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All spoilers on this page are left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!
He left this world too soon...note 
Tony Stark: Oh, Mr. Rogers, I almost forgot. This film did nothing for your memes.
Steve Rogers: No one asked you to watch, Tony.
Tony Stark: They're ridiculous!
Scott Lang: I think they look great, Cap. As far as I'm concerned, those are America's memes.

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  • The meme. Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

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  • End Me Explanation 
  • *fistbump* Explanation 
  • "Avenge the Fallen." Explanation 
  • #DontSpoilTheEndgame Explanation 
    • Don't watch Endgame, it contains Endgame spoilers Explanation 
  • Batman dies in Endgame.Explanation 
  • The rat was the real MVP of Endgame. Explanation 
  • Avengers: Endgame Spoilers without context. Explanation 
  • "Is that everyone?" "What, you wanted more?"Explanation 
  • As was the case in Infinity War, "Endgame as Vines" videos started popping up almost immediately.
  • "WE'RE THE AVENGERS OPEN UP!"Explanation 
  • "I'm dead."Explanation 
  • "Doctor Strange watched Endgame during Infinity War. Thanos watched Infinity War during Endgame."Explanation 
  • Spot the hidden superheroes from the future.Explanation 
  • Lt. Col. James Rhodes: Baby Killer.Explanation 
  • "Activate Instant Kill" explanation 
  • "...ucker!" Explanation 
  • "Hey, Peter Parker. Got something for me? Explanation 
  • Look closely during the march of unified forces of heroes towards Thanos's forces and you will see that Spider-Man seemingly web-swings from nothing. This led to the jokes/theories that he swings from one of these objects off-screen: Giant-Man's (who was nearby in the scene) extending his arm, Wakandans/Ravagers ship, Valkyrie's flying horse, or even Stan Lee's extending his arm from heaven.
  • The other 14,000,604 Explanation 
  • The sun shining on Thor and Loki again. explanation 
  • "The film will start, and then it will end." Explanation 
  • Fans noticed that the Red Skull just seems to disappear into the background while Hawkeye and Black Widow fight for the right of Heroic Sacrifice (or logically, anybody who shows up for the Soul Stone). This led to fans wondering if the Skull is just standing off to the side, quietly and awkwardly watching or doing a Pass the Popcorn since this is the only source of entertainment he's had in decades.
  • "Open a portal on his LEFT." Explanation 
    • On that note, "On your left." Explanation 
  • "What's Mantis going to do?" "Kick names, take ass." Explanation 
  • The entire portal scene has since been used to represent various groups and factions banding together for a common goal, i.e. all of social media (including porn sites) assembling to storm Area 51. Most recently, the scene has been used to represent everyone who's against Sony taking back Spider-Man from the MCU after a financial deal between them and Marvel Studios went south.
  • Peter Parker's moms. Explanation 
  • Giorno's theme.Explanation 
  • "You're weak." "I'm you." Explanation 
  • Avengers Assemble but at the pool. Explanation 
  • Taking various famous film series and giving them the "Main on End" credits treatment is very popular among fans who wanted to give other film franchises they also liked the similar treatment. It's noted that due to accidental plot parallels and timing, the series that was given this treatment the most is My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic of all things, judging from the many examples on the internet, though Star Wars, Harry Potter, and the Arrowverse also have plenty of videos with this treatment as well due to either already having a Grand Finale or an Endgame-level event.
  • Literally everyone Explanation 
  • "... will defeat Thanos in Avengers: Endgame". Explanation 
  • "You're about... five years too early." Explanation 


Despite having less screentime and focus than the previous movie, Thanos is just as quotable as before and just about every sentence he speaks have been used as captions:

  • The #Thanus theory. Explanation 
  • Thanos is Shrek.Explanation 
  • I am inevitable! Explanation 
    • And I... am... Iron Man Explanation 
      • I am Groot! Explanation 
  • I don't even know who you are. Explanation 
  • Thanos copterExplanation 
  • He was just eating breakfast. Explanation 
  • Thanos has no blood. Explanation 
  • Disabled Man of Color Executed in Own Home by Authorities while Eating BreakfastExplanation 
  • "I used the stones to destroy the stones." Explanation 
    • "Gone. Reduced to atoms." Explanation 
  • "Impossible." Explanation 
  • "You could not live with your failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me." Explanation 
  • "RAIN FIRE!" "But sire, our troops!" "JUST DO IT!"Explanation 
  • "I will shred this universe down to its last atom." Explanation 
  • Hippopothanos.Explanation 

