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Eric is a teenager that started a blog a while ago in which he reviewed comic books. It wasn't popular at all so he gave up on it very quickly. But in April, 2011 he found something in a local park. You see, Eric had a friend named Marc(us) that moved away a couple months ago in August, 2010 without any hint that he was leaving. Marc had been working on a blog for a blog/documentary contest about himself and the town he lived in. As it turns out, what Eric found at the park was a hidden collection of discs containing the entries for Marc's unpublished blog. Eric hasn't had any contact with Marc since he moved away and he hasn't been able to find him online.


Now he has an idea. Eric has re-purposed his blog as a means to reach out to his old friend. He's even using his Youtube account to post the videos Marc made in the hope that they find their way back to him.

So Eric has been posting the videos for a bit but he's noticed something odd. Like a certain well dressed gentleman in the background of the videos. Now Eric isn't actually too sure about what was going on with his friend during his last days in town so he starts blogging about it and trying to find out what really happened.

He does.

The blog starts here. The Youtube channel is right here. And there is also a Twitter account.

It may be of note that this project places just as much importance on the blog side of things as it does on the videos. Since there are two protagonists the story seems to be divvied up between the two according to the medium. Whereas Marc has the most importance in the videos, Eric has (most of) the spotlight in the blogs.


And now it appears to have come to an end. The youtube channel has recently been taken down by the creators, as has the blog

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