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Characters / Fairy Tail Redux Salamanders Time Traveling Escapades Main Protagonists

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With all the worlds and characters incorporated into FTR, its only natural that they would need their own pages.

On this page, you can read about the main characters of FTR. Natsu is the protagonist, Zeref is the Deuteragonist, and Mavis is the Tritagonist, all tied together through their suffering at the hands of Shagorra Vermillion. For more info on them, go here, here, and here.

Natsu Dragneel

The Hero of the story. Via
Mental Time Travel, Natsu was sent back in time two years to become strong enough to kill Zeref. In order to accomplish this goal, he left Fiore for two years to train at Mildea, the city of magic. When he returns, the fruits of his labor are very evident.Besides his main goal of beating Zeref, Natsu also uses his knowledge of what’s to come to change history, the biggest example being saving Jellal from The Dark Side. Since most people don’t know about the Time Travel, they believe him to be a genius of some sort(they’re not wrong, though). Eventually, he does defeat Zeref, but he decides not to kill him. From there, Natsu’s goal changes to learning the truth of everything.


The Villain Protagonist and Deuteragonist of the story. He sent Natsu back in time via Mental Time Travel to give him another chance to kill him, but he also did it to himself to try and protect his own beliefs. He disappeared after saving Fairy Tail from Acnologia, but certain dialogues suggest that he’ll return.

Mavis Vermillion

The Tritagonist of the story. 400 years ago, she, Natsu, and Zeref were best friends, but their time together was ruined by Shagorra Vermillion. At some point, Mavis was killed by Zeref, causing his descent into evil. In present day, she exists as a ghost on Tenrou Island.


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