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The Battle Cats has a number of memorable enemies that may be remembered for... less than happy reasons. Ties in with That One Boss, as many boss enemies are demoted to standard Mooks later in the game.

  • Gory can be this, especially if subjected to heavy buffs. He's a textbook Lightning Bruiser that uses rapid area attacks. Since you likely won't have any particularly strong cats when you first encounter him, a group of them can severely punish your defenses.
    • His variants, Gory Black (Black) and Angelic Gory (Angel) are even more of a pain. Gory Black is essentially everything that made Gory such a tough enemy and cranked it Up to Eleven, having pretty high health, even faster speed, and extremely punishing attacks, although he gets knocked back a lot to compensate. Angelic Gory is even worse, having even higher speed, damage, and health, allowing him to plow through your frontline pretty easily. There's also the event-limited MikuGory, which has high stats, gets spammed and applies knockback to all units hit with a 50% chance to do so, turning it into a threat that can easily push to your base.
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    • Uncanny Legends introduces Ragin' Gory, a Giant Mook version of Gory Black with vastly improved stats, longer range, and the ability to No-Sell Freeze.
  • Sir Seal has pretty high HP and fairly fast, punishing area attacks, and doesn't get knocked back until killed. He can be dealt with pretty easily when alone, but it’s when he's spammed when he becomes a serious issue.
    • The game tops this with Sir Metal Seal. Like all the others of his type, his Metal status lets him take Scratch Damage from all attacks. The problem is, unlike most Metals, which have very low health to compensate, Sir Metal Seal has a whopping 22,000 HP, the second-most of any Metal in the game (except the Metal Cyclone.) Combine this with his Metal trait and fast, crushing attacks, and you get an enemy that's nigh-impossible to beat unless you've got a lot of critical hitters.
  • Mooth, while introduced fairly late in Empire of Cats, can be a lot of trouble to deal with early on due to his high HP and long-ranged strikes. Fortunately, he gets a lot easier as you gain more powerful cats, and even becomes a great source of money in the endgame.
  • Le'boin is just a major pain to deal with. He has a lot of health and packs a heavy area attack...but has long enough range to outrange most ranged units. While under buffs in SoL, he can crush your meatshields with impunity before doing the same with your ranged units like Dragons, while using his long range to ensure pretty much nothing can get a hit on him.
    • Late Stories of Legend tops this off with Le'noir, who's a Black variant of Le'boin with much, much higher health and damage. Not to mention that his range is even longer and he can use his attacks much more often. Hope you've brought your anti-black units.
  • Teacher Bear is a long-ranged heavy hitter that can easily tear apart your front and backlines with his area attacks. His weakness, getting knocked back a lot, actually sometimes helps him by repositioning him behind his peons or his base, allowing him to attack at leisure.
    • Assassin Bears border on Purposely Overpowered, with impossibly fast movement speed, nigh-instantaneous rapid-fire area attacks that let him deal ungodly DPS, and a range of 800 to ensure that just about nothing can even lay a finger on him. The main way to kill him is to use a Cat Cannon blast to exploit his pathetic HP pool, but sometimes the Bears are sent out too frequently for the cannon to be ready, which then requires that the player either time suicide attackers, use ultra-long-distance units, tank him out with a anti-Black tank (which may not work if he's covered or too buffed), or use a shockwave to dispatch him. Worse still, he's often extremely buffed in later stages, meaning that he tears through cats even faster and sometimes survives hits from the Cat Cannon. Fortunately, he's usually only sent out to kill players who take too long on stages, but beware the stages where this isn't the case...
  • Kang Roo moves fast and hits faster, plus she has enough health to tank a sustained attack from most of the basic Cats. If this thing is sent out at the start of the level, expect to spend a lot of effort trying to fend it away from your base.
    • And if that wasn't enough? Meet Shadow Boxer K. Immensely increased HP and attack, and this thing attacks nonstop. Add in her speed and area attacks, and you have an enemy capable of ripping through your army with impudence.
