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"You try to work with the director and your fellow actors to get somewhere, but other people are the judge of whether you hit that note right."

Ciarán Hinds (/ˈkɪərɔːn ˈhaɪndz/ KEER-awn HYNDZ; born 9 February 1953 in Belfast, Northern Ireland) is a Northern Irish film, television and stage actor.

Hinds regularly receives acclaim from both audiences and critics, and has built a solid reputation as a highly versatile character actor with many high-profile roles in film, television and stage. Even if the production is bad, you can usually expect Hinds to give it his all and deliver a memorable performance.

Film Roles:

Television Roles


  • Chronically Killed Actor: If you see his name in a movie or series with a medieval tone, it's guaranteed he'll die a brutal death.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • He holds no love for the theatrical cut of Jutice League, due to his character being completely rewritten in a way that reduced him to a Card-Carrying Villain rather than the Tragic Monster he was hoping for.
    • He wasn't a fan of how overly sexualised Game of Thrones turned out, feeling the sex scenes distracted from the political drama.


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