    Captain America 
  • America's ass Explanation 
  • God of America Explanation 
  • This set photo of Captain America helping to clean the mess in the aftermath of The Avengers has made rounds around the internet.
  • "Some people X... but not us. Not us..." Explanation 
    • Jumping off of that: "Some people move on, bananas."Explanation 
  • Replacing 2012 Cap with some of Chris Evans' other roles when 2023 Cap encounters him.
  • "You gotta be shitting me."Explanation 
  • Joking that Steve using profanity in the movie is a sign of character growth after his "Language!" outburst in Age of Ultron.
  • "Welcome, Steven. Son of... a bitch! You're still alive?!" explanation 
  • "That's my secret, Thor. I'm always worthy." Explanation 
  • Time-travelling Steve Explanation 
  • "No, I don't think I will." Explanation 
  • "You new here?" "Not exactly." Explanation 
  • "AVENGERS!... Assemble." Explanation 
  • Captain America is running for President! Explanation 
  • Hail Hydra - Endgame versionExplanation 1  Explanation 2 


     Iron Man 
  • "Howard Potts"Explanation 
  • People begging NASA to save Tony Stark. Explanation 
  • I love you 3000. Explanation 
    • Fuck you 3000. Explanation 
  • Tony StuckExplanation 
  • Irondad kissExplanation 
  • Good Luck To All Starks this Weekend!Explanation 
  • "We won, Mr. Stark." Explantion 
    • "You can rest now." Explanation 
  • "I, uh... I lost the kid." Explanation 
  • Tony pointing at a briefcase Explanation 

     Black Widow 
  • Chose a bad time go back to her natural red hair.
  • Black Widow took fall damage.Explanation 
  • See you in a minuteExplanation 
  • At least Natasha understands the gravity of her situation. Explanation 

     Hawkeye / Ronin 
  • Mohawkeye Explanation 
  • Hawkeye spent a little to much time playing Ninja Gaiden.
  • Hawkeye became a weeb. Explanation 
  • "Don't do that. Don't give me hope." Explanation 
  • When you get called the worst Avenger for 6 years and they want you back Explanation 

  • Staring! Jeff Lebowski playing Al Bundy Explanation 
  • Thortnite Explanation 
  • Noobmaster69 Explanation 
  • I now have the body of a god./Thanks to Endgame, I now have the body of a god.Explanation 
  • Instant Braiding.Explanation 
  • "I'm still worthy!" explanation 
  • "You have the little one." Explanation 
  • "Are you crying?" "No!...Yes!"
  • Impressed Thor.Explanation 
  • "Is he asleep?" "Nah. Pretty sure he's dead."Explanation 
  • I like this one Explanation 

  • The #Thanus theory. Explanation 
  • Scott being locked out of garage. Explanation 
  • Ant-Man is Brandon Breyer. Explanation 
  • Ant-Man, the real Savior.Explanation 
  • Back to the Future is a bunch of bullshit. Explanation 
  • What the hell happened here? Explanation 

  • "My rematch is coming real soon, I can feel it!" Explanation 
  • Hulk dabsExplanation 
  • Using TVTropes without night vision (Hulk) vs using TVTropes with night vision (Professor Hulk)Explantation 
  • So many stairs!!Explanation 
  • Angry Hulk vs Civil Hulk. Explanation 
  • "TIME TRAVEL!" Explanation 
    • "I see this as an absolute win!" Explanation 
  • Hulk giving Scott a taco. Explanation 
  • "These are confusing times." Explanation 
  • If you squeeze the Hulk's nipples hard enough they glow green. Explanation 
  • "It's like I was made for this." Explanation 
    • Gauntlet has to extend because it wasn't made for him.Explanation 

Steve Rogers: They are America's memes.

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