  • While One Horn may have very slow speed and close-ranged attacks, it has a staggering amount of health compared to most the enemies you should have faced at that time. It's fast attacks and the fact that it only gets knocked back on death allow it to slowly but surely shred through your frontline.
    • Metal One Horn has an even faster attack rate and has the Metal trait, meaning he only takes 1 damage from any non-crit attack. Fortunately, he has very low health compared to most metals.
  • Surprisingly enough, Doge's variants can be extremely annoying to face.
    • Doge Dark is a Fragile Speedster with low HP, but punishing attacks, who also tends to come in huge swarms. Taking him out may be a chore due to the fact that he gets knocked back a lot. And at higher magnifications, he can one-shot most the cats in your arsenal. Fortunately, he gives a surprisingly high amount of money on death.
    • Gabriel is a bit better, as he has less attack power than Doge Dark, but he has more health, truly insane speed, and possesses an Area Attack, allowing him to clear weaker meatshields easier. In later levels, massed Gabriels become the definition of Goddamned Bats, blocking off your stronger Cats from advancing and using their knockbacks to evade the hits of Mighty Glaciers.
    • Metal Doge takes Scratch Damage from everything and uses fast, devastating area attacks. And unlike other Metals, he tends to be spammed.
    • Wall Doge has a very high tolerance for damage and decent attack power. Keep in mind that they are spammed in large numbers in order to protect much more powerful bosses.
  • Pretty much all the aliens in Into the Future are this, due to their passive 700% strength magnification and unique effects.
    • Imperator Sael, Sir Seal's variant, has much higher stats and an ability to slow cats. Considering Sir Seal already had high stats to begin with, this makes for a very scary foe.
    • Mooth's variant, Maawth, has the ability to freeze your cats, meaning that there's a high chance anything caught in his area attack will be left helpless for his or his support's following attacks. He also has much higher HP and damage, and long enough range to hit some attackers that could deal with Mooth.
    • Teacher Bear not hard enough for you? Try Ursamajor, who has much faster attacks, increased stats, and an ability to double his attack power at 50% HP. Once he gets the buff, he hits hard enough to One-Hit Kill pretty much anything in your army.
    • Pigge was a rather easy enemy, which is why Elizabeth the LVIth is so much harder. While she has fairly low damage, she has a guaranteed chance to make a shockwave with every attack, tossing aside or crippling anything that tries to attack her. Her high health is just an added insult to injury.
    • LeMurr, another unique alien, is more of an annoyance for her ability to weaken your cats, making it even harder to kill her. She also has fairly high, all-rounded stats.
    • I.M. Phace moves and attacks much faster than the Mighty Glacier original, and fights from an even longer range, which can let him pick off your long-ranged Cats from a safe distance. His attacks will also sometimes freeze Cats, which can frustrate attempts to rush him down and let other enemies advance. And, to add insult to injury, he outranges Psychocat — a unit that could otherwise make it much easier to stall him from a safe distance — by one pixel.
    • Cyberhorn simply takes everything that made One Horn annoying and turns it up several notches, boasting stupendously high HP and much higher damage that allows him to plow through your Cats even faster.
    • Scissoroo is essentially an extremely buffed version of the already-powerful Kang Roo. Also unlike Kang Roo, she has area attacks with slightly longer range, which are also given the ability to knock back your cats.
    • Calamary, despite being fairly rare and having low stats, is incredibly annoying: in addition to her fast attack speed and extreme range, she has a 50% chance to weaken any cats hit by 90%. This is such a severe reduction that it will destroy the offensive capabilities of any Cat within her range.
  • Much like the Aliens, most of the Star-Aliens count because of their screwy abilities and passive magnification, which is even higher than the normal aliens at 1600%.
    • Star Peng has deceptively high HP and attack, moves fairly fast, and can Warp your cats off the field for an annoyingly long period of time. The worst part is that he is usually spammed: something a unit as tough has he is has no right to be.
    • General Gregory. Take regular Gory, crank his stats through the roof, and give him a 6000 HP Barrier that allows him to all but negate the first hit he takes, and shrug off hits from cats too weak to overcome his barrier.
