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  • Creator Backlash: Due to becoming more experienced, some users tend to regret writing their older fictions. This is the cause of the retconning of the Second War of Black Fog and the Holy Shadow War.
  • Fan Nickname: Often given to characters with a long or complicated name or simply for the fun of it.
    • Antediluvian was shortened to Anteddy, one of a series of shorthand nickanmes.
      • With his new name of "Tyrómairon" he has been nicknamed "Tyrone"
    • Before he was renamed Arrtkar Crowart, Arrtkuarthj Croyewartkxt was given the nickname of AC because his name was effectively unspellable on-the-fly.
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    • Basileus were originally coined Basies but later other nicknames evolved including Rastist Waptors, Purple/Pink Libertus and Barney's Racist Cousins.
    • All Capricornians gained the moniker of Waptors after bearing a very strong resemblance to the raptor genus of dinosaur.
    • Dominatus have been called Dommies (same reasons as the rest of the series)
    • Exarch Laurinn Ma'Fest, due to his extremely zealous Knight Templar nature and Utopia Justifies the Means attitude has been forever branded with the title of Exarch Dick.
    • Imperator Tyranus was nicknamed Imperator Trollanus after a series of snobby, condescending and downright trollish attitudes both on the IRC channel and on the semi-canon universal discussion board.
    • The Junction Mind - expies to the Combine Advisors - were nicknamed Watermelons after their visual appearance of round, dark green creatures made using Spore's engine bore a strong resemblance to the namesake fruit.
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    • Radeons were nicknamed Holyrats due to their Church Militant culture and for bearing a strong resemblence to anthropomorphic rodents.
    • Vyro'Narza were affectionately called Piggies or Pigmen because their models in Spore used a pig's mouth piece. This goes for both in and out of universe.
    • Tyraz bears the community nickname of Manlet due to being a 6ft tall for a species who are usually 8-10ft tall.
    • Xhodocto were forever cursed with the nickname XHODDIES. The very mention of the name has been known to send the creator into a flying rage.
    • Zí-Jittorám were called Plant Doods because their biology was strongly linked to plants. However with skin as hard as adamantium, enough muscle to throw tanks in a caber-toss and acidic spit strong enough to put Xenomorph blood to shame, they're perhaps one of the toughest species of plant creature in the wiki if not ever in the history of all fiction.
      • Skhánaróton -01, having a difficult-to-pronounce first name was nicknamed Plant Dood because he is a member of the Zí-Jittorám race. Another recurring nickname is Skhánaman.
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    • Caligaduro Provectus, the Sealed Evilin A Can God of Evil of the fantasy universe was given the affectionate nickname of Caligaman.
    • The fiction arc Tantummodo Mortem, due to its name being in Latin, has been nicknamed things such as Tantumdum, Tantoromdomdom, Tontomomdomnomjommortomonom and TomandJerry.
    • Due to their holier-than-thou Light Is Not Good nature, the now-destroyed Obvia'Atra gained the nickname of Obvia'Arsehole because any time they dealt with mortals they were extremely condescending about it.
    • Due to what its inner sectors resemble, Andromeda has been referred to as The Pokeball Galaxy
    • The Kraw Galaxy, a satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy, is known as the Hillbilly Galaxy after the dumb-as-soup reputation of its denizens who frequently had little clue what was going on outside their little galaxy. Some going as far as to consider the science of the more advanced empires (such as the knowledge of essence) as nothing short of reality-defying magic. Being the Straw Atheists that they were they often threw fits.
    • The secretive nature of Mentracus, the Spymaster for the Draconid Imperium has transcended the bounds of the fictional universe has earned him the nickname of 'Witchcraft Guy. "Originally" revealed to be the sender of a black screen. A simple change in the brightness and contrast of the image revealed something from nothing, leading the discoverer to cry out "Witchcraft!" on the IRC. It was then discovered that Mentracus had a fully-developed page that went completely unnoticed until it was pulled out of the depths of the Sporewiki's page archive.

  • Flip-Flop of God: No one is quite sure if the Universal Discussion Board is canon or not. As far as most users are concerned, it's canon, but only when necessary.
  • Old Shame: See Creator Backlash above.
  • The Wiki Rule: As its name implies, SporeWiki is a wiki dedicated for Spore.


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