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This is the list of characters found within MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death. Page is currently a work in progress.



Voiced by: Ayaka Ohashi (JP), Cristina Vee (EN)

The main heroine of the game. Curious and compassionate, she'll do whatever she needs to in order to help others.

  • Brainy Brunette: Subverted, as she came to Southern Cross without knowing much of Machina Magic in general. She does manage to get by.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Her initial element.
    • Extra-ore-dinary: Her Central form will eventually lean towards this.
  • The Heroine
  • Virtual Paper Doll: As the game advances, Estra can obtain Forms based on her other party members that change her elemental affinities and alter her attack and passive ability. Two of them are DLC: Her Trillion Form gives her an immense HP, ATK and DEF boost at the expense of Magical Attack and Defense, alongside Speed. Her Neptune form does the opposite, shoring up her magic and speed at the expense of physical ability.



Voiced by: Sora Amamiya (JP)

One of the chosen Machine Mages. She's rather prideful and self-confident, seeing others as rivals.


Voiced by: Sora Tokui (JP), Sandy Fox (EN)

One of the chosen Machine Mages. Youthful and exuberant.



Voiced by: Mai Kadowaki (JP)

One of the chosen Machine Mages. An honors student whom treats the mission with the utmost seriousness, and often gives Estra advice on the situation.


Voiced by: Chinatsu Akazaki (JP), Sarah Anne Williams (EN)

One of the chosen Machine Mages. Shy and pessimistic.



Voiced by: Shuichi Tatsunami (JP)

A Machine Mage whom turned to evil.


Voiced by: Nozomu Sasaki (JP)

One of the Three Shadows that serves Gagarin. A bit of a sarcastic perfectionist.


Voiced by: Kosuke Goto (JP)

One of Gagarin's Three Shadows. A muscular man whom proves eager to attack Estra's group.


Voiced by: Chinatsu Akazaki (JP), Sarah Anne Williams (EN)

One of Gagarin's Three Shadows. A high and mighty-acting woman whom looks down on others.

Other Characters of Note


Voiced by: Eri Ohzeki (JP)

A well-known thief whom enjoys many glitzy materials. Unfortunately, she's also known to cause quite a bit of trouble.

  • Cool Big Sis: Attempts to act as such to Estra's group, despite the trouble she tends to cause.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Half-monster, and as such can shapeshift into a cat. It's how Ganz and she are able to enter the towers without the Machina Mage Blessings.
  • Mismatched Eyes: One green, one blue.


Voiced by: Minoru Shiraishi (JP)

Pamela's subordinate, he's also known to cause trouble, much of which Pamela yells at him for.

Dragon Skull Warrior

Voiced by: Hidetaka Tenjin (JP)

A strange character in yellow armor whom assists the group a few times in the dungeons. He looks frightening, but proves quite helpful in a number of situations. He's actually the Earth Guardian, Kouryu.


Southern Cross' elder, taking the form of a cat. He is the Grand Master of the city, standing above all other Guild Masters.

  • Baleful Polymorph: When he turned the Planet Key years ago, he was transformed into a cat. When the truth comes forth about the Planet Key, Gagarin turns him into the key!
  • Bishounen: His true form as a human. The party is rather surprised by this. He doesn't keep it long, though.
  • Vocal Dissonance: He has an incredibly deep voice. Could border on Badass Baritone given his strength in Machina Magic.


Voiced by: Madoka Aiba (JP)

A young maid working at Southern Cross' Inn. Seems quite enthusiastic about taking care of Estra's group.


Voiced by: Arisa Noto (JP)

Owner of the Cash General Store. Prizing money above all else, she will keep her business going, even in the worst of times.

  • Black Market: Downplayed example. After a certain story point, Cash will get a changing stock of rare items that normally can't be found or can rarely be made at the factory.
  • Greed: She does prize money above all else.
  • Impossible Task: Tries to level one so she wouldn't have to part with a certain item. She's outright floored when the party manages to return with the item she specified.
  • Shopkeeper
  • We Buy Anything / We Sell Everything


Voiced by: Yoriko Sato (JP)

Guide of the Machina Guild known as Arrows. She handles the distribution and reception of quests.


Voiced by: Naoki Takamoto (JP)

Factory Manager of the Guardian Workshop. He's the go-to man for fixing up and fine-tuning Guardians.

  • The Blacksmith: Downplayed, as he is content to let Estra operate the machinery. He will stop you if you try to use Evolution Machina Magic without having first learned it.

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