    • Le'Solar is essentially a Le'boin under steroids, except with an enormously strong barrier that few cats can hope to break. Chances are that you will need to clear a path to it in order to let something like Awakened Bahamut through: something that will allow Le'Solar to blast away at your frontline while you try to clear its backup.
    • Project A, Master A.'s variant, has the ability to Warp units, while still retaining his nonstop attacks and infuriatingly long range. The once-annoying task of getting close to him and pummeling him is now even more annoying since he can sometimes just warp any offenders away again.
    • Corporal Weyland is a stronger Mr. Mole with the ability to Warp units and a weak Barrier. Normally he's no problem because of his Arbitrary Minimum Range, but with units to tank for him he becomes a massive nuisance by constantly warping your units to let stronger foes advance.
    • Spacefish Jones is in essence a Glass Cannon version of Sunfish Jones, but with a strong 12000 HP barrier. He can snipe your units from extreme range while you struggle to reach him, and once you get to him he can stall your units with his barrier long enough to get another shot in, decimating your troops.
    • While UltraBaaBaa may have low health, she compensates with an unbelievably strong, 266,000 HP barrier, making her practically invulnerable unless a barrier breaker can land a hit on her. While annoying enough when used as a meatshield for stronger enemies, later on, she can be buffed to the point of killing nearly everything in your army in one or two hits.
    • Ribbo, though having extremely low stats, has a highly accurate Long Distance attack that always warps Cats hit for a long time. Like other enemies with Warp, he tends to come in huge numbers, letting a mob of them Warp away a large portion of your army. And if that wasn't bad enough, he has a strong 65,000 HP barrier, meaning only the strongest of Cats can shut him down for good.
    • Kid Tappa looks like Dolphina on the surface, but is completely different: exceptionally fast movement speed, a strong 15,000 HP barrier, and massive HP, but non-existent attack power and range. When he's sent out at the beginning of a match, it can become a desperate struggle to stay alive as stronger enemies bombard your Cats with attacks while he soaks up hits.
    • Gardeneel Bros. warp your Cats FORWARD, which at first may seem like Helpful Mook territory, then you realize that they can warp your backliners, which puts them in front of enemy territory and can keep your close range attackers away from anything they’re attacking, especially if they can push hard.
    • Mesocosmocyclone, like Gardeneel Bros., also warps your Cats forward, except it's much more dangerous. In addition to decently fast speed, it has the trademark Cyclone attack speed, meaning that it'll have no problem getting to your base unless you kill it quickly or use warp-immune Cats.
  • The Face was a fairly underwhelming boss, but the same cannot be said for his Red variant, Shy Boy. He's a Lightning Bruiser with much faster movement and attack speed than The Face, but has weaker attacks and less health. When spammed or subjected to large buffs, he becomes a dangerous nuisance capable of chewing through your frontline with ease.
  • Master A. in SoL has a very long range, constant attacks, and very high health, making it very difficult to kill him as he outranges most troops you would normally use to kill enemies like him. And to add insult to injury, he outranges Bahamut by 1 pixel.
    • Professor A. is even worse, having greatly increased stats and the ability to slow your units. It even has slightly more range than Master A., which means that many units that do well against Master A. get shredded by Professor A., especially in groups.
  • Otta-smack-u is a very well-rounded enemy with high HP, attack speed, and damage. He also tends to be spammed, and a constant stream of them can do a lot of damage to your cats.
    • Still not hard enough? Meet the Dark Otter. Much, much stronger than the normal Otta, and remember that he still comes in huge hordes...
  • Dagshunds are all-rounded attackers with relatively high HP, long-ish range and nonstop area attacks. One isn't too bad, but having a lot of them rush your cats at once will take a heavy toll on your numbers.
  • Whenever any of Bun Bun's variants are featured, you know that you're going to have a bad time. All of them possess very high HP, crushing area attacks, fast speed and nonstop strikes. While J.K. Bun Bun is rather easy due to his Red/Floating typing, Bun Bun Black boasts an extreme amount of HP in comparison to his counterparts, although he has lower damage. And don't get started on what happens if Bun Bun Symbiote shows up. And worst of all, at higher levels they tend to be subjected to huge buffs to make them just as much of a SNK Boss as they were at the Moon.
