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Let's be honest, most wroters write fiction to cram as many of these moments into peoples' lives as possible.


  • Meta-example: The arrival of Glowing Eyes of Doom or a One-Winged Angel usually signifies that something very awesome is on its way.
  • Fordanta seem to pull this off quite often. One example being a race between a Dominatus and a Fordan athlete around a small moon, a track totalling 10,000 kilometres. The Dominatus was taller, stronger, aided by all kinds of augmentation and could take longer strides, the whole Super Soldier package. He lost by an inch to the relatively baseline Fordanta.

Andromeda War

  • Kalt the Zazane warrior challenging a Blood Dragon in the heat of dragonfury, the result was a very brutal fight ot the death.
  • Tyraz's first fight with Volkarus resulted in the devastation of Uriel's Throne Room. Much ham was dispenced.
  • Iovera makes a special Big Damn Heroes attack when the old Brood of War capital is swamped by a nanoplague. Using all her power she fires a mass of lightning at Grochius' starship that completely destroys every trace of him and it.
  • Tyraz was pinned to the wall by a considerably more powerful Volkarus, and breaks free by thrusting his fist into Volkarus' stomach and burning him from the inside.
    • Speaking of fire, Arsac performs a not-too-dissimilar trick when Araveene is attacked earlier in the story. With Tyraz being drained and her being held tightly, she resorts to focusing her energies and boiling the air around her before blowing a jet of fire right into Volkarus' face.
  • Mixed with a Heartwarming Moment, Tyraz Breek and Iovera using The Power of Love to defeat the Eldritch Abomination Br'klakkon and saving the Andromeda Galaxy.
  • During the Battle of Avanti, Larnus Vontarion decides to use the main guin of the Imperium's flagship for a combined attempt at Shock and Awe and reducing TIAF resistance. The ensuing particle beam obliterates a mountain range and causes an earthquake that is felt across the northern hemisphere.
    • In that same battle, Tyraz does everything he can to protect Uriel as the TIAF throw more and more powerful weapons at Tyraz. After a missile's shockwave is rebounded at Uriel he falls over but the TIAF had placed a time explosive. Putting Uriel's live above his, Tyraz teleports Uriel and his bodygaurds to his ship to save them from the blast he takes the brunt of.
    • The streak does not end there. After being engulfed by the explosion, Tyraz materialises behind the TIAF's Admiral Tzena in a duel to the death with the Draconid Imperium's Admiral Dorastion. After his death at Tzena's hands, Tyraz - out of a sense of vengence - chokes Tzena to within a few inches of her life. As a parting message that they had lot the battle, Tyraz pulled out her left eye with his bare claws and thoews the body to one of her subordinates before returning to the Imperium's fleet with Dorastion's body.
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  • When Larnus goes to recruit Kithworto for the mission to find the Mechovirus cure, he interrupts a card game Kithworto is playing in a bar. Other Kicath aren't happy he's quitting early going as far as to throw a punch at him only for Kithworto himself to punch the angry gambler so hard he ends up embedded into a rear wall.

Second Borealis Galactic War

  • Hachiman achieving his One-Winged Angel form for the first time, and delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle against demonlord Marigrax.
  • Arkarixus finishes off a Seagon battle mech this way. Using his Psychic Powers he slams it against the ceiling, walls and ground countless times until it is nothing but a heap of scrap metal.
  • Oniron Voxis tricked The Mechanic to destroy the primary reactors of Grox-Ottz King's spaceship-body-thing. How? By standing in front of each one and goading the Mechanic to shot at him. Taking full advantage of The Mechanic's battlesuit being a little worn down from age.
  • Commandant Vekaron proved his tough side when a bar brawl in one of the bars aboard The Iron Fist broke out. You have some of the most cuthroat people in a galaxy where crime is the norm, beating the snot out of each other, Vekaron manages to knock out a few crazy aliens with the help of Agent Nu, who hospitalises most of the clientele.
  • How did Kithworto kill Korizakh? By roaring at him with such force that his ship obliterated itself.
    • The galactic push was arguably the most climatic part of the entire war. You have a galaxy, plus dozens of allies, putting their differences aside and working together to take the arc's Big Bad down once and for all after all the horribly wrong things he has done to them.
  • The final moments of the war, when the heroes were pitted against the Vyro'Xiyara, who at first delivered a Curb-Stomp Battle on them. How did they survive? The battle was being broadcasted across the entire Borealis Galaxy, and all of its inhabitants started cheering and rooting for the heroes, even their enemies. The Vyro'Xiyara was absolutely annihilated right after.

