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  • The level cap breaking system is often dubbed as "Mindbreak" as they require Mental core to break a shipgirl's level limit.
  • "Fox Mines" for 3-4, where players can farm Akagi and Kaga.
    • "Poi Mines" and "Dog Mines" for 6-4 (Yuudachi) and 8-4 (Maya), respectively.
  • "Lusty" for Illustrious and her excellent figure. It was also the actual real world nickname of the subsequent ship to bear the name.
    • She is also sometimes referred to as "useless carrier" not so much for any lack of utility, but because she shares a voice actress with Aqua (who is frequently berated as a "useless goddess") from Konosuba.
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    • It seems that devs also more or less agree with that by turning her into a light aircraft carrier.
  • Her sister Victorious is sometimes called Vicky.
  • And their younger sister Formidable is sometimes called Formi.
  • For San Diego, she has "Sandy" and "3D5" (Japanese language number play on her name). In some forums, she's also known as "Salt Diego" and "Salty" since she often appears to players trying to pull other rare ships that are considered better than her, to the point where San Diego was often considered Vendor Trash for medals of honor. "Number One" (and how she says it, i.e. "Numbah Wan") are also used, more so since her remodel hit.
    • Some Indonesian fans called San Diego "Sandiaga" as wordplay of one particular businessman-turned-politician

  • "Longlegs Monster" for Souryuu and her disproportionately long legs in her artwork.
  • "Akaga" for the combination of Akagi and Kaga, who work extremely well together and both drop in the infamous "Fox Mines" of 3-4.
    • When Nagato released and she was revealed to work well with them, the nickname "Nakaga" was born.
    • With the debut of Amagi, a fleet consisting of Amagi and Akaga will be called Amakaga.
      • Speaking of Kaga, her battleship version (before converting to aircraft carrier Kaga) is often called "Baga," "BBKaga," "Bakaga" or Idiot Kaga.
      • And speaking of Amagi, she's often called Mama Amagi or Mamagi when she's depicted together with Akagi-chan, or even Akagi and Kaga, especially if they're acting specially childish.
  • The KGV class all have at least one:
    • "PoW" or "Wales" for Prince of Wales.
    • Duke of York will be called DoY or Dork. Some have also started calling her Yorkie, which is her older sister King George V's Affectionate Nickname for her.
    • King George V will usually be called KGV.
  • "Belfap" due to Belfast being a particularly sexy maid.
    • A more affectionate name is "Bel-chan." This name is shared with her limited smaller version, also called Belchan (less obvious in the English servers since she was renamed Little Bel there).
  • "Clevedad" or "Clevebro" for Cleveland and her awesome anti-air capability and general utility in the game. This originated from her nickname in the Chinese World of Warships server due to being a very good ship, and being a World War II-era cruiser at Tier 6 where most other cruisers are from the interwar era, before the line split moved her to Tier 8. The nickname has become Ascended Fanon when her younger version is dubbed Clevelad in the English version, and Cleveland herself objects to the nickname Clevedad in both her secretary lines and during a short story sent out in game to celebrate the Fourth of July
    • "Cheatland" is another name from World of Warships, although not too prominent at current time.
  • Montpelier sometimes gets called Markiplier due to how similar their names are.
  • Yorktown is sometimes called "Iri" due to being nearly a dead ringer for Irisviel von Einzbern.
  • In the same vein, Renown is sometimes also called "Seaber" or just "Saber" for looking a lot like Saber. She is also sometimes called "Violet" for her resemblance to Violet Evergarden, the eponymous character of the anime/light novel. These are also sometimes combined, resulting in nicknames like "Violet Eversaber."
  • Enterprise Alter for Code:G, who is basically an Evil Doppelgänger of Enterprise. Other variations include Alterprise, or Alty (as a reference to the normal Enterprise's nickname of Enty). This also was applied to Ember (an Evil Doppelgänger of Takao) when she made her debut in Ashen Simulacrum, who tends to be refered to as either Takao Alter or, more commonly, Altakao.
    • Ascended on the official English Discord, which added an emote of her named ":AlterMad:"
    • Ember also nicknamed Oma Taka-O being the more powerful, dark future self of Takao.
  • Ranger is sometimes called RNGer due to her powerful but relatively low activation rate skills, Quick Launch and Assault Carrier. If with just one activation of Quick Launch and two activations of Assault Carrier, she can do two airstrikes back-to-back, both of which do twice their already considerable damage that results from her entirely surface-attack focused airwing (two dive bomber squadrons and one torpedo bomber squadron), and since Quick Launch can proc off Quick Launch generated airstrikes just like normally charged airstrikes, Ranger is capable of theoretically unlimited damage, however unlikely it may be. As a bonus, her skirt (base version only) actually reads "RNG" on its pleats.
  • "Jewcat" for Akashi due to her being the shopkeeper for the Gem store, giving her the perception of being greedy.
  • Enterprise can either be Ente/Enty, Big E, E-chan, Exodia (see below), or "OWARI DA" (her notorious line when activating her skill).
  • "Furry Taco" for Furutaka, again from World of Warships.
    • Similarly, Takao is sometimes called Taco, while her Evil Doppelgänger Ember is sometimes called Dark Taco.
  • Lady Lex for Lexington (her real life nickname).