  • The Bore is an extremely dangerous Red enemy with very high stats in pretty much every category. With extreme HP, damage, and attack speed, he can easily rip your frontline to shreds, and his supposed weakness of short range actually makes it easier for him to plow through your army, because the meatshields that were supposed to stop him will stop moving before they enter his range.
  • Rain D. is an annoying enemy with rapid, punishing attacks. Unlike most other enemies, he gets knocked back many times but has a lot of HP, meaning that he can constantly reposition himself behind his meatshields. Making matters worse is that as a White enemy, he laughs in the faces of Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors.
  • Camelle is a brutal enemy to take down. He has so-so HP and damage...but has very fast area attacks that hit over a very long range, making it difficult for anything to get hits in on him before he knocks them back. And if he makes it to the base, he'll make short work of it due to his Base Destroyer trait.
    • Alpacky is an Alien variant of Camelle with more health and less attack, but has a guaranteed chance to survive a lethal strike with 1 HP. And when she does so, her attack multiplies by 10.
    • Zamelle, appearing in late SoL chapters, is even worse. She has slightly higher health and nearly double the damage, but she's slower and attacks less frequently. The problem? She's a Zombie type who can revive herself indefinitely. You either have to take her out and break her castle before she comes back, or use one of the cats with Zombie Killer, which are incredibly hard to get.
  • Kory is almost notorious for being one. He has fairly high HP and damage all around, and has a decent attack rate. Sound normal? Well, his attack has a guaranteed chance to fire a devastating shockwave. Because of this, he can hit and damage every cat in the game with his waves save for the two longest-ranged cats (Nerd Cat and Asiluga's true form.)
    • And in later SoL stages? Meet Berserkory. He has almost a million health, shaves off more than 7000 HP with each attack, and his shockwave range has been tripled, buffing his range to nearly the whole stage and allowing his attacks to wipe entire scores of cats off the map. You better have a lot of anti-red units or units with Wave Immune/Wave Shield traits if you even want to stand a chance against this axe-wielding monster.
  • H. Nah is a nasty colorless enemy with high HP and damage, and a 100% chance to knock back your cats. Considering he's usually sent out in huge droves, it's practically needed to use cats that can deal area damage at a safe range.
  • R. Ost has it all: high HP, extremely fast attacks, extreme damage, and a lack of any traits that would give it major type weaknesses (very few units affect White enemies). To top it all off, he can sometimes crit to deal double damage, and considering his attack rate, he's going to be able to proc it often. Curiously enough, he actually outranges a significant amount of Cats, leaving a Dragon Cat stack or one of a select few Uber Rares as the only surefire answer.
  • Metal Hippoe wasn't so hard to deal with, even without critical hitters...and that's where Super Metal Hippoe comes in. Boasting much higher HP (8000 base), much faster movement speed, powerful area attacks, and the ability to take Scratch Damage from all non-crit attacks, he's virtually impossible to beat without using cats that can consistently crit like Catornado or use cats like Poseidon to permafreeze it.
  • Ginger Snache is an enemy usually spammed as Cannon Fodder in harder stages. The problem is that each Ginger Snache has enough health and damage to be considered a moderate threat by itself, doubly so if it's under a buff. If enough come at you at once, they can easily take out your meatshields with their rapid attacks.
  • Trolly Bloggers have low stats all around...but have a 15% chance to knock back all units. Since they're spammed constantly on their stages, this chance skyrockets to almost 100%. Units that normally don't get knocked back until death will have a lot of trouble with these guys.
    • Another variant of Those Guys called Mr. Angel is essentially a Trolly Blogger on steroids. Much higher attack and health, and instead of knocking them back, he can reduce their attack power, severely weakening your offense.
  • Pigeon de Sable has a 100% chance to make a very small shockwave. Combine this with the fact that they almost always come in a Zerg Rush, and you have a stack of angry birds that can shred your meatshields with their wave attacks.
