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A show with a wide cast of characters that openly courted Ship Tease throughout its history? Naw, that couldn't POSSIBLY spawn anything! Let's just count them down.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

The ATLA shipping wars were legendary. Seriously, they're the poster series for this trope. Now let's reminisce on the great battles:

  • Mai: Mai was not popular with shippers since her first appearance. As Mai and Zuko's canon relationship blossomed, the bashing from Zuko/Katara fans only intensified, many Zutara Fans say that although Katara was hostile to Zuko it was only because they were enemies at the time, meanwhile Mai hadn't been on the best of terms with Zuko even when she was dating him. Many Ty Lee/Azula fans dislike her because Ty Lee is canonically closer to Mai and her betrayal of Azula spurred Ty Lee to do the same thus destroying the Tyzula ship. The release of the comics have now made her the victim of bashing from Zuko/Suki and Zuko/Kei Lo shippers as well.
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  • Aang: Since they can't kill off the Kid Hero, many Zuko/Katara shippers make Aang so childish that he makes Honey-sempai look like a man of deep gravitas. Other shippers discounted Aang because he was 12 years old. They usually assigned a big sister/little brother type relationship to Aang and Katara, villainizing neither and viewing their relationship as one that they would naturally grow out of as they got older, or claiming that a romance between them would be creepy. There's also the camp that claims that because Katara has a maternal personality towards the team a relationship with Aang would not work as a romance. Some more rabid Zutara shippers, on the other hand, are brutal to Aang; treating him as a selfish, entitled asshole who forces himself on Kataranote  and would glare at Zuko for so much as talking to her despite the fact that none of that is remotely true, or claiming he doesn't "understand" Katara the way Zuko does due to the conflict in "The Southern Raiders". People who like Katara in yuri ships often bash Aang for being "heteronormative" and "boring"; Katara/Toph shippers often make Aang Ron the Death Eater to get him out of the way.
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  • Jin: Jin had quite a few attacks on her from a vocal section of the Zutara fans and even some early Maiko fans. Most of it called her a slut or a gold digger (even though she canonically didn't know Zuko was a prince), apparently because she is more endowed than most of the girls. Rage against her was relatively short lived — it quickly became clear that she would not be a recurring character or have any lasting romantic interest in Zuko. The comics and viewing the series in retrospect has made many fans become more supportive of her because even if she isn't someone more popularly paired with Zuko such as Suki, Sokka, Katara, Aang, etc. because she is still better than Mai.
  • Zuko: A section of the Katara/Aang fandom have become openly hostile to Zuko due to the extreme popularity of the non-canon Zuko/Katara ship, calling him emo and ugly. Some believe he encouraged Katara to kill people when he never told her to do anything of the sort. The more rabid Kataangers also downplay the importance of their relationship by making the claim that they don't even care for each other and were hardly friends despite the fact that Zuko was willing to die for her. The Sokka/Suki shippers seem to be readying their guns to do this too, as there have been Ship Teases of a Zuko/Suki relationship in the Promise comics. The Jet/Katara shippers view him as a competition even though neither ship actually turned out canon in the end.
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  • Katara: Extreme Mai/Zuko and Aang/Toph fans bash Katara as a Canon Sue who became too good at waterbending quickly or being a "generic" animesque heroine. Some Maiko fans have a Real Women Don't Wear Dresses mentality and hate Katara for her kind Team Mom personality, preferring Mai and giving her the leather pants treatment. There is a great exaggeration of Katara's faults such as how she threatened Zuko once and would therefore be a horrible partner even though this was back when they were still enemies, and Mai is not exactly nice to Zuko in the first place. They have even written essays explaining that Mai liked Zuko back when he was still evil whereas Katara only liked Zuko after he became good which is why the Maiko ship is better. This obviously doesn't make much sense.
  • Suki: You'd be surprised at the number of Toph/Sokka shippers who were saddened and angered to discover that Suki was still alive. Now they're the poster Love Triangle for Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend." A few Sokka/Azula shippers have recently come out of the woodwork to bash Suki as well. Due to Suki's closeness to Zuko in the comics, many Mai/Zuko fans have started to bash her for being "shallow" and not "interesting" like Mai.
  • Song: Song got similar treatment as Jin by diehard Zutara shippers and a few Maiko shippers back in the day. The most common accusation was that she was a Mary Sue; nowadays, Song is usually just flat-out ignored since she only showed up in one episode and never appeared or got referenced again.

