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Characters / The Bugaloos

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    The Bugaloos 

A pop group made of attractive, British, flower-powered pixie-like humanoid insects and their more insectoid firefly friend.


Played by John "Big John" McIndoe

A Grasshopper (lead vocals, guitar).


Played by John "Little John" Philpott

A Ladybug (vocals/drums)


Played by Caroline Ellis

A Butterfly (vocals/tambourine).


Played by Armartie "Wayne" Laryea

A Bee (vocals/keyboards)

  • Guile Hero
  • Keet: Funny and humorous at times
  • Little Bit Beastly: More like a winged pixie a la Tinkerbell than an insect.
  • Street Smart: Though certainly not Book Dumb, he nonetheless tends to come up with the plans that actually work often on the back of I.Q.'s sensible-sounding-but-failed plan.
  • Token Black: He's the only black person in the band and the show.
  • Uncle Tomfoolery: Averted— he's a Cockney English guy!


Played by Billy Barty (Body & Voice)

A Firefly

    The Villains 

Benita Bizarre

Played by Martha Raye

A loopy old "Rock Witch" who'll do ANYTHING to be a famous rock star, despite having no talent whatsoever.

Funky Rat

One of Benita's flunkies. A weird little Nazi-rat.

Woofer and Tweeter

Benita's other flunkies, a pair of anthropomorphized stereo speakers.

Broom Hilda

Funky Rat's Sister


    Supporting Characters 

Peter Platter

The local DeeJay of Up-Town (the nearby city) and friend of the Bugaloos.

Gina Lolawattage

Sparky's girfriend

Nutty Bird

The resident Mail-Bird. An incredibly stupid vulture.


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