  • Capy has a lot of health, fairly decent range, and uses fast attacks that inflict devastating damage, allowing her to shred meatshields in just one hit and kill stronger cats in no more than 2. She can also crit to deal even more damage, although thankfully she has a single target attack.
  • Brollow flies at supersonic speeds to ram the first cat he meets, dealing immense damage. While he has a long delay between attacks, he is always sent in massive hordes, allowing them to easily toss aside or kill most of your cats in an instant. Even worse, getting knocked back instantly resets his attack cooldown.
  • Sunfish Jones moves and attacks slowly, but has immense HP and a high-damage, long-ranged attack that might slow your units. His extreme range allows him to safely snipe you from behind another boss, so chances are by the time the boss is dead, Jones will have blown up a good chunk of your army. To top it all off, he doesn't even have an Arbitrary Minimum Range!
  • Dober P.D. has a ridiculous amount of health, fairly damaging attacks, and a moderate chance to do a wave attack. Not too bad by himself, but the problem arises when the game decides to spam him...
    • Much later in the game, in Uncanny Legends, St. Dober makes an appearance, and he's even more frustrating than the original. While his status as an Angel makes him vulnerable to Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors, his stats are through the roof, and he has Omnistrike, which lets him push faster than before. The real killer, however, is that he swaps out the waves for surges, which happen at the same chance as before. Not only are they far stronger and longer-lasting than Dober P.D.'s waves, but they present a double helping of Luck-Based Mission; not only is it random when the surge will happen, but it's also random at what distance from St. Dober the surge will happen, and which Cats will be destroyed because of it.
  • Chickful A has fairly fast area attacks that deal very high damage, allowing her to push through your frontline alarmingly fast. She also has a chance to freeze units that live through her attacks, setting them up for the finishing blow.
  • Mr. Mole is an incredibly annoying support enemy, with a great deal of health, long range, and a guaranteed chance to knock back Cats. At least he has an Arbitrary Minimum Range, but he tends to come with support from powerful enemies; first the aforementioned Bore, then Razorback.
  • Two Can has below-average health, but deals immense damage with a 100% chance to proc a wave attack. Fortunately for players, his dual typing makes him very vulnerable to cats with type advantages.
    • Then in late Stories of Legend, meet Youcan. He swaps out the Red/Black typing for a much stronger Angel/Star-Alien typing, which means that he has less weaknesses as well as the passive 1600% buff, while still retaining his guaranteed Shockwave, although he attacks much slower. He also has area attacks, letting him hit the wave blockers that normally counter Two Can. The kicker? He has a 260,000 HP Barrier, which is so strong that pretty much nothing can brute-force their way through it. The only way to beat him is to use Barrier Breakers: most of which are rather weak and prone to dying to Youcan's wave attacks before they can even proc.
  • Angelic Sleipnir is the game's equivalent of a Stone Wall, having fairly low damage but immense health. He also has a fast attack speed and a chance to knock back units, making him very hard to get past. Worst of all, he's generally used as protection for longer-ranged bosses, the most infamous of them being Cruel Angel Clionel.
  • Henry has a long ranged attack with a terrifyingly large area of effect and a guaranteed chance to freeze your cats. Unless you have something that resists freeze or something that can get into his minimum range fast enough, he can permanently immobilize your army.
  • Li'l Bun Bun, a tiny version of the game's resident Wake-Up Call Boss, has much less health and damage than his bigger counterpart. However, he's also spammed in huge droves to make up for his short-ranged attacks. A stack of them can obliterate nearly anything using their Area Attacks unless they're killed quickly.
  • Tackey has low HP, but long range and rapid attacks that deal high damage. While it has an Arbitrary Minimum Rangenote , that also grants its attack Splash Damage, which lets it crush huge stacks of ranged attackers at once. To add insult to injury, its attack hitbox reaches a lot farther than thr animation would suggest, which can make it tough to judge whether your Cats are safe or not.