  • Sara-chan, Sara Maru (her real life nickname), Sister Sara (again, another real life nickname) for Saratoga. Saratiny and Little Sister Sara because of her childlike appearance compared to her KanColle and Warship Girls counterparts (as well as compared to almost every other fleet carrier in the game. And even some of the escort carriers). Sarutoga because of her artist Saru.
  • The trio of Helena, Wichita, and Cleveland are sometimes called "the Egyptian Gods" due to being very strong and useful Elite cruisers from the same faction (Eagle Union) and for having a blue, red, and yellow color scheme respectively. This team up has gotten a nod in a fanart that was used for both a loading screen and title screen.
    • This extends even further to referring to Enterprise as the head of the Exodia, and two other similarly powerful carriers (usually the Akaga pair, though Saratoga Kai and Essex are also candiates) as the left and right hands of the Exodia.
  • West Virginia occasionally gets referred to as "Mountain Mama." At the very least, you can expect someone to reference "Take Me Home, Country Roads" whenever she gets brought up.
  • "Zombie" to describe skills (and the ships that have them) that heal a ship's own hitpoints when their health falls below a certain percentage, which is highly desirable for fleets intended to clear out mobs, as they can keep fighting forever so long as they don't lose too much health in a single battle (the ships with such skills are Cassin, Downes, Phoenix, Yorktown, Monarch, HMS Neptune, and Minneapolis).
  • "Big Wasp Yo" or simply "Big Wasp" for Hornet, due to a poor early translation of her line in the English version. This was not helped by the fact that the Chinese term for "Hornet" is 大黄蜂, which literally means Big Wasp.
    • In reference to that, it's also not unheard of for Wasp to be called "Little Hornet" or similar.
  • "Bucky" for Fubuki, sharing the same logic chain with Kantai Collection in that "buki" sounds somewhat like "Bucky", her name means "blizzard", and the namesake is the Winter Soldier. An emoji in Azur Lane Discord server is named "smug Bucky" featuring Fubuki with a smug face. Her "Nearly Late for School" skin has gained the Black Comedy "School Shooter Fubuki" moniker due to a belt of ammo coming out of her bag.
  • "Thinkpitz" for Tirpitz, whose default art pose brings to mind Rodin's The Thinker. She also bears the name "Derpitz" (from World of Warships). This became an Ascended Meme, with an ingame emote depicting her thinking being called "thinkpitz".
  • North Carolina is often called "Showboat" (her real life nickname), or NoCal, or Carol (contractions of her name). In a similar manner, USS Washington is called Washy (to shorten her name), and South Dakota is called SoDak. And the PVP Meta for using Washington and South Dakota is usually called WASD.
  • "Ayaya" for Ayanami, double as In-Series Nickname thanks to Javelin and Z23.
  • In Japan, Z23's usually known as Nimi instead. note  This carries over to EN server. In the same manner, Z46 is often called Shiro (shi = 4, roku = 6), which pulls double duty because her character storyline leans reasonably hard on naming her "Weiss" or a similar color name. Weiss is "white" in German; Shiro is white in Japanese.
  • Big Fred for Friedrich der Große.
  • "Entyface" for how similar Enterprise, Bismarck and Tirpitz look to each other (especially E and 'Pitz, who share a hair color). The artist, Hao, is actually capable of a lot more variety (even in AL, they're also responsible for Akagi, both versions of Kaga, the Königsberg sisters, Cleveland, Columbia, and Benson, among others, and those last few can hardly be accused of looking like Enty) but the prominence of Enterprise and Bismarck, especially the latter around the game's second debut anniversary, made it a bit hard to miss and led to many a meme.
    • With the reveal of Zara, an similar meme is born, Luluface.
  • Biscko, Bisko, Bisco and Biscuit for Bismarck.
  • Similar to her sisters PoW and DoY, King George V is often shortened to KGV, which is also a common short form for the real ship, the real ship-class, and the king himself.
  • The American St. Louis is sometimes referred to as St. Lewdis due to her Shameless Fan Service Girl status. It probably doesn't help that by June 2019, she has the highest proportion of R-18 art on Pixiv.
    • Similarly, Honolulu is sometimes referred to as Honolulewd or Honolewdlewd, due to her Reluctant Fanservice Girl status. Not to mention that she has the 2nd highest proportion of R-18 art on Pixiv by June 2019, just behind St. Louis. She's also called Hono or Lulu.
  • Dunkerque is nicknamed Dunk, Dunkek, Donut (for her love of the pastries), and Dunkirk (by those who have trouble remembering the French spelling of the place she's named for)
  • Pensacola and Juno are sometimes compared to and called Natsuki, especially the latter, due to the similar hair. Some people even consider Juno to be a younger version of her and Pensacola to be an older version. Even Saratoga is brought into the comparison in rarer cases.
  • Saint Louis is sometimes called Sanrui, meant to reflect a Japanese pronunciation of her name, primarily to help distinguish her from St.Louis. Ascended on the official English Discord, where the emoticon of her is :SanruiStare:.
  • San Juan is often called Juanita, in part because of her use of Spanish in her dialogue (which was later removed), and in part becuase she represents Puerto Rico.
  • Juneau is sometimes called "Jesus" because of her War Martyr skill, which heals all allied ships when she is sunk.
  • Yukikaze is known as "NANO DA" thanks to her Verbal Tic.

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