The Legend of Korra

The Sequel Series is also plagued by this trope. Three characters in particular seem to be getting a special amount of ship-related hate.

  • Asami: This girl may never get a reprieve. Even after proving her loyalty to the Krew and her personal ideals by going against her own beloved father, some of the crazier sections of the Makorra fanbase complain about how "slutty" she is and even through the Book 1 finale kept insisting she would turn out to be an Equalist spy (She was, but only in the early stages of development, before the creators decided that having her turn traitor would be a waste of her character). Even though Asami has proven herself a good ally to Korra time and time again by fighting against her father and even though Asami stuck by her convictions despite Mako and Korra's aaaaaawkward treatment of her, there were still people who insisted that Asami would "turn evil" in Book 2 because they're still upset that she anchored Makorra for a good portion of Book 1. The series finale has her being bashed all over again for being a Satellite Love Interest after she hooked up with Korra.
  • Pema: Despite the fact that we don’t know all the details of Lin and Tenzin’s breakup, the word “homewrecker” still gets tossed around by some of the Linzin fans. Especially unfortunate is the desperate claim that Tenzin is now obligated to leave his wife of many years and four children to get back with his old girlfriend Lin, because it makes Lin's worth as a whole hang less on her Lady of War side and more on whether she gets Tenzin or not.
  • Mako: There are many perfectly legitimate reasons to dislike Mako or his portrayal in the series. Hating him just because Korra happens to like him (and wishing he would die in a fire) is not one of those reasons. But don’t let certain vocal sections of the Borra, Tahnorra, and Korrasami fanbases tell you that. Mako almost instantly elevated to Ron the Death Eater status over the hook-up, as he was accused of being a jerk who two-times Asami and when taken to even further extremes, portrayed as an abusive monster. (Coveniently handwaving or excusing Korra's own part in the hook-up) He's also been accused of being a Mary Sue or a Creator's Pet simply because...he hooked up with Korra after breaking up with Asami. Not shockingly, some of the most vocal of these were Borra and Korrasami shippers, though really, anyone that wasn't shipping Makorra went into shipping seizures. Not helping was that Mako and Asami's breakup was done in a very "blink and you'll miss it" fashion, meaning that it can easily come off like Mako didn't bother to break up with her before making a move on Korra. And after the series finished with Asami and Korra getting together and Mako as Just Friends with them, certain rabid Korrasami fans have taken to insisting that they got together as a way to stick it to that horrible and heartless MAN known as Mako, bringing massive Unfortunate Implications of the "being hurt by the evil men is a pre-requisite for women to become sexually/romantically involved" type.
  • Korra: And we're not even counting how Korra also took massive heat for daring to freely choose Mako instead of rejecting him in favor of other ships. Borra rabid fans who swear that "Bolin deserves Korra's affections because he's ~the nice one~" are specially bad in these regards. The Mako/Asami fans were also very miffed about Mako eventually choosing Korra and bashed her for not being "feminine" and "elegant" like Asami.
  • Opal: Surprisingly, there are actually a great many fans out there who despise Opal, considering her a bland Relationship Sue for Bolin or making a gargantuan deal about how slow she was to forgive Bolin (which was admittedly arguably unfair considering the shit he already went through to get back to her and help) to portray her as a vindictive bitch. Of course, one would have to exaggerate Opal's flaws to insane levels in order to justify one's preferred ship if that ship happens to be the nightmarishly abusive and Unfortunate Implications-ridden Boleska.

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