    • Its Red variant, Hackey, can also be annoying. Hackey has higher HP than Tackey and attacks from a much longer range, though he attacks much more slowly and shares Tackey's inaccurate attacks. However, his raw damage more than makes up for these weaknesses — his attack is strong enough to One-Hit Kill most Cats that aren't strong against or resistant to Red, shaving huge chunks of HP off even Ubers. This can open up holes in your army that other enemies will exploit to push forward, or kill off long-ranged Cats from a distance where even they can't possibly fight back.
  • See how Mr. Mole and Rain D. are both up there? Well, Dolphina is the unholy combination of both of them. She has a long-ranged attack that has shorter range than Mr. Mole but inflicts much higher damage, and has a lot of HP to boot. In addition, she is extremely fast and her Arbitrary Minimum Range is much smaller, so that most attackers can't get inside it. And worst of all, she takes a huge number of knockbacks so that it's nearly impossible for the Mighty Glaciers in your arsenal to get hits in.
  • Cala Maria essentially acts like 3 Capies in one enemy, launching 3 single-target One-Hit Kill attacks per volley. While it has fairly low HP, even Ramen Cats won't last long against it, let alone most other meatshields. It's most annoying when it comes with enemies that are countered by Mighty Glacier Cats... so, naturally, its debut stage features a Kory and 2 Berserkories.
  • Winged Pigge, the angel variant of Pigge, may not seem too bad given her somewhat low attack when compared to most Demonic Spiders and the range where she starts attacking is low. However, she makes up for this by being able to hit up to twice her attacking range, killing weaker cats before they get near her as well as greatly damaging any oncoming cats who can take more than a few hits, allowing her to kill them easily when they finally reach her. This is also not mentioning her ability to weaken cats by the same amount as Calamary or that she always comes with support (either any of the other Demonic Spiders in this page, more of herself or both). You will need Ramen Cat for most, if not all, of your encounters with her.
  • A lot of the Zombie enemies are this due to their high stats, burrowing, and revival abilities. The burrowing is especially nasty: they can bypass your frontline with ridiculous ease.
    • Zoge and Znache are much stronger than any peon has a right to be, plus they can dig underneath your meatshields before crushing your backline with area attacks. Znache in particular has a stupidly long burrow range, able to burrow through most of the stage.
    • The Thrillerz are more Goddamned Bats, as they burrow twice for a decently long distance and hit fairly hard for a peon. They're not too threatening by themselves, but they can become extremely annoying when used as support for a stronger enemy, helping to cut off your meatshield line and potentially soften up your base.
    • Zroco has rather low health but boasts ungodly DPS that allows him to shred even tanks with ease. He also has the ability to sometimes halve the attack of Cats, which will tend to happen a lot due to his ridiculous attack rate.
    • Zir Zeal has very high HP backed by a fairly powerful area attack, and can freeze your cats. When spammed, he is a major issue.
    • Zory takes everything about Gory and turns it Up to Eleven: he has even higher stats than Gory Black, and his DPS is insane. He also has a unique trait that allows him to revive at 100% HP as opposed to the other Zombies' 50%, meaning you can't rest easy even after he's dead.
    • Coffin Zoge is a slightly stronger Wall Doge, with a key ability to revive infinite times at full health. They also have a tendency to tank for long-ranged bosses like Dark Emperor Nyandam and his variants. While Zombie Killer cats are advised for fighting Zombies, the Coffin Zoge practically forces you to use them to stop them from becoming a permanent wall.
    • Zang Roo might be the worst offender. She has ungodly stats (slightly higher HP than Shadow Boxer, and nearly double the damage) and shares Zory's 100% revive trait. The kicker? Her burrow range is significantly longer than most of the Zombies, allowing her to bypass all your cats and damage your base. And even after she burrows, her extreme attack power will mean you will have a hard time trying to fend her away from the base.
    • Cadaver Bear, unlike most other Zombies, has fairly high standing range to go with his impressive health and attack speed. Most anti-Zombie units are fairly short-ranged themselves, which means Cadaver Bear can rip them apart with impunity before doing the same to your base... which he has a very good chance of reaching, due to his extremely long burrow.