Tantummodo Mortem

  • Sarec stands up against Angazhar when the team travelled to Inferno, in an attempt to protect Kezoreg. Let's just note Angazhar is the Bigger Bad Nigh Invulnerable God of Evil Eldritch Abomination of the story.
  • The team, later, manages to kill a Xhodocto. This is the first time a Xhodocto has been killed in a story since the War of Ages.
  • In the climax of the first part, the team stands and defeats Santorakh after he possessed Agent Nu in a long and tiresome battle. The most awesome in the battle, however, was Apollo, who managed to fool Santorakh into damaging the structure they were fighting in, which was their mission in the first place. Sarec was also awesome for entering Nu's body and personally confronting Santorakh inside him.
  • During the final moments of the Dreams of Destruction arc, Hachiman and Dreamy Hachi combine their beings to form a 15 meter tall, angered, bloodthirsty archangel, who proceeds to fight a 60 meters tall nightmare who represents everything he fears. While he loses at first, he then starts hearing the voice of the then deceased Macin Xermilin encouraging him to fight harder. Hachi proceeds to curb-stomp the nightmare, climb to the top of its head, rip its eye out and then punch its skull in and rip its brain out.
  • Agent Nu's Dying Moment of Awesome where he, while fighting his demonic sister and losing an arm, crashed the ship he was in into a Rectifier, causing an explosion large enough to completely raze the Xhodocto Dominion base below them.
    Agent Psi: That's a pretty hardcore way to go.


  • When the Eventide Sorrow arrives in orbit Kithanan asks Quendor to keep the ship in low orbit so he can freefall some 400 kilometres to the surface without a spacesuit. If that wasn't awesome enough he lands right in the middle of a battle between Loyalist Imperial and rebel forces.
  • Kithanan's fights in general are bona-fide man fuel.
  • Templars are inquisitors made Physical God by an as-yet unexplained process. From the only Templar fight we've seen, their combat style is a mix of White Magic and Kill It with Fire; if it's not burning from the light shining from the Templar's very skin, it's being cut to pieces by a BFS of some variety that's been augmented with with holy fire. Did we mention each one is effectively a One-Man Army? One inquisitor was so intimidated of them, when a Templar grabbed his chin merely to inspect his figure, the poor man was worried the Templar would yank his head clean from his shoulders.
  • Sakura on her first cameo. A cute, somewhat confident Zazane prostitute who got so mad at a Blessed One for landing on (and subsequently destroying) her car, she marched over and stomped on his head until it was a bloody pulp. Bear in mind that most Blessed Ones are empowered with dark energies to a similar degree to Tyraz Breek.
  • In the substory Furia Ex Deus, Uriel Ultanos, empowered with Descension Energy, goes One-Man Army on a planet's defence forces. When outside the capitol the PDF is smart enough to send a tank to bring him down. Uriel swiftly dispatches it with a super stomp to send it upwards, punches it into a spin and then drop-kicks it into a problematic laser hardpoint.
    • If that wasn't shock-and-awe enough, Uriel's final objective of that assault was to give the politicians of the empire he was attacking a chance to return to the Imperium. When they said no, he decides to turn ito a living bomb in the most frightening way possible. The ensuing explosion obliterates the entire capitol building, showering rubble for kilometres around and leaving nothing but a crater.

Great Xonexian Schism

  • Larnus Vontarion's Dying Moment of Awesome: When the shields of the TNSS Dominax (his command ship) failed, he ordered for the twenty kilometre long dreadnought to overloead its reactors and plow itself into an even larger DCP Gargantua-class. He was no slouch beforehand either; while the battle meant the end of the Imperium's First Battlefleet, prior engagements resulted in four times as many casualties for the DCP-Civilisation coalition over the course of a month.
  • Reassigned to Mirus in order to keep him out of the way and with no support from any of the other Xonexi powers aside form Eldarisia, Alexandre Valery proceeds to mount a successful campaign against the Sovereign Mirusian Coalition and manages to reclaim all the territory that the Board of Eight had signed off to the Coalition.
  • In Big Damn Heroes fashion, Uriel's return to the political scene is crowned with a brutal dressing-down of lord-admiral Leondias so hard-hitting that it leaves the entire board silent for several minutes after he is done.


  • The whole War Of Ages arc is full of this. The main example? Kroc taking on Kamik'Shi and eventually doing a Sealed Evil in a Can move on him.
  • General Zillum's battle against Commandant Khuenaten during the final stages of the Great Cyrannus War.
  • Medusa Heimdall discusses the Draconid Imperium's history and strategies with Uriel Ultanos over a game of three-dimensional Go. By the end of it Medusa stopped talking as she realised finding fault in the Imperium's morals with Uriel was pointless. Orcus, one of Medusa's attendants, smashed the board after Uriel left.
  • Crispy of the Golden Movement ( also known as Crispy's Insurrection ). Medusa Heimdall challenged him to an arm-wrestling contest and while he used his whole arm she only used her finger. They jostled between a tie and Medusa losing until she diecided to cheat by pumping more mass into her finger to make herself even stronger. Somehow it still took effort before Crispy eventually lost.
    • Not only that, but after he did lose he kept a Graceful Loser stance. He gained such a reputation from this one contest that Medusa considered him a Dominatus in every way except his appearence.
  • Inquisitor Sarec has an awesome moment when, while his ships is under attack from the Corruptus, he's locked in combat with a Garvathae, a member of an usually emotioness demon species. He not only manages to outwit the demon, he manages to make it feel fear.
  • Helo Roslia proved in Future's Beginning (a story set 1,200 Cyrannian years in the future) to be one of the few lifeforms in gigaquadrant history when he displayed an immunity to The Virus, a completely incurable fungus. The Xeranbha, the engineers of the virus are responsible for culling half the galaxy at this time, were so terrified by this they pulled back from the border of uninfected space by at least four thousand light years. 2000ly by Cyrannian standards.

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