the rundown by Remnant’s twin gods, they explain that Salem cast her spell explicitly looking for a soul with a love for destruction, as well as implying that there’s a seventh soul among them. These hint at the fact Tomura Shigaraki was pulled in with students, and was likely the spell’s target rather than Katsuki Bakugo.
  • For Want of a Nail: As a result of the arrival of the My Hero Academia characters things are starting to shift away from the original story. So far the most obvious change is that the original partnerships and teams of RWBY and JNPR have mostly been replaced with the new partners and teams: Team RIBW (Rainbow) with Ruby and Izuku as one set of partners and Blake and Weiss as the other set, and Team AYBN (Auburn) with Yang and Bakugo (whose family name is Bell on Remnant) as partners. Jaune and Pyrrha are the only original partnership to not be changed, with Nora and Ren nowhere to be seen but confirmed by Word of God to have been affected by the ripple effect of the reincarnated MHA cast (who have had seventeen years to impact the setting before Izuku even arrives).
  • Go-Karting with Bowser: Unbeknownst to either of them, Ruby and Tenko are online friends and play video games with each other.
  • Hope Bringer: Izuku’s heroic spirit and willpower seems to be making him this to Ozpin, who marvels at meeting someone that knows of Salem’s Complete Immortality yet refuses to run away or turn. While Oz refuses to push the young man into the conflict more than necessary, he is nonetheless aware that Izuku will still do whatever he can to help the people of Remnant in the meantime.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Izuku mildly offends Blake when he assumes, apropos of his own experience, that she can’t fully control her Semblance.
  • Internal Reveal: Everyone in Teams RIBW and AYBN ends up learning Jaune’s secret in Chapter 6.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Inverted with Ozpin telling Glynda about Izuku’s mission while still not informing her about Salem’s immortality.
  • Loophole Abuse: The Gods of Light and Darkness can’t interfere directly on Remnant given their old vows, so they instead give Izuku the means to interfere with Salem’s dangerous plan.
    • In Chapter 6, Izuku takes Katsuki’s challenge to decide whether they will expose Jaune to Ozpin as this; he would rather not break the law unless lives are at stake, but since he needs to unlock Katsuki’s memories of Earth to ensure his soul can return - and a fight between them might be the push his rival needs to break the block - he’s willing to use the fight to also give Jaune a chance.
  • Let's You and Him Fight: Like all the best superhero team up stories Ruby and Izuku fight when they first meet— right in the middle of Ruby's first fight with Roman Torchwick. Ruby initially thought that Midoriya was Roman's mysterious accomplice Neo in disguise and attacked him, but quickly realized her mistake and teamed up with him to try and capture Roman.
  • Magnetic Hero: Barring Bakugo/Bell, everyone on Teams RIBW and AYBN likes Izuku thanks to his friendliness and helpful nature; even Weiss genuinely respects his competence, and Yang only reluctantly considers Katsuki’s suspicions because her Big Sister Instinct demands it. This is directly noticed by Blake, who is familiar with skilled orators and leaders, yet still in awe of his particular kind of charisma.
  • Mission from God: Izuku's mission to save his friends is literally given to him by the Gods (more specifically Remnant's Gods of Light and Darkness), with permission from Earth's god since it involves the souls of people from Earth.
  • The Nicknamer: Katsuki Bell is no less this than Bakugo was, giving on to anyone he doesn’t sufficiently respect; it’s noted that Pyrrha is the only student he addresses by name, albeit by Last-Name Basis. It’s also a plot point that he calls Izuku “Broccoli Hair” due to not remembering their shared history, which ironically makes Izuku long for the once-hated moniker of “Deku”.
  • Not So Similar: Izuku is learning that the professions of Huntsman and Hero are very similar but also have key differences, one being: Primarily professional heroes on earth are taught that killing an opponent is an option of last resort. On the other hand, Huntsmen and Huntresses are taught to kill Grimm on sight; though they do act with more restraint when dealing with human foes, lethal force is something they more eagerly fall back on than the Pro Heroes of Midoriya's world.
  • Oh, Crap!: Upon hearing Izuku’s story, Ozpin is completely horrified at the newest length that Salem willingly crossed to achieve her goals.
  • Outside Context Magic: Having a quirk on Remnant means a different kind of power, and in Izuku’s case he’s required to pass it off as his Semblance (while still seeming off); Ozpin and Glynda also confirm that Katsuki Bell sweats nitroglycerin, suggesting he hasn’t unlocked his semblance yet. On top of all that, Momo seemingly has both her Creation quirk and an additional, unrelated Semblance, both of which she uses to great and terrifying effect.
  • Parental Substitute: Kali seems to be one for Bakugo/Bell. On Remnant, Bakugo/Bell is an orphan and at some point, Kali seems to have taken him under her wing.
  • Past-Life Memories: Midoriya's mission is to get his friends to remember their past lives on Earth. If they die on Remnant without remembering their old lives their souls will never be able to return to their original bodies.
    • Bakugo begins recalling said life because of Midoriya. Planning on eventually finding the answers to this past.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: On Remnant Momo is a ruthless gang leader trying to take over the Vale underworld but is also shown to be this type of villain. She trains her men, doesn't kill them for petty reasons, doesn't throw their lives away on foolish attacks, gathers intel on her competition, and develops cunning plans to eliminate her foes without putting her forces at risk.