    • Dread Bore more or less has the same stats as the normal Bore, which is not very good to begin with. Since it is a zombie, there are less cats that can exploit it. The main problem is that Dread Bore can reach the backline quickly with its extremely long burrow or if your cats stupidly walk over its corpse, where it will proceed to rip apart dragons or anti zombie units.
    • Zuche is among the frailest of the burrowing Zombies, but dishes out fast, devastating area attacks to the Cats deep in your backline, twice per animation, and moves as fast as Cow Cat. It can also revive once at full health after a decently long time; not only does this help circumvent its low HP, but if any Cats walked over its corpse, they're open to getting ripped apart by the newly-revived Zuche.
    • Zollow has much less health than Brollow, but he has a deceptively wide-reaching Omnistrike attack and a Toxic trait that makes his attacks deal 80% of his victims' max HP as bonus damage. Considering he already deals 10k damage per hit at regular magnification, a single Zollow will instantly kill anything with less than 50,000 HP on hit, and like the other Zombies, he can come back to life for a death-or-glory attack after you put him down once. On the bright side, he has a glaring weakness to shockwaves.
  • Relic enemies are incredibly frustrating to fight as well, thanks to their combination of exceedingly high stats, especially DPS, and their Curse ability, which lets them shut down the special abilities of most Cats that they hit.
    • Relic Doges move pretty quickly, and hit for impressively high damage in a fraction of a second, much like stronger Doge Darks. Unlike Doge Darks, though, they can take a sizeable amount of damage before going down.
    • Sir Rels have low HP and endurance, but move at incredible speeds and deliver a surprisingly high amount of damage with each bite, in addition to Cursing whatever they hit. They also drop much less money than most rusher enemies do.
    • Oldhorn moves very slowly, but has a total of 2,400,000 health. Though not much of a threat by himself, he becomes much more imposing when protecting backrow attackers that can hide behind him while firing off attacks.
    • Othom, much like the regular Mooth, uses heavy-hitting Area attacks from a relatively safe distance. Unlike his other variants, though, he has Long Distance without a minimum range, letting him Curse tons of Cats at once. He also has vastly improved HP and damage, while still retaining his single knockback.
    • Loris may look like LeMurr, but is far more threatening to fight. He uses Long Distance attacks that pack a heavy punch and can Curse as well, letting him disable your backline's special abilities and make it much easier for the other enemies to advance.
    • Lowkey is a fusion of all the other Face variants — it has the attack speed of Shy Boy, the range of Hannya, and the Mighty Glacier HP and speed of the original Face, along with a guaranteed Curse on anything it hits. This peculiar combination of traits forces the player to hold back on the enemy forces until Lowkey is destroyed, or else it'll Curse everything in front of it.
    • M. Ost, much like the original R. Ost, has no real weaknesses: massive HP, decent damage with great DPS, supersonic movement speed, and just enough range to hit Thaumaturge Cat. It would be bad enough as is, but it's also guaranteed to knockback and slow anything it hits, giving it incredibly high pushing power.
    • Mr. Puffington rushes towards your units with his high move speed, attacking the very instant he meets a cat, similar to that of a Brollow. What makes him different is that his attacks have the Omnistrike ability, meaning that his attack reaches further than the range he starts attacking at, which helps circumvent his very low range by allowing his hard-hitting attacks to reach up to Gross Cat’s range. While he has to rest for a while after attacking, he’s very susceptible to getting knocked back thanks to his 400 knockbacks, which allow even meatshields to reset his attack and accidentally cause him to deal sudden burst damage to your cats.
  • If Gobble appears, hope that you can kill him fast. He has the Toxic ability, that occurs on every hit, which can take out 35% of a cat's max HP, allowing him to kill even the tankiest of cats in 2 or 3 hits. What makes this worse is that he has Omnistrike and the piercing range from it can reach slightly further than that of Dragon Cat's range. This, combined with his fast attack rate, allows him to tear apart attackers and meatshields that stand in his way before moving on to your backliners. His weakness is that his low range easily puts him in harm's way, but that can be hard to exploit considering he always comes with dangerous support.


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