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"I just had to taunt Cthulhu"

The London Librarian is the blog of Ava, a Library Assistant in Central London with a science fetish. She started luring Slenderman to her back in May 2010 because "I wanted to prove he wasn't real...because that worked, didn't it?"

The blog started in early January 2011 as just another slenderblog until she broke her usual teen-blog syntax and said that she was going out to Test a Theory and that she would explain more later.


She ended up explaining that she in fact had just started a blog for the sole purpose of luring Slenderman to her so she could test her theories on how to stop him. At first, she tested the her theory with the aid of her mother, then, as the blog went on, she teamed up with Reach of What You Are in the Dark and traveled Ireland, testing some mythology-related Theories and getting her brother Cameron to go back to England.

After going toe-to-toe with Slender Man and seemingly losing Reach, she journey to Egypt to investigate more of her mythology-related Theories. However, it emerged that Reach survived and, thanks to the intervention of Robert, the two were reunited in Seattle, where they became a couple and worked with Tony to break Robert out of a mental asylum. The entire breakout turned out to be setup by Robert, Reach and Ava's mutual nemesis Redlight, who took her hostage and tried to destroy her mind.


She eventually managed to get away from him and spent some time in a coma, recovering under Reach's care but when she woke up, her personality had been drastically altered and she had lost her formerly compassionate nature. She grew distant from Reach, which was later revealed to be a result of her discovering that she was pregnant with his child, though her decision to reveal this to him in a public chatroom while he was in a different country led to their breakup, though Reach still intended on raising the child with her.

Eventually, the two reunited once again, just long enough for Reach to apparently die at the hands of the Slender Man. After that, Ava spent some time at the Grey Haven but the blog was updated very sparsely until it was announced by the Messenger that she had died giving birth to her and Reach's child, Michelle.


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