  • Properly Paranoid: Bakugo/Bell becomes very suspicious of Deku after their first few meetings and is convinced that Deku is hiding something and is stalking him. He's correct, Deku is hiding a lot of secrets and is stalking him. Also, thanks to some inconsistencies between Deku's actions and records Yang is also starting to become suspicious.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • Pyrhha’s semblance, Polarity is very useful on the tournament circuit against human opponents, but this is largely because she uses it subtly to not reveal it; when Katsuki figures it out, he nearly beats her by disarming himself. Her technique is also noted to be less-than-ideal in life or death situations, and Glynda scolding her for allowing Katsuki to put his gear (which she could have used to bludgeon him) out of bounds.
    • Why does Velvet not fight back when Cardin racially harrasses her? Because despite the laws granting Faunus equal rights, doing so would only cause her more trouble due to it affecting her image... On the other hand, Izuku stepping in non-violently, and Cardin in turn threatening him in front of her for it, gives her cause to give Cardin warning AND leads to Team CRDL losing face publicly.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Because Izuku knows his original name, Ozpin is initially wary of him; once he gets the full story however, he willingly helps him with his mission despite the dangers. He also resists the temptation to pull his new protégée into the war with Salem anymore than necessary, despite the hope that One For All could help defeat her.
  • Reincarnation: Thanks to a summoning spell cast by Salem, the souls of six students from U.A.'s Class 1-A were reborn on the world of Remnant. They have literally been born and lived seventeen years on Remnant with no memory of the lives they lived before on Earth, but still have parts of their original personalities and are implied to keep a suppressed memory of their lives in their previous world. Working together with the unnamed God of the My Hero Academia world (who is said to be none too happy about Remnant’s matters interfering with His world), the Gods of Light and Darkness send Izuku straight there, though even that consists of taking his soul out of his original body and putting it in a copy they make for him on Remnant. This has the added benefit of the new body not having the damage from Izuku's improper uses of One For All and being hardwired to understand and speak Remnant's primary language.
  • Reincarnation-Identifying Trait: The My Hero characters still have their general looks, Quirks (apparently mistaken for Semblances), and some aspects of their personalities. The Gods tell Izuku that no matter the upbringing they might have had on Remnant, his friends are still the people they were on Earth. Since he believes that his friends would only ever want to be heroes, Izuku makes camp at Beacon, believing they will try to become Huntsmen and even if they go to one of the other academies, he can still find them when they come to Vale for the Vytal Festival.
  • Secret Keeper: Ozpin is one for Midoriya. He is the only one who knows Izuku is from another world and his true mission on Remnant. He not only keeps this secret but covertly helps Midoriya with his quest.
  • Revealing Cover-Up: For Izuku to operate without tipping off Salem to his origins, Ozpin manufactures fake Beacon application scores that are good enough to justify his enrolment, but mediocre enough that Salem and her agents don’t take a good look at him. Of course, this isn’t full-proof; Yang has access to the scores due to Qrow’s connections, and Katsuki is suspicious that the scores greatly underplay Izuku’s actual abilities (which both saw during Initiation), making both of them suspicious.
  • Running Gag: Ruby’s obsession with weapons is frequently poked fun at by her friends and sister; she laments Izuku’s lack of gun options, and comedically overreacts when Katsuki disarms himself to better match Pyrhha.
  • Secret Secret-Keeper: Katsuki Bakugo (aka Katsuki Bell when on Remnant) is one for Blake. Blake and Katsuki never met before the events in the story but he is very close to Blake's mother Kali so he knows Blake is hiding the fact that she is a Faunus and of her history with the White Fang but keeps it secret. A twist to this trope is that he only does so to help Kali; Bakugo/Bell has a very low opinion of Blake because of how she left her parents to stay with the White Fang, but knows that if Blake was exposed and arrested it would break Kali's heart. Bakugo/Bell's respect for Kali is so high that he keeps Blake's secret even though he doesn't like her.
  • Sherlock Scan: Bakugo/Bell is very aware of and observant of his surroundings and is able to piece together various bits of information to come to very accurate conclusions. He is quickly able to deduce how the relic system Ozpin set up would determine who would end up what team and was able to make sure he was on the same team with Pyrrha and not on the same team as Deku or Blake. After one meeting with Ozpin he is able to get pretty accurate idea of the kind of person he is and how he thinks. He also quickly realizes Deku is stalking him and is hiding something.
  • Sure, Let's Go with That: When Izuku “deduces” that she can’t fully control her Semblance, Blake is privately offended that he thinks she hasn’t mastered her own power but outwardly congratulates him for his observativeness.
  • Team Chef: Downplayed. While he admits that he’s not exceptional outside of katsudon, Izuku’s first action to build rapport between Teams RIBW and ABYN is to prepare breakfast for them; even Weiss, who grew up with the best cuisine, is impressed at how good he made it.
  • To Be Lawful or Good: After the teams learn about Jaune’s falsified transcripts, they have to debate on whether to act on this; Izuku and Ruby are personally torn as while they both consider Jaune a friend and don’t want to, they both concede that covering it up would be amoral. Katsuki then makes a suggestion to help make a choice.
  • "World of Cardboard" Speech: Katsuki gives an impressive one to Jaune, pointing out that there’s no excuse to wallow about being weaker than others; everyone is born weak, but they become strong through their own effort and desire to do so, and Jaune has no excuse to not get help if necessary to attain this strength.
  • Worthy Opponent: Pyrhha Nikos is the one student that Katsuki Bell unequivocally respects, to the point he ensures they’re on the same team.
  • Year Inside, Hour Outside: Time passes much faster on Remnant, to the point Izuku’s friends have reincarnated on Remnant, and aged to seventeen years old, not even ten minutes after they had their souls taken. Although, given the twin gods were able to freeze time around Izuku (and said he could finish his mission before anyone on Earth knows he too was gone) the actual rate of time flow between dimensions is anyone’s guess.


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